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(Realismus) A total Sacrifice

A total Sacrifice

It happened on the latter days of the second semester in an Upper-class university when a terrible incident happened. Some said that it was an act of hatred; others called it as a sacrifice to end the suffering given to. In this story being made, the people involved in that situation had suffered totally than the one who brought suffer, or rather say who respond to the suffering given to him by these people; calling it as a martyrdom out of despair.


It was started during the second month of the school year, and it was also a bright sunny day when Albert Harris went to his class. Around him lies the beauty that surrounds the institution where he studied, having good grades he earned, good surroundings, even friends to join with. However, all of these may fade away as the two following months changed him.

Albert, as the students used to call him, despite the good grades he earned as a Political Science student and friends he befriend, got used to be insulted by the majority of the schoolmates he met. Known as a “Bastard”, “Dork”, “Geek”, “Asshole”, “Jackass”, and a “freak”, that guy tried to restrain himself from having a violent response, despite the sufferings laid upon to him whether it was verbally or even physically due to he being boxed in his face and kicked in some of his body by the ones bullying him around-leaving him totally scarred out of an event.

While going outside, Albert looked at the poor people living illegally in the campus premises, as well as the oppressed in the squatter’s area in the city. There he simply talked and given food with them, in which the students used to call him “Crazy” out of his acts while others admired for his love for the poor and the struggle to be with them.

One day, Albert, despite that he is a “shy-boy” type of person, met a girl in the bench. There he simply approached her as the girl, alone sat in a bench, reading a book she borrowed from the library, and he said:
“Miss, may I sit here for a moment?”
Then the girl said:
“You may seat here, but don’t disturb me.”
“Ok...” Albert said, as he sat on the bench trying not to disturb the girl reading.

As the girl left away, she left unknowingly her handkerchief on the bench. There Albert immediately got it and called her:
“Miss, your hankie!”
The lady immediately went back and immediately got her hankie from the boy, and she said:
“Thanks for getting it.”
“There’s no problem miss.” Albert said. “By the way, what is your name?”
“Me?” the girl said. “My name is Cassandra Peterson, you?”
And Harris announced his name:
“Albert Harris.”
Along with a gesture of his hand preparing for a handshake; there Cassandra simply accepted it and said:
“You may meet me at the library if you want.”
And after that, she immediately left away. Leaving what she have said to him be remembered.

At that time, many students were around the locker room as the boys bullying Albert were trying to destroy his locker. These boys, armed with bats, tried to destroy the locker’s door and looking what’s inside of it, Harris, as he went into the room where the incident was, immediately tried to go through, pleading the men to stop it, but the boys, upon noticing Albert’s acts, simply boxed him again and again, as well as caning him with the bats they carried, and after a series of doing it, they left him and the locker destroyed. Many of the students felt the pity towards him; but none of them did not come to help the suffering; except for his friends who immediately went through to send him in the infirmary. There they simply helped the doctor in giving him first aid, followed by a series of bandages in some parts of his body suffered from the incident. Harris, despite of the incidents trying to discredit him, remained silent at that time.

Upon staying in the infirmary alone,
Albert, lying in the bed, stared at the ceiling, trying to think about something that the people around him may likely to remember. There he even thinks that many incidents in his life around the institution tried to devour him of his right to exist, and thus he even wanted something a response to the incidents given to him. At that time, he heard in the radio around the clinic about a suicide bombing in the Middle East where many people killed by a bomber whose bomb were strapped in his body. Upon hearing it, the suffering Albert Harris became fascinated about the idea of a suicide bomber despite the sufferings around him.

After three days in the infirmary, Albert, newly released from that place, immediately went to his class where he cope up some make up classes on the subjects he missed for two days, as well as going to the library where his newly found friend, Cassandra, awaited him. There he, carrying books about Guido Frawkes, simply came forth at her, and said:
“Cassandra, how are you?”
“Me?” Cassandra said. “I’m ok. Still reading books I acquired here.”
“What are these books you have acquired Cassandra?” Harris said.
“These books?” Cassandra said. “These are stories made by Edgar Allan Poe and Marquis de Sade, how about you?”
“Well…” Albert said. “About Guido Frawkes.”
“Oh! The man who attempted to bomb the parliament?” Cassandra said.
And Albert replied:

And thus, after reading Frawkes, he read about the deeds created by the anarchists in Europe and in America, and one of which was the use of bombs. Cassandra, as she looked at him, asked:
“Albert, what makes you compelled in reading these books?”
“The incidents around me in this place.” Albert said.
And Cassandra replied:
“Why did you say so?”
“Me?” Albert said. “The people around me deprived me of a right to be here, they wanted to disenfranchise me, they maltreated me, and even given me injuries like last time.”
“Oh!” Cassandra said. “Too bad. Perhaps, I can help you for that.”
“No need.” Albert replied. “You might get shocked on what I am doing. You might end up like them destroying me.”
Cassandra simply laughed and said:
“No…I am not like them, in fact, I am also used to be affected-especially that despite my beauty, some people alienated me much that they even think of me as different; some men who loved me were the same people who separated me, some of my friends became my enemies because they often backstabbed me, all of them I think needs to be punished.”
“I guess, we have the same problem.” Albert said. “And a same solution.”
And Cassandra simply replied:
And Albert said:
“Perhaps, I am here to be with you, I am not like those people who used to destroy you much. You may come into my place if you want to.”
“Sure! I will.” Cassandra said.
And the two became fast friends after that meeting in the library.

Two weeks after,
Albert, in the library, used to study more books like “The turner diaries”, “Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong”, Selected works of Mao Zedong”, "Communist Manifesto”, “Anarchists cookbook”, “the Urban Guerrilla”, “The Klansman”, and other books regarding ideologies he used to think. He even joined a radical group after a speech being spoken by a female radical in the quadrangle. A day after, Albert met Cassandra again and asked:
“Cassandra, want to join in the group?”
“What group is that?” Cassandra said.
Then Albert replied:
“One of my classmates, a radical, accepted me. I know you have the interest to join there.”
“Oh! Ok.” Cassandra said. “I will join the group-as long as it is also aligned with our ideas regarding the struggle of the people.”
And thus,
Albert, along with his friend, became members of the group their ideas wanted to. And as a member of the organization, Albert learned the lessons as well as worked hard as the organizers, upon looking at him studying and working, used to provide him with books as well as counseling him; they even amazed on what he organized, especially the ones from the ghettoes and in shantytowns, and Most of the members became acquainted to his ideas since his experiences as a victim of campus and social prejudice made the people agitated and at the same time likely to call for an action, as what he had said to them:
“They gave me blood, they gave me pain, and they gave me whatever bad things I simply endure. Outside, I am a silent cowardly being that these people thinks me of; but inside, a being that may likely to end up be destroyed by the vestiges of hate given to me. Today they may consider happy for they thought that I am nothing, but tomorrow? Perhaps they’ll end up as corpses, offerings to the martyrs of this earth.”
Then one of the members, a riot grrl named Elsa replied:
“In fact, your words are coinciding with the struggles of man. A man being oppressed by nature may endure it, however inside there is a possibility of changing the phase, simply by destroying its vestiges around it.”
“Yes.” Albert said. “Like you, you used to resist the flow despite the pain given to you. The music you played at least carries a meaning unto it, Oi! Isn’t it? That music is better than the music from the flow hehehe.”
“Ya! I prefer Oi than pop.” Elsa said. “How about you?”
“Me? I listen to Goth and Punk.” Albert said. “And even Oi!”
“Really?” Elsa said.
“Yup!” Albert replied.

In response,
The organizers appointed him as a member of the propaganda committee, making various statements, writeups, and even posters since he also used to draw. Cassandra, upon looking at him working, also helped in doing his work in the field of struggle.

These acts made by Albert Harris also fuels the idea of what he wanted, for his anger towards the people who oppressed him likely to suffer “silently”, as what he had said during a “sermon.”


In the classroom, Albert, sitting in his desk, was reading a book. There was no professor arriving at that time, and the people on his back, who used to bully, tried to disturb him, however, Harris, playing deaf, focused on reading his book until one of the men from the back went to his desk and spoke:
“Hey you fucking geek! You don’t listen to us huh!?
In response, Harris closed his book, stood up, looking at him and said:
“Why I should listen to you?”
Then the man, whose name is bob, replied:
“Oh! You changed up from last time!”
“Do whatever you can do to me.” Albert said. “I am ready.”
Then Bob, being onion skinned, respond by trying to knock him on the stomach. Many students around watched him doing so, however, Albert simply kicked him aggressively in the crotch before Bob do so, there the bully, in a pumping manner and his hands on the affected part, experienced pain in the crotch made by him, and thus the once weak Albert Harris, walking around him, said:
“So do you experience being kicked in the testicles inside your pants?”
“No…no.” Bob said.
Then he said:
“How about this?”
And he kicked. This time on the back, and said:
“Is it painful?”
Again, Bob said:
Many students in the room were shocked upon looking at Bob lying while Albert stood up and looking at him; they used to look at Albert lying and Bob doing against him, however, they witnessed a different scene as they look at the two.
Albert, squatting, looked at him and said:
“Here, at least you got the pain from me.”
And he knocked on the face and an elbow stab on the suffering bully’s right chest near the shoulder. There Bob experienced having a black eye on the left corner with a swelling part on his face as well as pain from his back and his crotch; his friends, in response, went through to retaliate, but Bob stopped them and instead he called to help him return to his seat, while Harris simply went to his chair and continue reading his book. Jack, Bob’s friend noticing Albert’s acts, spoke to his friend:
“That geek? He’s like a hooligan.”
“Ya.” Bob said. “And next time, this would be his last.”
And the bell rung,
Many students left the room and so were Harris, carrying his canvas bag. Leaving the suffering Bob and his two men in the room. There he simply went to library where he read Mao Zedong’s selected works in the reference section, as well as studying his works in the movement.

Albert, while studying, was called by Elsa outside the library. He simply went out and said:
“Is there anything?”
“Um…Ja.” Elsa said. “There will be a concert tonight.”
“Oh! Will I join there?” Harris said.
And Elsa replied:
“Ja! I like you to be there!”
“Ok.” Harris said. “But I need to study first.”
And Elsa said:
Then Elsa left away while Harris returned to the library where his works were lying in the desk. The librarian, upon noticing him, thinks of him as weird since he read a lot of books in that place.

During the concert Elsa requested him to attend, Albert, wearing black, came forth and sought Elsa and Cassandra also attending, there he simply joined along with them as he said to Elsa:
“So here am I, joining the event. Cassandra, so you also join here?”
Then Cassandra replied:
“Yup, Elsa wanted me to attend here.”
And Elsa finally said to the two:
“Well…our comrades are also here, let’s go!”
And the three went to the event.
Many people, mostly Punks and Skinheads, joined in playing noisy tunes. Elsa, sporting a Chelsea hairstyle, looked at Harris with Cassandra holding hands watching the band singing. But after the band finished their song, Elsa then went to the stage pointing at Albert and spoke:
There is a man wearing black ready to sing a song!!!”
Many people looked at Harris, and Harris, in response to what Elsa said, replied:
“Uh...perhaps, I will try.”
Then all of them clapped and shouted as he, despite being nervous, went directly through the stage, and there Elsa gave over the microphone to him, and said:
“Sorry Harris, better to show your talent at them.”
And Harris replied:
Albert then faced at the people watching him, and said:
“All of you didn’t know about me. Well then, I am Albert Harris of the Popular Liberation Movement Westmoreland University chapter. Elsa, that girl who pointed me, wanted to sing a song. Well… I accept it despite being nervous.”
In response,
Many people clapped. Albert then looked at the back and spoke to the band:
“Play ‘Rote Wedding’ and ‘Solidaritatslied’.”
And he looked back at the people watching, the drummer then beat his sticks three times and the band played the song. Albert then sung:

“Left! Left! Left! Left!
The drums are continuously beating
Left! Left! Left! Left!
The working class is marching
We’re not concerned with your party allegiance
Only that you’re honestly in the fight
Against injustice and reaction
We are united by poorness and hunger
By our fallen in the fight against the enemy
And by our songs of revolution

Roter Wedding greets upon you comrades
Be ready with your fists!
Keep the red ranks close together
Our day will come soon
Fighting as socialists
United to the end
Brothers of labour, Communists
Red Front, RED FRONT!”

Many people joined in singing ‘Die rote wedding’ in the concert, Harris then raised the left fist upon singing it, and so were the people watching and singing the song Some jumped and head banged in the sound of the melody given by the band in the concert.

After singing the joyful marching song, another song Albert requested was played. The song seemed different since it was more serious and totally agitating. There, with the sound of guitars, trumpet, pipe and drums, Albert sung in an agitating and encouraging manner, and so were the people in joining with him:

“Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!

Peoples of the world, together
Join to serve the common cause!
So it feeds us all for ever
See to it that it's now yours.

Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!

Black or white or brown or yellow
Leave your old disputes behind.
Once start talking with your fellow
Men, you'll soon be of one mind.

Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!

If we want to make this certain
We'll need you and your support.
It's yourselves you'll be deserting
if you rat your own sort.

Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!

All the gang of those who rule us
Hope our quarrels never stop
Helping them to split and fool us
So they can remain on top.

Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!

Workers of the world, unite!
That’s the way to lose your chains.
Mighty regiments now are fighting
That no tyranny remains!

Forward, without forgetting
Till the concrete question is hurled
When starving or when eating:
Whose tomorrow is tomorrow?
And whose world is the world?”

One of people singing the song cried and others end up shouting “Forward!” on the chorus as Harris, with his good tone of voice likely to encourage people to sing, or rather to encourage others to join into the ranks of the revolt! Same as the band whose instruments are continuously playing in the stage; Elsa, upon hearing Albert’s voice, then spoke to Cassandra:
“How handsome is he right?”
And Cassandra replied:
“Especially when he is singing in the stage.”


A week after,
Albert, upon entering the classroom, was blocked by Bob and his men in the corridor. There Bob simply said to him:
“This time, it is your last!”
Then he jabs on the abdomen. Albert, upon experiencing pain given to him, fell down along with his bag he carried, and Bob, looking at him lying, said:
“Stand up you asshole!”
Harris was still lying and trying to stand up. Bob then kicked him at the thigh and so were his boys against the lying man. Elsa, as she went to her room, sought Bob and his boys kicking Albert, and thus, she called her hooligan friends and went towards the scene.
As Bob and his jock friends continue beating and kicking Albert, the skinheads cornered the boys and beat them. There Elsa and another skinhead friend helped Harris in standing up and left the fighting scene, they simply went to the bench where they sat. Albert, upon looking at Elsa, said:
“Thanks for helping me, but…”
“No need for that.” Elsa said.
And Harris replied:
“I have class this time!”
And he tried to stand up, but a pain from his thigh and his shoulder compelled him to sit back in the bench. Elsa, as he looked at him, said:
“I’ll bring you to the clinic for now.”
“No need.” Albert said. “Bring me instead to my place, in my boarding house.”
And Elsa replied:
And she assisted him in going to the boarding house near the university. There Albert simply lies on the sofa and said:
“These boys, like the rest of the class or even the entire institution are trying to destroy me much, lucky that there are some like you who helped me.”
“No need to say about.” Elsa said. “For we have the same idea, expression, and even struggle to fight.”

The fight inside the corridor end up Bob and his boys lying and with bruises as the skinheads, Elsa’s friends, left away and returned to their place. Albert, still lying in the sofa of his room, looks at Elsa sitting beside and tending his wounds. There he said:
“I remember my high school days Elsa; the administrators, schoolmates are envious and trying to destroy me much as they can. I tried to resist simply through the grades I attained, however, some resorted to inflicting verbal and physical pain towards me. I don’t know why are these people trying to do so? I even don’t care about them as long as they don’t disturb my business.”
And Elsa replied:
“Ya, some people tend to destroy just to keep their status. Like what we learned for in the realms of struggle, the world is divided into two warring factions competing for power; and thus, we belong to the ones who are being oppressed and still trying to resist their oppression by defying them.”
Albert then nod as what Elsa spoke to him, and said:
“As what you have said, once I wanted to blow this school as a last resort. As I watch the television about the suicide bombers in the Middle East, these people are performing their deed of being a martyr against the ones who oppressed them and deprived of their rights, especially to live with dignity. If they continue oppressing me and other people in that institution, perhaps, I will or we will perform the deed the same deed what those in the Middle East had done.”
Elsa, upon hearing it, replied:
“In fact, we also wanted the same idea of giving them punishment of bombing them; these people, especially the ones who trying to instate the status quo of oppression and humiliation may likely to face the consequence of being bombed by those who are being oppressed by theirs. Tuition fees increased drastically, unequal treatment of students, even class oppression within the campus! It makes me feel trying to destroy them hard!”
And they both laughed; laughing until their eyes are pointed to each other, likely to get close with.

Albert, along with Elsa, met their comrades in the boarding house. There they simply conducted their plans concerning the struggle they’ve set through; while having their meeting, Albert asked Bonifas, one of their comrades:
“So how is our situation in the university? Are there any incidents involving us? Is there any brawls being created? Attempts to set through against the reaction?”
“As of now, aside from the incident earlier, which is against you, there are minor brawls being set against us by those jocks and guards in the campus.” Bonifas said. “Most of our comrades resist well despite the injuries being set, while they’ve got the worst injuries we’ve given to them.”
And Albert replied:
“Good. But then, these incidents are and were minor for us, for we have major plans to be set against them. If they have countless oppression, humiliating blackmails, increase of fees and curtailing of rights, we have also replies against them.”
“How?” Elsa said.
“Remember the bomb I wanted against them? These people are too much humiliating people, especially those who carried with a cause.” Albert said. “And if these actions being made against us persist, we need to destroy them-all in the name of those who end up disenfranchised, maltreated, or even died out of their senseless minds and hands.”

Most of the comrades were agitated on what Albert hath said to-Especially those who used to feel the humiliation given to them around the campus, as well as their anger towards them. As one of the comrades quickly spoke in an agitating manner:
“If they gave us blood? We will give them; if they gave us fists? We will also give them; and if they give us death? We will absolutely offer them their deaths!”
And the people clapped on what he had spoken to, and shouted in an agitating manner against the oppressor:
“Death for death! Blood for blood!”
Followed by singing The Internationale and other marches on that place.


Three months later,
The tide of oppression became continuous as campus and street brawls increased. At that time, Albert, while studying his lessons as well as making reports in class faced anger by the reaction minded individuals, especially the professors hostile to him and his enemies around the campus, and most of them wanted to expel him out of their blackmails and of their jealousy towards him.
There are also some students as well as professors who understand him and his ideas, as one of his professors, whose name is Ricky, liked his ideas and his defence being made in his subject. Once he even visited him in the boarding house and said:
“Albert, be aware of the people around you. Most of them are jealous of what you have, and they underestimate your potential as a student. I am deeply concerned about your plight as I looked at your grades which are contrast to your acts.”
“Thanks for your concern my friend.” Albert said. “For they used to deal with me in a negative manner; my classmates teased me and even disenfranchised me many times and so are the schoolmasters. Well… only fate can decide who will end up, it is me or them.”
“But then,” Ricky said. “Just be aware of these people and their messages against you. Most of them are trying to conspire with the administrators just to expel you!”
“Let them do whatever they want.” Albert said. “For they are digging their own grave.”
Ricky simply laughed and said:
“Well… you have the point. For they don’t know what they are doing.”

Bob, along with his friends, conspired with the professors and Albert’s rivals and enemies in pursuit of blackmailing and expelling Albert. While making their proposals, Bob said to the conspirators:
“Albert is nothing but a piece of trash. Aside from his weird clothing and geekish idea, that bastard is trying to deceive people out of what we have wanted. Who is he by the way? He is not applicable here in this school, he is just nothing, nothing but a subhuman posing as an intelligent student of this institution-and we wanted him to be expelled-or kill if possible.”
Then one of the conspirators replied:
“I even heard that he is aligned with the left, especially with the red skinhead groups as well as student movements aligned with it. What do you think?”
Bob replied:
“Last time I and my friends got seriously injured out of that bastard’s men. These people, like their bastard friend, are nothing but stone minded individuals. They can be strong, but we can beat them; who am I anyway? I belong to the ones who do bodybuilding and in the varsity team!”
And they laughed.
Butch, one of Bob’s friend and a conspirator then asked:
“So what shall we do for him?”
“What we will do is very tragic for that bastard.” Bob said. “We will blame him for something he may not do-but possible for him to be expelled in the school!”
“How?” Butch said.
“We will set the school on fire and we will blame Albert and his friends for that cause.” Bob said. “He is a scapegoat anyway.”
Then Butch replied:
“How about being blamed for something he can’t explain? Perhaps that crime can’t escape him!”
“It can be,” Bob said. “So I will blame him for burning the school on fire right? He can’t explain it totally and even probable for expelling him!”
And again, they laughed. The professors who joined with him then agreed in his idea, since they used to see Albert looking at the fireplace in the student’s lounge back then.

At that same time,
Albert, along with his close friends, at the request from another University went to have a lecture about cultural imperialism. Albert simply accepted the request as they entered the premises for the lecture the school hath conducted and he as the lecturer, there many students understood his plight as a student as well as his ideas towards the society being end up destroyed by the flow set forth by man, as he said:
“Cultural imperialism, being a main contributor of mainstream culture, destroys the authenticity of man as an individual and its unique idea destined to be made. All of us are victims of this situation since we are heavily dosed by the vices and movements prevailing in our society. We may accept it, but we need to resist it.”

And thus,
Many students and professors clapped as he spoke the message he had made for them. The administrator, upon hearing his message, congratulated him and he even wanted to transfer him to his school, but Albert said:
“Thanks for your kind request, but then my school may not accept it and they even threatened me for expulsion. But then, I will try it.”
Then the administrator said:
“It’s ok Albert; the school is open to you and to your friends, for I and this institution know that despite that all of you had problems encountered in the school you belong, you have concrete, good principles and ideas to defend for the people you destined to serve.”
And the two shook their hands as a gesture of amity and respect.

Upon returning to school, they sought fire around the entire place, except for the dormitories, boarding houses and other buildings surrounding the campus. The fire was made by Bob and his men, as they splash gasoline in some of the rooms and lit with burning wood from their hands. All in pursuit of blaming Albert and his friends for the cause of the incident they have made. And that same day was the time Cassandra was disappeared, and some sources stated that she was been abducted. Albert, as he heard the information being said to him by an informant, also think that she end up being killed by the enemy, especially those who underestimated him, the struggle and even her’s; but then he could not explain further to the informant as he simply end up quiet, thinking of her.


News about the fire incident became an instant headline in the newspapers. Many people at that time heard rumours that Albert Harris, Elsa Mortensen and the members of the Revolutionary Student Democratic Socialist Movement were accused of arson in the campus. Albert, upon hearing it, became angry and responds through a rival newspaper:
“I used to look at the fireplace and it burning fire, but not burning the campus. So please, don’t blame us for this crime, for the ones who disenfranchise us, who are envious of our ideas and practices, and their attitudes regarding us are the ones who made this. Anyway, if they still want to blame us, then so may it be-for they are digging their own grave!”
This response made by Albert regained some supporters as well as enemies in the incident. His rivals continued to accuse him for that crime while Bob continued to harass the studentry, the faculty and the staff regarding the situation. The administrators, being against the ones being blamed, suspend them indefinitely despite their defences about it; but still…
Their voices regarding their innocence about the incident fell into the deaf ears of the administrators and of the people who were against them. They even expelled them totally due to the requests being said by the professors against him and the group, accusing them of fabricated cases and blackmails; but still, Albert and his comrades remained defiant despite of the words given against them.

After the expulsion being made by the administrators towards Albert and the group, Albert simply tore the papers regarding the expulsion in front of them and raised his fist, shouting:
“This institution is nothing but a den of cannibals! Why should I support you when you support these lies? I and my group may have opposed you, but I never made this action that leads to my expulsion; what all of you had done is simple-digging your own grave out of this institution you belong! LONG LIVE THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE! DEATH TO THE OPPRESSORS OF THIS UNIVERSITY!”
Then he went out without any guard or even student to grab him and sent away out. The administrator, upon hearing it, simply said to the professor:
“Lucky that he expelled, but if this case worsen, we will call the police to arrest him-he even confessed that he is a rebel; so we can prove that he is a subversive, liable to be arrested and executed.”
“Well…” the professor said, “Why not arrest him now?”
Then the administrator simply nods on what the professor said to him.

Albert, upon going out, was met by Elsa and the entire group waiting at the hallway; some students and professors sympathized with him also joined marching outside. There he felt being supported, especially as they reached the door of the campus and stopped. Albert then looked at them and said:
“This event is the time that I am not belonging in this institution, being expelled because of a crime that I didn’t commit nor I didn’t attempt to. This idea that led me to expulsion is simply made by those who wanted to destroy me and the group where I belong; in which famous for criticizing the institution and of the people behind it, what goes wrong is that these people are ignorant of the realities happened every year. Continuous Disenfranchisement of students, especially those who are poor, destroying their capacities and dignity, paying expensive fees, having low salaries and sometimes no benefits, these problems we encounter tried to enslave us since most of the people behind made us blind with promises that was and is not fulfilled.
And thus,
This calls for our eyes and our minds to wake up! I know all of you are suffered and yet still content in this before! all of you are threatened with the same result as we had. If this is the punishment given to us, and so this is the time to wake and fight!”

Many of them clapped and chanted slogans after Albert spoke the message given to them outside the hall. Many of them shouted “Boycott” and “Bomb” with raising their fists for him. Albert and the entire group, despite their expulsion, felt the cheers given to them by the people.

And as they went down from the steps, groups of policemen came, and thus, despite being blocked by the students, the policemen immediately arrested Albert and the entire group away-out of what the professor’s request to the administrator about them.

VIJustify Full
Many people in the campus were shocked by the arrest of Albert and the group he belonged. However, while in the vehicle leading to prison, Elsa and two of her comrades resisted the policemen, capturing their guns and uncuffed their hands away while Albert and three of his comrades had done the same thing. At that time, the Red Spear group, also an ally awaited them in the road as a support for their escape in response to the rumours regarding it.

Upon break from the police vehicles, Albert and Luisa then reunited and set the vehicles away on fire by throwing grenades in the windows and ran away; upon running, the red spear group came forth to fetch them, and one of their leaders, Cassius, greeted them:
“Good day comrades, welcome to the struggle.”
“Thanks for welcoming us.” Albert said. “But I entered the struggle.”
“Why?” Cassius said.
“For I used to enter back then; when I used in parliamentary struggle.”
“But now,” Cassius said. “You entered a new phase, welcome to the armed struggle.”
Along with a handshake; Elsa, as she looked at the two, said:
“All of us are eager to fight against the oppressor, at first it is difficult, but for now thanks to their burning-for we will respond with our reprisal!”
Then they laughed as the vehicle started to run and left with the police vehicles burning in the roadside.

After a long journey of escape, the vehicle stopped to a place where the Red Spear Group became its hideout. Upon entering the entire place, Albert and the group sought firearms, bombs, and even the red flag with a hammer and sickle in it, there Albert simply went through and touched the banner, and said:
“This is what I am waiting for; despite the oppression being laid to me, from this day forward, I will fulfil my deed being the member of this liberation movement-even life as its price.”

Cassius, as he looked at Albert, then said:
“That is what we are doing for, if you are oppressed, then why you should not be agitated and fight? Even the bible said that ‘I did not come to bring peace but a sword’ and therefore we wanted liberation, and we take weapons to show that we are fighting against the oppressor; here, take the M-16, and fight.”
Then Albert acquired the rifle from him and replied:
“Thanks; at least we understand the protracted struggle between man and this garbaged society we wanted to cleanse.”

And thus,
Albert Harris, and the rest of his group became fugitives from reactionary justice. Newspapers hath put him and others on the headlines about his escape, and so the posters being posted in major parts of the country. At the same time, these members of the now defunct Revolutionary Student Democratic Socialist Movement became members of the underground movement known as the Red Spear Group, also the one of the members of the Marxist-Leninist Peoples Liberation Party. There he and the entire group set forth plans in the coming deed he wanted against the institution, as well as making propaganda leaflets in encouraging people to join in the upcoming people’s liberation war against the oppressor.

While making propaganda, Albert recalled one of his writeups he made since last semester, there he wrote it again and made an appropriate title for it:


Today is the last month of the school year, and this month is also a failed attempt of the studentry on reducing this fee against the increase on tuition and other fees.

These events every year makes every student had the possibility to stop or rage against the rising of tuition and other fee increases especially in the city, some ought to resist actively by joining in a progressive organizations and calling for a refund, others simply criticize but continue studying as part of their plans to finish schooling. I, in spite of paying these expensive fees continue to sympathize the ones whom trying to battle against the rising of these illegal fees-and I often actively used to be against it since in spite of our status, these problems involving financial matters may likely to make lives of every student difficult to reach-likely to think whether they'll stop schooling or to shout, likely to have a call for a voice of dissent.

In fact, as I used to have full payments and earning good grades, I pity at those whom used to have lack of requirement or even the infrastructure in the institution, from old classrooms to slow internet connections in school sponsored internet rooms. Most of the students using there end up criticizing these since they used to pay high whilst the connection remained slow. Or in case of classrooms, remained unimproved except painted walls and chairs.

In this writeup, the students, especially from the lower middle class, whom used to oppose these kinds of perennial problems, are the majority of the school population. They used to study hard and trying to remain studying but still, the increase of tuition fees, accompanied by other fees, likely for them to stop, or as they remain, likely to endure suffering-forcing themselves to rise up and shout a voice of total dissent against the authorities.

These voices of dissent are equivalent to a blasting ingredient found in a bomb, gunpowder, TNT or Ammonium Nitrate perhaps, this bomb may likely to shatter ever corner of the institution with the criticisms, anger made by the students and even the parents of these children whom working hard, giving a decent salary, then paying for many essential things including these expensive tuition and other fee increases made by these fee rising universities whether it is state or private; Just like the 15% increase in a private college or the more expensive 300% increase in a State University. These problems related to financial matters may likely to be perennial, even there are well to do families whom may used to pay for it while criticizing this kind of problem.

In my own perspective, Education must be a right than a privilege. Every educator must consider the status of every people with the aim of educating the people with affordability and of course, with full devotion in enlightening them. They must act as servants to the people since they opted to choose setting up these palaces of knowledge to educate people.

All students must rise up and stop being manipulated. Look at the reality and you will know what's behind their good scene which is rotten and bad. And as you look upon it, you will likely to criticize than to praise-like creating your own bomb against them in the name of justice, since every fee rising university may likely to end up bombarded by the voices of students, faculty members, staff, and even the parents whom paying tuition fees for their children or some progressive minded administrators whom may likely to oppose the idea what their constituents used to agree upon it.

Upon writing, Albert, being agitated in recalling the writeup, continuously wrote the entire piece and with the help of his comrade Bonifas, the writeup had been retyped and mimeographed day and night to be distributed in every school through their comrades. Elsa, as she read his writeup, simply said to him:
“You criticize them totally.”
“Yes.” Albert said. “That is the action of the revolutionary opposition against the enemy; we partisans are eager for the struggle, and thus this action, through this writeup, may likely to gain more people to join with us, crippling the enemy severely.”
“Good.” Elsa said. “Any other plans?”
“Yes,” Albert replied. “For I will make a series of letters to our comrades staying in the campus not to join in the festivities to prevent them in becoming casualties in our battle.”
“It seemed that you are caring towards our allies.” Elsa said.
“For they have purpose in life.” Albert replied. “And that is to teach the way of liberation.”
Then Elsa, as she still looked at him doing something, then asked him:
“How about Cassandra? Still remembering her?”
“Cassandra?” Albert said. “For weeks we didn’t see her, as far as I know that she is been abducted.”
“Why?” Elsa said.
And Albert replied to her:
“I am thinking that she’s been abducted by our enemy.”
“Are these enemies are those from the university? Like Bob?” Elsa said.
“It can be.” Albert said. “Or even the reactionary police and the military also had done the same thing towards her.”

Then Elsa said to him:
“Well…we need to get secured, especially that we are now fugitives from a reactionary state.”
“Yup.” Albert said. “However, despite of that, we need to continue our work, for I am starting to do the deed I am thinking of.”


Few weeks after the escape of Albert and the group, Albert, now one of the notorious personalities in the underground movement, issued propaganda against the reactionaries from the government to education; there he simply stated in his writeup that:
“Society is heaven turned hell, we must aware that all of our minds end up in boxes, and not in its own deed.”
Cassius, upon reading Albert’s verse, made additional statement to him:
“As long as the masses rise up with outmost agitation, the days of boxed up mindsets will be destroyed, thus releasing what man is supposed to be. And so is the society belonged to.”

At that same time, there was a rock concert being made by the student consultative union in the university where he studied. There many students, faculty and other people joined on that same event; and some of the Red Spear Group Albert had sent through issued leaflets and making agitating discussions to them, where students who knew Albert and his group positively quickly joined on their fray and shouted:
“Albert! Albert!”
And raising their left fists in honour of him.

During the concert, these sympathizers, raising fists and shouting “Albert” and “Exterminate the Reactionaries” made rage whilst the bands played their loud music continuously to them. After the first session, a band connected to the Red Spear Group came to the stage, and its vocalist first spoke:
“Remember the past?”
Some said no, but most shouted yes. Then the vocalist asked another question to them:
“Do you remember the days the school marred by noises, protests and anger?”
Some said yes, but others said no. and the vocalist then said:
“Well…if that is your answer, then fine.”
And he shouted:
“For the revolution!!!”
And the band played the melodies of the music; many people, especially Albert’s sympathizers, rejoiced upon hearing its tune, and the vocalist sung:

“Their whisper echoes around
Workers can you hear it
They are the voices of war ministers
Steel and coal producers whisper
They whisper about chemical weapons production
On each country they whisper:
War against the Soviet Union!”

And the people, as they rejoiced with singing and listening the melody, then joined with the vocalist in singing the militant chorus:

“Farmer, Worker, take your weapon,
Take your weapon you have
Let's beat these fascist clowns
And collaborators
With hearts going wild
Set up your red banners of the working class
In each hill, camp in each factory
The old world we'll be left behind and
We will approach the world socialist republic!”

Then the vocalist again sung alone with the sound of the band:

They’re already planning to attack
They're boiling in racism and hatred
It is a war against the working class
It is not just about the Soviet Union
It is an aggression against the revolution
And the war that's going on in several countries
Is a war against you worker!”

And the people again respond by singing the chorus:

“Farmer, Worker, take your weapon,
Take your weapon you have
Let's beat these fascist clowns
And collaborators
With our hearts going wild
Set up your red banners of workers
In each hill, camp in each factory
The old world we'll be left behind and
We will approach the world socialist republic!”

More and more people, upon hearing the militant melodies of the band, joined in the sound of defiance as the band continue playing their agitating music. Left fists, dirty fingers were raised, red flags being waved; anything around the concert became a stage for a riot, as Bob, upon noticing the event, wanted it to stop. But…

As he and his men, along with volunteers tried to stop the agitating message given to them by the band, the people, especially Albert’s followers defied them, there they simply chanted their anger against them, and some wanted to incite violence into it. Bob, being the leader of the group and also a staff member, tried to maintain order as he and his men could. But still, anger continues to vent until one of Bob’s men beat one of the audience, and many people retaliated by beating him also.
And thus,
That concert became a riot, furious and agitating; especially as one of Albert’s sympathizers sought Butch, one of Bob’s men and threw rocks towards him; in response, Bob and his men, along with his allies fought back by beating one of the students in the event. That minor attack became a major brawl as the Albert’s sympathizers, known by themselves as the “Left Faction” made revenge against Bob’s men by beating with sticks and throwing stones and empty bottles into it; and despite the riots, the band continue playing, and as their music plays, and so were the brawl, with countless beatings, and casualties until the guards and the newly arrived police stopped the fight that leads to twenty three casualties, suffered by injuries related to the brawl being set by Bob. Butch was mortally wounded and seriously injured at that time that Bob sent him directly to the hospital for a treatment.

At that time, Albert, along with Elsa, was staying in his desk for a talk. While talking, Albert was stared at Elsa, and the girl said:
“Why are you kept staring at me? Is there anything wrong?”
“Nope,” Albert said. “For in fact that…”
“Tell me.” Elsa said.
And Albert replied:
“For in fact that I am deeply amazed in your beauty.”
“How about Cassandra?” Elsa said.
“Cassandra is my friend, from school as well as in the front.” Albert said. “But as I met you, I felt being charmed by your beauty as well as the kindness you have gave to me. Cassandra is friendly, beautiful, and nice, but only you whom completed me.”
And Elsa replied:
“Just because I am a Riot grrl? Having nice looks?”
“Nope.” Albert said. “For I like you from the first day until this day, and if there is a time, will you accept me?”
“Well…” Elsa said. “Aside from that you are handsome and intelligent, and even kind to me? I will accept you!”
Albert then smiled at Elsa, and replied:
“Thanks for being with me, and from now on, with all my strength, I will do anything for you and for the struggle; even life as its price.”
And he kissed her. Elsa then felt for the first time the kiss given to him by the man whom she amazed, and thus they end up consummated in the bedroom near his desk.

The next day,
Albert, newly awake from sleep, sought Elsa beside him. There he simply kissed her in the cheek and left to prepare coffee. Elsa then felt the kiss in her cheek, but as she woke up, she sought Albert preparing coffee for her.

The people, especially Albert’s supporters were found guilty of their charges against them by the University, especially Bob. Without any consideration about them, they end being expelled and others were suspended according to the events given; however, some chose to expel, and the administrators agreed upon to it. Albert, upon hearing the event about the expulsion of his followers, then said to Cassius:
“How defiant these people, for they heard our call. They opposed the oppressive policies, they defy the humiliating messages from the authority, and even the subjective attacks made by Bob and his men, all of these would likely to provide a final point in ending this mess.”
“How?” Cassius said.
“These people sympathized with our cause, and if possible, they would easily join into our ranks in pursuit of the struggle.” Albert said. “And if these oppressors continue to oppress, especially towards the people whom they used to disenfranchise with, and so are the possibility to end up being beaten.”
Then as Albert went to his desk, his messenger came and said:
“Our group has been increased comrade!”
“Why?” Albert said.
And the messenger replied:
“For most of the students who end up being expelled joined with us!”
“Good for them and for the struggle.” Albert said. “But how do they join through?”
“Our informants told me that these students immediately escaped upon hearing about their arrest inside the school premises.” The messenger said. “And their expulsion also forced the administration to call the police for their arrest.”
Albert then replied to him:
“That is what the reactionary minded administrators do to the students, they expel them, and if the students react, they even call the police to arrest them with any proven or fabricated causes.”

And thus,
After a week of assessment, these people who joined with the struggle became members of the group. There they even met Albert personally, and Albert teaches them the way of the struggle. Some professors also joined with them, in which they helped him in his propaganda and education work in pursuit of giving them complete idea regarding the struggle they have joined. Albert, in his lectures, stated that:
“How long are we contented in being oppressed? How long are we contented in being disenfranchised? Our bodies left with physical, mental, social, and spiritual scars that left behind for years, and yet we still remain quiet?
In fact,
The more are we contented in enduring these hardships, the more the possibility of becoming agitated and venting anger against them; this is part of human nature, and we tend to meet changes throughout our lives based on realities and our experiences.
Today, all of you accepted this to gain revenge against those who were against you. And our lives would be its price for what we had made through.”

Then one of the newly recruited members asked him:
“How sure that our struggle is for the oppressed?”
And Albert replied:
“If you had read the Qur’an, it stated in sura 4 verse 75, it says that: And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? - Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!"
And this act of defiance, of sacrifice is our response to the call of the oppressed.”
Then another asked him:
“Are all Marxist-Leninists atheists?”
Then Albert replied to him:
“I am a Christian, but being a Marxist-Leninist does not mean that I gave up my beliefs, but instead I also wanted to free god from the clutches of those who exploited him; well… why there are churches preaching people’s liberation? These clergymen are also those people whom being with us!”
And the people clapped; Elsa, as she looked at him, then said to Cassius:
“He’s quite intelligent. However, despite his intelligence he had, the people around him tried to destroy him, once I remember he got a low grade despite having a good work in one of his subjects.”
And Cassius said:
“For his professor on that subject tried to discredit him.”
“Too bad.” Cassius said. “Even in education, these people wanted to disenfranchise others.”
“Well…” Elsa said. “Despite his problems, I still like him.”
“I know,” Cassius replied. “For I always see both of you working each other; by the way, how about having your relationship with Albert be given recognition?”
And Elsa nod at him; and thus, Albert and Elsa’s relationship were recognized by the group as well as given keepsakes to the two. Cassius greeted them a lasting mutual understanding towards them, as he said:
“I hope your mutual understanding must given support. We are here to guide and help you if there are problems related to it, and there must also a time to assess your relationship, especially in rectifying problems related to it.”
The relationship remained fine until…


Two months later,
Albert and Elsa, after months of friendship and of having a mutual understanding, became a couple after being recognized by the group; there Cassius, as he sought the two, said to both:
“May all of you two continue your work as a couple; having a relationship while working is difficult for sometimes it carries hindrance to the struggle, however, as I looked both of you working seriously, the possibility of having relationship as a problem may also consider impossible.”
Then Albert replied:
“Yes, for both of us work hard in organizing, and we even assess ourselves in pursuit of having or relationship forged through. Perhaps, relationship must also experience hardships, for it strengthens the knot easily.”
And Elsa added:
“In fact, his words were right, for we experience problems regarding our mutual understanding; there are times that we argue, but still, our relationship remained strong.”
“Well…” Cassius said. “Both of you must continue your obligation as couples, for the struggle you have joined must live-even in love.”
And the two looked at each other, and kissed.

The next day,
Albert, while organizing and same time, making propaganda, heard news regarding the institution. At that time, sporadic riots, boycotts, walkouts, protests appeared forth as tuition and other fees increased, as well as the oppressive measures around it; and the administration responded by a massive suspension and expulsion of students who participated in the situation. Upon hearing it, Albert then spoke to the members, especially the newly recruited ones:
“These kind of oppressive measures given by these reaction minded peoples tend to create havoc, and they even blamed the innocent and those who opposed in creating what they actually had done to; isn’t it right to create anything in which the majority would likely to create anger towards them? If that is their idea, then protests will continue until they end up being crippled to submission, or to their eventual destruction.”

Elsa, at that time, trained members in partisan warfare. There she hath them train using guns, grenades, and even creating bombs for the group. Some members called her as the ‘rose of the revolution’ because of her beauty and charm within the struggle. Elsa, upon hearing it, then replied:
“Thanks for what you have addressed to me.”

After a day of working, Albert and Elsa came forth, there Albert hugged Elsa, and said:
“You look happy today.”
Then Elsa replied:
“Yup! How about you?”
“Me?” Albert said. “Well…I’m fine.”
Then Elsa smiled at him, and so was Albert. Then Albert felt something in Elsa, and he said:
“Is there anything wrong?”
“Um…” Elsa said. “I need to check-up first.”
Then the two went to their comrade, a medical practitioner for a check up. There they found that Elsa became pregnant; and Albert became happy upon hearing it, and he said:
“I am thankful that we will have a child.”
“Me too.” Elsa said. “Especially if that child I am carrying is imbued with love, courage, and hope given to us.”
Cassius, upon hearing it, then approached to the two and said:
“Well… I recommend that both of you, especially Elsa be given adequate rest for too much work may harm the child you’re carrying.”
“How about my work?” Elsa said. “Who will continue?”
“Bonifas will continue your work.” Cassius said. "And later, I will bring you a supply of food and medicine to both of you.”
“Thanks for your concern comrade.” Albert said, along with a handshake.
And Cassius replied:
“Just keep both of you fine.”

But the two, despite given rest, continued working as Albert and Elsa were making propaganda and training the group for the struggle. However, Elsa then temporarily stopped working after what Albert spoke to her:
“Elsa, you need to have a good rest for now; you have a baby to carry.”
There she simply took the words given by her husband, as well as the doctor. At the same time, Albert continued his task but he also set his time for his wife by giving food and medicine. And Elsa, as she sought what Albert given to her became happy.

And after a month and weeks of given care, Elsa, with the help of Albert and some of the group including Cassius, gave birth to a healthy child. The first cries of the infant then heard in the entire room as the midwife, carrying the infant, said to Elsa, now a mother:
“Well done Elsa, for you are now having a newborn health child.”
Elsa then smiled as the midwife passed over the infant to her for breastfeeding, while other rejoiced as a new generation hath risen from them. Albert, as he sought his wife and the child, then said:
“I am happy that we became a family, and thus, I will work hard for it; even life as its price.”


After the birth of their first and only child, Albert and Elsa Harris became a family. There the two tend to have another obligation in creating a family within the struggle. Albert and Elsa, despite having difficulty in doing the practise, were often helped by other comrades in providing advices and services as tasks to be done, from helping the infant to providing them with food. Albert once tried not to be given and instead focus on their work, but Cassius replied:
"No need to worry about, for we are obliged to help each other for the struggle."
Albert, upon hearing what he spoke, simply nod.

At that time, a messenger came to Albert, then said:
"Sir, we have news for the movement."
"Tell me." Albert said.
And the messenger replied:
"We have set two tactical offencives against the enemy in the city."
"How?" Albert said. "Any weapon being confiscated? Casualties in our side?"
"Our men sneakingly attacked an enemy arsenal." The messenger said. "And there they've also resisted police patrols and guards while some carried away guns and ammunition."
Then Albert replied:
"Then how is it?"
"Two of our men fell wounded." The messenger said. "And one of our comrades threw a grenade against them, that leads to thirteen enemy casualties."
"Any vehicles used?" Albert said.
"Yes," The messenger replied. "We have three vans being used for carrying arms and ammunition from the arsenal, as well as for our men."
And Albert replied:
"Good, any other news?"
"Yes." The messenger said. "We have attacked a police station and freed three of our comrades."
"Any casualties?" Albert said.
And the messenger replied:
"Well..." Albert said. "This calls for a major outbreak in the history of our struggles. We have minor attacks to create, but a major deed will soon be set!"

The words what Albert Harris said led to a series of outbreaks against the system. Explosions, assassinations against 'enemies of the people' who committed serious crimes, skirmishes against the authorities hath created. And in the course of parliamentary struggles, torchlight parades with molotov bomb throwings begun; in which Albert said to the rest of the group:
"The course of events are like termites eating a whole tree; they will continue eating until the last of it will end up nothing but its remnants."
Then Cassius replied:
"But then, there will be more casualties."
"But then," Albert said. "There will be more people to join with our struggle; through the sacrifices of our comrades, and the victories of the oppressed, the people will surely know the meaning of our revolution."
Then again, a messenger came and said:
"Comrades, we have news."
"Ok," Albert said. "Tell it to us."
"Our group increased a number of cells in the city."
"Good." Albert said. "Any estimated number of cells?"
"From ten, it became nineteen." The messenger said. "And each cell has fifty men."
"Good." Cassius said. "But it needs further recruitment."
Then the messenger saluted the two and left away; and Albert, as he stared at Cassius, said:
"After a series of attacks, the day of sacrifice will be set."
"Why?" Cassius said. "We need you!"
"For I always think about a time for these people to pay their debt to the people they've disenfranchised; and through this, I will prepare my own self for the sacrifice."
"How about Elsa? And your loving kid?" Cassius said.
"I know." Albert said. "And Elsa understand this deed I am preforming someday."
"Well..." Cassius said. "If that is what you've been thinking of, we'll respect it; but if I were you, better not to perform it, for we need you in this struggle."
Then Cassius left away, leaving Albert alone.

Albert, now alone, was thinking about the deed he wanted to do. There he remembered the events related during his university days, of being oppressed and of maltreated, of disenfranchised and of injury, in which he wanted to forget; but despite his attempts, he, as he stared at the red flag, then accepted his fate of sacrificing himself in the deed he wanted to perform; and as he went outside, he sought Elsa carrying their infant child, and said:
"Elsa, what would you do if I sacrifice myself in the battlefield? Will you cry?"
Then Elsa said:
"Yes, for I can't live without you, and our child needs a father."
Albert then nod, but he said:
"In fact, I am preparing the plans for my ultimate deed against the university."
"Why?" Elsa said.
"The past compels me to to this." Albert said. "And I can't withstand the anger, the hatred, the fear trying to destroy me."
Elsa, as she heard what Albert spoke to her, then replied:
"Then, I need to join with you!"
"No," Albert said. "Our beloved one needs you."
"Then why you need to do this thing out?" Elsa said.
"I dunno why;" Albert said. "But the past compels me to do this; I'm sorry Elsa, but I need to do this thing."
And Albert left away, leaving Elsa and the child.

Albert was making his final letter to the group; there he spoke his intention of creating the deed he wanted to do:


TODAY, this will be the last writeup I have written in my entire life, for I am setting forth the plan to destroy one of the institutions that enslaved the minds of the people and of destroying its dignity.

In fact, this deed I wanted to perform may consider the first major attack against the system. That institution was and is the partner of the system, and the people behind these scenes are the ones who were continually trying to corrupt every peoples minds to be suitable for the system and its actions laid; I as well as most of our comrades studying in that institution are victims of their oppression, they gave us disenfranchisement, maltreatment, and even dehumanizing actions that despite our works, our good study habits, these perennial problems and actions laid against us both by this institution and the system hath led to be driven to the realms of the struggle.

In fact,
Based on the realities happened during my entire life, this action I myself being laid is the result of these actions laid against me. Remember Light A Fire Movement? Mujahidin? Inifadeh? The Black Hand? The Columbine Massacre? These events, whether political or non political is out of a sentiment that is hidden only to have a respective time to take revenge against the injustices laid upon the people. If they want to knuckle us? Then we will knuckle them; If they want to kill us? Then we will kill them; or as what the Oath given to us our revolutionary forefathers stated to us:
'I swear to avenge without mercy the burning and ravaging of our towns and villages, the shedding of the blood of our people, the martyr of 30 our heroes martyred in the mines. And should my life be needed for this vengeance, I shall lay down my life without a moment's hesitation....'DEATH FOR DEATH, BLOOD FOR BLOOD!"


The next day,

After three months of studying and training, as well as acceptance by the group, Albert, along with ten chosen men, hath formally declared the intention for the deed he wanted to create against the enemy; there they've worn their bodies with bomb vests within their clothing, readied their guns and grenades, as well as the cars they will use.

Albert, while preparing, sought Elsa and said:
"Elsa, come here."
Then Elsa approached him and said:
"Is there any problem before you die?"
"Nope." Albert said. "But instead, I want to give you a kiss."
And Albert kissed Elsa in the cheek, Elsa, as she felt the kiss given to her, said:
"Why a kiss?"
"For this will be the last day to be with you." Albert said. "By the way, how about our little one?"
"Our little one is still sleeping." Elsa said.
Then Albert replied:
"Well... Just take care of you two, and even I die, I will always love you deep inside my heart."
And Albert left away along with his men.

As they prepared for leaving, Albert and his men first saluted to the flag as well as to their comrades who were waiting for them before the action. While saluting, some of them wept that they wanted to remember anything before they accept their fate given to them.

And after saluting, Albert and his men went to their comrades for their farewell. Cassius, as he sought Albert, approached him, and said:
"Albert, may the struggle continue its flames."
"Yes," Albert said. "Especially in this deed we're preparing to, may the struggle, even without us, must and still continue its flames."
then they shook their hands as a gesture of amity, after handshaking, Albert then sought and approached Elsa, and he said:
"Elsa, keep safe as well as our child. This action I have taken will cost lives including me, but this sacrifice we will take will sprung another chapter in the history of our struggle. This action I have made is a response from their actions given to us, as well as in memory of our fallen ones, especially our comrade Cassandra whose corpse found; I hope you will remember me Elsa, for I always love you with all my heart."
Then Elsa replied:
"Albert, I am sorry for the days that I have made something wrong, but then, I will respect your decision regarding your action you have taken."
Then they hugged each other and Albert, along with his chosen comrades, went to their cars and left away, leaving Elsa, Cassius, and the rest of the group.

And thus,
The journey to their deed hath been set, as Albert Harris and the rest of the chosen comrades from the Red Spear Group rode away into their cars for the destination they have planned to set. There they elude the police checkpoints in the road, trying to escape the hands of those who were trying to capture them back.

And after hours of evading checkpoints set forth the long arm of law, and of shortcut routes, Albert, along with nine chosen members of the Red Spear Group arrived in the university in separate cars. There he and four of his men parked in the lot near the main hall while the remaining others were in the annex of the building.

From these spots landed, Albert's men and the others joined together in the cafeteria's side entrance and went inside; there Albert sought one of Bob's men, and fired with his revolver through the head, nothing, except Albert's men sought the scene as the cafeteria was closed at that time for major cleaning, and they immediately left away to prevent being encountered by other people.

At the same time,
The students, newly dismissed from their classes, went out from their classrooms while others were waiting at the corridors. Albert, as he sought one of his rivals and enemies in a certain classroom in the window immediately threw three newly lit oil bombs mixed with sulphuric acid and potassium chlorate from that same window, creating havoc out of thirteen casualties inside. And after the throwing of oil bombs, Albert and two of his men immediately went inside and shouted:

That ‘battle cry’ created rage against the institution; there many students immediately ran in fear out of the havoc happened inside as well as the explosion happened in one of the rooms; security guards, unaware about the incident, immediately went into the scene, trying to pursue Albert and the Red Spear Group, while some immediately called the police also to pursue them.

Albert and his men, as he sought the guards, immediately fired their guns against them. One of his comrades end up wounded, that he immediately threw an oil bomb against the group of guards who were trying to pursue the group.

Fighting continued as the guards and others, like Bob tried to resist Albert and the Red Spear Group. Oil Bombs, guns, fistfights prevail until policemen immediately came forth, helping the guards to destroy the group. Albert, as he sought policemen helping the guards, fired his gun against them one by one, as well as he thrown an oil bomb against them; some of his men also had done the same thing while others went outside, setting fire at the vehicles.

Albert, as he sought some of his men wounded from the battle, threw his last oil bomb in a pile of papers, giving a smokescreen for their withdraw towards the main hall, and as he and his men reached the place, they were cornered by the police, security guards, as well as people who witnessed the event, especially his enemies who destroyed him.

Inside, these people, staying in the tables acting as barricades, sought policemen, guards, and students whom despised and against him; there Albert spoke with anger towards them:
As he looked at them, he said:
“Are you happy to see us wounded? Are you happy to see us killed? Are you happy to have us arrested again? Are you happy to have us executed? All of these expressions I think is what you have wanted to me, however, the fact is that all of you are blind, deaf, and mute in our words, in our ideas and aspirations that all of you expelled and even arrested instead!
As I have told all of you, my expulsion and my arrest made all of you to dig your own grave, for me, a member of the Red Spear Group will declare a death sentence to those who destroy the aspirations, the ideas of the people whom trying to support those who wanted change, and instead, disenfranchising, destroying, expelling to the point of arresting and executing them.”
Then Bob shouted:
“Oh…Shut up you fucking terrorist! You are simply making noise in our neighborhood!”
“Really?” Albert said. “I am making noise-but with reason; and later, you will join with me in the afterlife!”
Bob tried to attack him, but Albert pointed his gun and Bob immediately withdraw from the scene and instead stayed with the guards. Albert simply lowered his gun and spoke to the people around him:

"I went back to regain my innocence as a student; and at the same time, to make justice out of what you have done against me and my friends here in this institution. All of you are the ones who made this right? All for the sake of destroying us and stepping our dignity."
Then Bob, as he looked at him, replied:
"Oh...Oh...oh...Look who's talking to!? Are you supposed to be in the prison right? Why have you returned back? Are you trying to destroy this school again?"
And Albert laughed, and said:
"Bob, being a jock made you ignorant; and being a bully made you an ogre. Aren't you supposed to occupy mine? For it is you, your men and your puppets conspired to destroy me and my friends by burning this school?"
Many people then looked at Bob, but the latter denied it. And Albert said:
"Oh...Are you denying the facts? The truth? Come on Bob; show us what you have got!"
Bob, irritated on what Albert said to him, wanted to grab one of the guard's guns, but his friends blocked him to do so. Albert, as he looked at Bob being blocked and restrained by his friends said:
"Let him get the gun boys; and kill me Bob, but before that my body is wrapped with a bomb being prepared, and if you kill me? I will press this button so that all of us will enter hell in no time!"
And he laughed.


Many people, mostly Albert's enemies and rivals witnessed the event as well as the administrators who expelled him; these people, upon looking at him making his deed, scared away and trying to speak their apologies regarding the incident that led to his expulsion. Albert, as he heard their voices, then replied:
“Look at you! The once whom betraying me then apologizing? How stupid!”
Then one of his comrades spoke to him:
"Are we preparing to detonate the bomb comrade?"
"Yes." Albert said. "But before that, we must hear the repenting cries of our enemies, for they are now trying to escape their guilt that led us to do this final action."
The administrator, begging for forgiveness then said to him:
“I apologize for what we have made towards you; just stop doing this thing here.”
But Albert, after hearing his words, replied:
“Why should I stop this thing? Are you scared of you and your friend’s fate? Or rather are you scared of having your university being exploded?”
Then Bob, as he looked at him, said:
“We apologize for doing this Albert, we did this thing for we underestimate your skill, your idea, your character, what else should we say for just to forgive us?”
Then Albert, irritated on what Bob sad, shouted:
“Never! You gave me the chance to do this. Why should I accept your senseless apology if you made me into an agitating kind of person out of you and your friends many times before expelling me out of your crime? You are just a coward Bob, and you cannot escape death!”
More people in the university continue to spoke their apologies towards Albert, but then, he didn’t mind the apologies spoken to him, and he replied with hate:
“I cannot accept any of your apologies, all of you conspired to do this, and thus I am replying for what you have done to me and to my friends who also end up being destroyed by your words and your deeds. The actions you made against us is like digging your own grave, and thus, this school you have stepped is now your furnace, your grave, leading to hell as its fate!”
Then he laughed aloud while some people, out of desperation as well as fear, tried ran away as they could, some escaped through the windows, but the rest were end up met with closed doors. The administrator, as he looked at Albert as well as the people, again tried to appease him, as he said:
"We will give money, or even retract our words regarding the expulsion order given to you, just please surrender now Albert Harris!"

But Albert, as he looked at the people trying to escape and the people around the main hall, then spoke agitating towards them:
“No! I will not succumb to your words sir, and all of you are witnessed on this event, for I the man you have expelled is preparing his rite of martyrdom along with the people whom used to destroy this man’s body and spirit until the last days of this semester. Do you want this kind of idea right? I simply don’t accept your forgiveness, but we will meet together-in hell! LONG LIVE THE PROTRACTED STRUGGLE OF THE OPPRESSED, DEATH TO THE OPPRESSORS!!!”

And as he prepared to push the button, Bob immediately got the revolver away from the guard and fired him in the chest and in the thigh; but still, Albert, despite his fatal injuries, finally pushed the button away from his hand, leading to the highly explosive bomb wrapped in his body and blew away along with his men, the place and the people around him. There the raging fire continuously shook the building and some of its surrounding buildings in the campus after the heavy explosion being set by the man, whom they disenfranchised, maltreated, accused, and finally, expelled along with his comrades.

Many people outside witnessed the event as they heard explosion and sought fire in the campus. Many Fire trucks and police vehicles arrived as fire continuously rage inside the place where the explosion occurred. Many injured students, faculty and staff were immediately sent to hospitals while the dead were sent to morgues-except those people inside whose bodies were totally charred away and instead, end up collected by the police as part of their investigation. However, they found that most of the people involved, were disappeared, and rumours shown that they end up joined the underground as members of a radical national liberation movement.

At the same time,
The Marxist Leninist Peoples Liberation Party and the Red Spear Group increased as many students, professionals and the working masses became discontented about the system in the society. During the memorial for Albert Harris, five men fired their guns on air in honour of their late comrade while Elsa, carrying her child, bowed and closed her eyes in a sign of mourning.


Two years after the incident,

Elsa, now mother of one kid from Albert and an active member of the Underground Marxist-Leninist People’s Liberation Party went to the place where the event her beloved started. There she simply put red roses and white lilies in the room where Albert used to study; while placing the flowers, she sought someone, also the name of Albert standing in the door and asked:
“What are you doing here miss?”
And Elsa said:
“This room is where a special someone used to study, specifically here. Many people underestimated him, but his act he had made is the response of what they had done to him.”
“Why?” Albert said.
And Elsa simply replied:
“For he knows that the flow is sometimes or rather always dangerous, and thus he is trying to resist it; no matter how hard it is.”


"Those who commit martyrdom [i.e. suicide] operations who are, by Allah, the greatest martyrs in Islamic history..."

-Sheikh Ahmad Al- Qubeisi
Sunni Iraqi cleric

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