Monday, November 9, 2009

(Realismus) November death

November death

It all started in the middle of the night of November Ninth when few men coming from the Red Front hath beat attacking members of the Unknown Brotherhood in a slum somewhere in the town of Hamlin. People somehow may think of it as a frat war, a gang war or a riot, but despite all these that provocation and retaliation is part of the history of struggle.

These are the story goes:
At the nighth of November 9, in a working class district of Hamlin, known as Wedding, the Red Front were in an assembly, and that assembly somehow shows how these people, along with its supporters are seriously listening to every speeches, tackling of National Liberation, World Revolution, and International Class Solidarity as what the speakers said.

But as the meeting draw into a close, the right-wing Unknown Brotherhood surprised them, and one of them said:
"Stop your noises around Hamlin!"
Then the speaker, upon hearing what the right-winger said, replied:
"Why? And why are you trying to stop us in our territory?"
And the right-winger said:
"For we will occupy this town and be cleansed of the filth coming from the red scum!"
And the rest of the Red Front laughed and the speaker replied:
"You make us laugh! How come you will cleanse wedding? Do you have any supporters here? Perhaps too few to see and most of them fled away!"
And the right-winger reacted and immediately called the rest and declared war against the left!

And there the right-wing Unknown Brotherhood started to charge against the Red Front as if like a riot police, trying to crush the event as they could, along with batons and even clubs in order to beat the Left.
But then,
The Red Front immediately replied with the same weapons as the the rightists have, this time with spikes to gave fatal blow to them, others immediately went to their apartment and started to get homemade guns pointing against the Unknown Brotherhood and "Fire!" Blood coming from the right-wingers flow amongst their carcasses in the roadside, as the entire working class town becomes a battlefield between the left and right!

But as the right-wing continues to beat every Red Front members in Wedding, perhaps the entire left as if may have the possibility to get lost since the Unknown Brotherhood's attack was so sudden and exposive, completely unexpected as others may say; but soon more and more left-wing supporters joined the fray and immediately counterattacked with bold courage with their home-made guns and setting up barricades of some sort. It quickly became clear that although these right-wingers had some strength to attack, of having more men behind, these people become cowards upon facing men with a large mass base willing to defend against these so called "right!"

And after every beat and the number of deaths given unto them, they immediately ran away in a signal of retreat, saving the entire working class town from their attempt to destroy! But, as the Red Front tried to recover from a brawl, the speaker immediately stood up in the stage, feeling rage against the left and spoke:
"Perhaps we need to face them like hell for now!"
And the rest of the group cheered and started to march out of Wedding, carrying their spiked clubs, batons, and even home-made guns in their way, there the red flag hath rose and led on its way to reply from what the Unknown Brotherhood given to them.

And as the left marched on wherein the Unknown Brotherhood stood by, the right-wingers immediately assembled and again attacked them, but the left immediately defend again as they could, and some started to threw lit oil bombs in their hands against them! This time the territory of the Unknown Brotherhood become as hell as these men did against the people in Wedding; and the rest of Hamlin became a battlefield for these two groups fighting to control the entire town and perhaps the entire state as possible!

But since they fought in a partisan-like battlefield full of lumpenproletarian warfare, some got wounded and others nearly killed in every brawl. The Red Front lacked a medical corps although they had good "bearefoot doctors" willing to help them, and as they tried to carry off the wounded away from the scene, somehow they sought an unimaginable inhumanity coming from the battle wherein the right-wingers started! And these people who supposedly fought for "national unity", "peace" and other sugar coated messages insulted the poor and defenceless injured with phrases like:
"How come this terrorist remained alive? Isn't that scum dead yet?"
But the wounded Red Front man, upon hearing what that man said, replied:
"We are too immune to death, so we are better to be alive!"

Despite the number of wounded increasing on the ranks of the Red Front in their "Armed response", they gave a terrible blow to the enemy who hath started the entire mess against them! Since the ones within the Red Front, carrying the home-made guns of theirs fired every bullet against them! And most end up mainly killed as the streets were littered with dead and of blood! There the enemy felt a terrible fate what the left replied to their action, calling that night a "November death", and that brawl turned-battle was a worker's victory over the ones who oppress the people!

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