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(Fantasia) Paulus and the magic of the Silver necklace

Paulus and the magic of the Silver necklace

It was anything void after years of war and blood, followed by cold and darkness in a once enchanted realm. And most people are quite faced an eternal suffering, a curse as if coming from something they can't explain much, or fully and yet they felt so unexpected.
Something's different would reverse anything from what the people and the entire realm faced through.

It was all started when Paulus Castriota, son of Mihai and Charizza, walked in a dark forest in the middle of the night. Without any light in his hand, Paulus relied upon to the stars and to the shining moon acting as its light, slightly giving off a path.

But then,
As Paulus walked for long, he felt the tireness all over his body until he sought an old cottage in the middle of the woods. There he immediately enter and as he sought some hay, acting as if a bed, he lied over and rested long.

While resting, Paulus heard strange noises, noises of fairies outside, that may likely for him to waken up, but that young hunter ought not to think and instead continue sleeping; but the noises coudn't stop that really pushed him to wake up and went out to search for it.

And Paulus, driven by the noises, went out of the cottage and started to search over the enchanted noises that made him woke up for it. There he walked longer, and despite the stiffness that made his body suffered in pain, and of the tireness that binds over, Paulus searched until...

He found nothing, except for a silver necklace with a strange symbol that, according to him as beautiful to be left from them. And he grabbed it and returned to the cottage where he continued his rest.

Paulus woke up and sought anything different inside the cottage he've stayed. Having anything as if like those of a warrior, at first, he thought that it was just a dream, for he entered and looked anything barren; and even surprised as he found that he lied on a silk couch instead of hay wherein he rested. There the young hunter-writer continuously thinking about it, then as he stood up from the silk couch, he even sought the silver necklace gone, and instead lying in the floor, only to be picked off and kept in his pocket.

Paulus then walked a little inside when he found a banquet full of richly made food in it. There he, also hungry, immediately approached the table and ate anything around, from roasted chicken to kvass, Paulus simply felt the enjoyment that at first as if like a dream, only to found that...

While drinking kvass, an old man wearing black dress appeared to him and said:
"Paulus Castriota."
"Me?" Paulus said.
"The bearer of the silver necklace?" The old man asked.
"Yes." Paulus said. "Why?"
Then the old man replied:
"Give the silver necklace to me."
Then Paulus arrogantly replied:
"Why should I gave this to you? I got this from the woods!"
"But then," the old man said. "That silver necklace you are carrying does not mean that it belongs to yours."
"Why?" Paulus said.
And the old man replied:
"That silver necklace belongs to a beautiful maiden who is pure and loved."
"But," Paulus said. "How come I need to give this to someone beautiful and yet I am a mere one? Last time I am being off with my someone then I need to seek another only to be repeated again and again?"
"Don't think of it." The old man said. "For in fact, there's someone who's better to be with you, better than the girls you have met, then separated from you away. And only the silver neclace will be its proof to show who's that person deserving."
Then Paulus asked:
"How about these kind of things around? The food, the luxury, are all of these coming from this silver necklace?"
"Yes." The old man said. "But it will end up lost unless you give that to her."
"But," Paulus said. "Where I will find her in order to give this?"
And the old man disappeared away, leaving him alone again.

After eating, Paulus immediately washed himself and immediately left the place away in response from what the old man said to him. There he, for days, walked through the woods, crossed the mountain ranges and of the rivers in pursuit of seeking the maiden, and in case of getting hungry, he tried to gnaw arrowroots and making porridge out of rice, brought Pti (kind of leaves), Trakuon (water plant), Pralit (water plant), Sleuk Bass, Sao Mao Prey and chili leaves, with snails, crabs, frogs, fish, lizards, grasshoppers, mice and so on, all coming from what he have foraged from the woods to cook. And in drinking, he substituted water for a grass dew.

But as he rose up after a short rest, a pack of wolves appeared from the bushes and cornered him. Paulus was surprised as he sought the pack cornered and started to vent their rage over him, but the young one immediately resisted them through his walking stick and beating every attacking wolf around, but the wolves remained strong as Paulus continuously beating them many times as he could, until they end up wither as pile of bloody flesh or getting fled away. There he immediately packed over and this time went over to his journey.

And as he continue in his journey, Paulus, being desparate in searching, think much in stopping from continue wandering and searching for the maiden, until...
The old man again appeared and said:
"Is there anything wrong Castriota?"
"Me?" Paulus said. "Nothing, I am thinking whether I'll stop or not."
"Its your own choice Castrota." The old man said. "It is your choice whether you want to stop or not. But then, it is eiher you want to be lost or to gain."
"But," Paulus said. "I crossed the mountains, the rivers, eating strange meals and sleeping in the dirt and even suffered from footsore. All of these are in search for the maiden, but you didn't say to me where she is."
Then the old man replied:
"Only a fool who speaks of that Castriota."
"But," Paulus said. "How come you say that my words are foolish, I am just asking!"
Then he took off the necklace from his pocket, offered to the old man and said:
"Here! Take this! I am tired from searching!"
The old man accepted and Paulus left away, but the old man, upon accepting what the young fool, then replied:
"In fact, fate destined you to give this. Most men tried to do so but they end up desparate and discontinue doing it. Castriota, this silver necklace does not possess total magic or anything that can give you instant wealth similar to what you have experienced in the old shack were you once rested; but the silver necklace also possess a special magic coming from the remains of the old Sampo that can affect anything around."
Paulus stopped moving as the old man spoke anything regarding the silver necklace to him, then replied:
"Give me the proof, the evidence that the silver necklace comes from the remains of the sampo. And how come you say that I am the one who ought to give that to her! I am tired of these dreams of promises!"
Then the old man replied:
"Yes! The silver necklace comes from the remains of the sampo, the remains are being reforged, of becoming this, and of intending to be given to a most beautiful concubine of the king, but the necklace before being given to the king, was stolen, then passed on to other successive possessors until it reached by yours."
"But then," Paulus said. "How come it end up by mine? I remember the time hearing strange noises, and I searched it all over until I found that thing out! How come?"
"THou hast you said it." The old man said. "That you, yourself found that necklace."
"But," Paulus said.
"You have anything to say?" The old man said.
Paulus didn't speak at all then the old man replied:
"Then take it."
Then he gave the silver necklace away to Paulus and said:
"I hope you may understand that it is you who destined to give the silver necklace to her."

And months passed,
Paulus, still carrying the silver necklace, feasting in roots and drinking grass dew, continued searching the entire place until...

He found the ruins of an once majestic city, with towers intact whilst others perished, and he went inside, thinking that the maiden who ought to possess the silver necklace would have been living. But then,
as he searched inside, Garre, an evil sorcerer, appeared to him and threateningly said:
"Give me that necklace!"
"No! Never!" Paulus said. "This necklace belongs to the maiden of this realm, and before you get this, kill me first!"
Then the evil sorcerer replied:
"HOw could you!"
And with his staff he attacked him, only to be responded by beating him with his stick, followed by throwing him with a stone. Garre, feeling the pain, then retaliated by attacking him. Paulus tried to resist him by beating, but then Garre, again countered him and this time beating Paulus so many times that the young man felt treamandous pain and yet the silver necklace remained unto him in the pocket of his dress.

And after beating, the evil sorcerer searched the silver necklace by unlothing him one by one until the young man became naked. And as he finally sought the silver necklace in one of the pockets of his dress, Garre felt somewhat amazed and at the same time venting rage on the lying naked body of what he have beaten.

But Paulus, despite the pain swelling around his body as well as blood flowing over the soil, tried to stood up, and with the light glowing upon to him over the darkness, he started facing upward with arms outstretched in an offering manner, and spoke an incantation:
"Forest green and scarlet red
Destroy the filthy evil dread..."
And through his incantation, a shaft of light, as if like the rising sun, coming over the naked Paulus struck and stunned the evil sorcerer Garre as he sought over him despite having the silver necklace in his filthy hand, he even felt the pain over as the silver necklace, reacted by the heavy heat of the rays coming from Paulus turned red hot like a molten lava as he continued carrying it, and despite ever counter incantation being said by Garre against Paulus, his words doomed to fail and Garre met his demise-leaving the silver necklace lying over the clothes of the evil one.

The next day,
As Paulus, still naked and lying after the fight, a maiden, dressed in forest green gown came from the dark and sought him lying, at the same time she sought the silver necklace, in which she got it over and wore in her neck. Paulus then woke after a deep rest and sought the maiden wearing what he ought to give, then said:
"Who are you? Are you the girl who deserved to have the silver necklace?"
"Yes." The maiden said.
Then Paulus immediately covered himself then asked:
"Then who are you if you are the one who deserved that necklace?"
"Me?" The maiden said. "I am Jehla Slimpatica, and you?"
And Paulus announceth himself:
"I am Paulus, Paulus Castriota, son of Mihai and Charizza of Mahadika."
Then Jehla offered her hand to him and said:
"Here, come and join with me."
"Why?" Paulus said.
"Don't worry." Jehla said. "Come and I will show something to you."
And Paulus held over Jehla's hand as the maiden joined him in going through the "darkness."

And as they enter darkness over the ruined town, Paulus felt somewhat the warm hand of Jehla as if like the early rays of sunshine, then asked:
"Jehla, where are we going?"
"Don't worry," Jehla said. "We're near the place."
Then the two stopped and Jehla sought over the carved symbol similar to the necklace, acting as its lock that she pressed it over using the necklace she've wore. There light flashed over the entire place that Paulus made him amazed, then asked:
"What is this? And why is it all light flashed over the entire ruined place?"
"Paulus," Jehla said. "This entire place was the once proud town before the evil barbarians raided and destroyed it. And in fact, I am one of the survivors living in this place, gnawing on arrow-roots and drinking grass dew as if like water."
"Sounds similar to me." Paulus said.
"And for sure the old man told you that the necklace I wore comes from the remains of the Sampo?" Jehla said. "Yes, but there are some things that are also coming from the Sampo. Like the trident and of the sword the late king Narai used and of the armor Khaeng wore, all of them are coming from the metal Ilmarinen made thousands of years ago before we're born."
"But," Paulus said. "Why not give it all and instead recreate the sampo? For sure all of us faced fear, hunger, thirst, death, anything around us, of famine, tragedy, anything disastrous all of our lives. The old told us about it, and yet out of them we didn't melt and started to remake from it?"
Jehla, upon hearing what the young one said, then replied:
"Fate hath destined the Sampo to be destroyed as Louhi, in reply, pursues them and combats the proud Väinämöinen. In the struggle, Louhi is vanquished by the proud, but the Sampo, carried over by the evil Louhi end up destroyed."
Then Paulus replied:
"And if it end up destroyed and its remains end up as artifacts of war or power, it is also destined to be destroyed, and instead to be created as instruments of peace, of prosperity, of love that we have wanted for us. For sure the heavens, especially our ancestors like the great Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen wanted prosperity, so why not these things coming from the Sampo be brought back to its origins? Of being the sampo itself?"
Jehla couldn't speak as what Paulus told to her, then Paulus added:
"And through the sampo itself may give rebirth to this once barren realm, for I will reverse the fate what the Sampo ended."

And thus,
Paulus,with optimism in reviving the Sampo through its remains that end up as weapons of death, immediately carried over to the furnace wherein molten mountain ores from the snow capped mountains and its treameandous volcanic-like heat melted over it. There he tried much in recreating it, but...

As he sought Jehla approaching him and carrying the silver necklace, Paulus stopped her and said:
"Why are you going to the furnace?"
"I just wanted to help you revive the Sampo." Jehla said.
"But," Paulus said. "By throwing off the silver necklace?"
And Jehla replied:
"Yes, and I know you will get happy in reviving the sampo by having the remains bring back."
"But," Paulus said. "I notice that the silver necklace seemed sentimental to you."
"No need to speak for it." Jehla said. "For in fact, I even notice that you are trying to do your best in reviving it, so perhaps I need to give it to you and have it melt away along with the remains in the furnace."
But Paulus refrained her from doing it and said:
"That remain perhaps is intended for you Jehla. And instead I am contented in creating every feature as long as every remain unites with another ore."
And he hath wore over the silver necklace into Jehla's neck.

And after reviving the Sampo, the spirit of Garre appeared to him, this time stronger, and said:
"Oh! Seems that the young fool hath done something! And oh! With beautiful maiden joining with him!"
"This is none of your business Garre." Paulus said. "And this Sampo is not intended for you!"
"But then," Garre said. "I, being the descendant of Louhi intended to retrieve it from you Castriota!"
And Jehla immediately respond to him:
Then Garre, reacted by what the two did to him, then replied:
"If that's the case, then I will destroy it!"
And he immediately attacked the two, this time carrying a scythe, while Paulus carried a hammer and Jehla with a Sickle. There Paulus, tried to defend himself while Jehla raised off her sickle and slashed Garre's shoulder fatally as she could, Garre, feeling the pain, retaliated by swaying Jehla over and pointing back against his arch-enemy.

But then,
Paulus immediately respond by raising off his hammer, still red hot then trying to maul the ressurected Garre as he could while Jehla, immediately rose after being swayed over, then approached and joined with the revenging Paulus in beating Garre out. But, with his last breath, Garre tried much in defending himself from the two, then comes back with a slash towards Paulus using his scythe-giving another mortal wound against him.

Paulus, again felt a fatal pain as blood flow over from his wound and yet he, with the sickle wielding Jehla continued offending the evil Garre. And with darkness again binding over the entire realm, storms raged over and over since Paulus and Jehla avengingly beating the foe, giving off his strength and exceeding its limits. And as they continue beating over, and Garre feeling defeat and having a battered body, tried much in giving another slash and thrust to Paulus-only to end up given a fatal blow by the avenging bloody hammer of Paulus Castriota.

Garre couldn't resist as Paulus and Jehla joined together in beating him, as the hammer and sickle gave off its strength until he, battered, gave off its breathm cursing the two:
And he perished away.

After destroying the evil Garre, the old man again appeared to him and said:
"Seems that you have reversed fate Castriota."
"Yes," Paulus said. "And why?"
"For you tried so hard in creating the great Ilmarinen made past ago."
"Yes," Paulus said. "For I am sick and tired of weapons around, especially to those things, coming from its once remains which I have melted away and revive what Ilmarinen made."
"And who's to carry for it?" The old man said. "Especially its riches?"
Then Paulus eventually gave over the Sampo to the old man, and said:
"Here, take this and have it give prosperity all over the entire realm than to those who are trying to get it for greed. This Sampo what I revived is intended to those who are in need but not to those who ought to get contented and idle because of it."
"I will." The old man said.
Then the old man sought Jehla wearing the necklace what Paulus once carried over, then said:
"I am so happy that you have found the maiden intended to wear over for it."
"Yes." Paulus said. "And perhaps I need not to have any wealth for Jehla gave what the real wealth is."
Then the old man replied:
"I know. For as what I see from you, you are seeking what comes inside, and it yearns for it, and thus that girl whom you are now with is the one who completed what you are yearning for."
And he left in the mist, faded away from the two.

In the end,
As the Sampo give off its riches all over the entire realm, Paulus Castriota and Jehla Slimpatica end up married and lived together ever after.