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(Realismus) The revenge of Manyatsoe

The revenge of Manyatsoe

It was a heavy summer day in a land named Sothostan, there many people were lived in hardship as the entire realm was ruled by an evil landlord-oligarch named Amin Mangope. That landlord was famous at first for improving the lives of the people in that said homeland, but at the same time he curtails people their right to the point of killing them by his own thugs and mercenaries whom he paid with titles and positions. That story also rolls upon a life of a simple man, and that man is Lucas Manyatsoe.

It was all started when Lucas Manyatsoe, working as a worker in a nearby factory, sought in the window people running in the road as the government-led thugs and mercenaries raided some of the estabishments and even captured some alleged "subversives" in every place being raided. And while seeing it through the windown, Lucas seemed to be worried about them, for he may think that the next establishment to be raided will be the factory he's working, and it would cost his work ...or even his life and others.

As he continued working day and night in the factory, the owner of the establishment was quite amused as he sought him working hard and trying to complete his tasks around the factory. There he approached him and even gave thanks for working and even giving some additional payment to him, there Lucas simply accepted it and said:
"Thanks for the bonus sir, I will continue working day and night as possible."
Then the owner replied:
"Good, at least you are creating fine quality outputs."
And he left away, leaving his worker doing his job.

After working, Lucas simply walked straight home, walking brisky until...
He sought thugs harassing a girl, and at the same time killing her companion. There he immediately hid himself in the corner so that he may never be seen by those thugs around for the sake of protecting his own life and anything he's carrying, hidding carefully until he saw them left away leaving the two in the road. Lucas then rose and sought the two lying in the road and even shocked as he sought the dead person. He was quite worried about the girl, and thus he gave some money he earned and even helped to call someone around for help.

The next day,
In the landlord's palace, Amin Mangope was shocked as news against him were spreading throughout Sothostan like wildfire, worst was that about yesterday when thugs killed a man and gang-raped his girlfriend on the road that night. There he immediately called the thug leader Nicolaas Uys regarding this situation:
"Was this true Nicolaas?"
"No." Nicolaas said. "I don't believe this kind of rumor spreading around Sothostan. Why?"
"How come this news spread totally?" Mangope said. "They said some of your men killed a man and gang raped a girl in the road that night, was this true?"
Nicolaas still denied it, then he said:
"It's just a propaganda coming from Obote and his cohorts, they are just spreading lies."
Mangope simply nod as what Uys said to him then said:
"Order your men to prevent this kind of lie from growing!"
And the thug leader immediately went away to do another terrible job what Mangope said to him.

Lucas felt something different upon seeing the tragedy yesterday, thinking of revenge as well as of helping the people victimised under Mangope's rule in Sothostan while working day and night in the factory just to earn. The owner was also worried about him as he sought his worker nearly working overnight and seemingly thinking something; there he approached him and asked:
"Seems that you are working too much Lucas."
"Yes." Lucas said. "I don't know why I am doing this."
"Then why not have a one week day off?" The owner said. "So that you can recover and at the same time have some rest."
"But..." Lucas said. "How about the earnings?"
"Earnings?" The owner said. "No need to worry about that Lucas."
And Lucas agreed on what the owner said to him, then replied:
"Ok. I will finish some of these for now."
But the owner didn't notice that Lucas was earning money to create something that can trigger a revolt around Sothostan!

After a long work, Lucas again walked home; this time he sought thugs approaching, he was quite thinking whether he will hide or not, but then he insist himself in not intervening with them and instead walking straight home while the thugs went on a mission. While walking home straight and bypassed these people, one thug saw him walking away, there he approached him and said:
"Where are you going?"
"Home." Lucas said.
The thug reacted then said:
"Tell me where are you going!?"
"I am going straight home after work." Lucas said. "And why are you asking me by the way?"
The thug reacted much and immediately raised his gun and nearly pointed directly to him, but the leader immediately stopped from doing as he said:
"Hey! He's just nothing. Why not leave him?"
Then the thug respond by lowering his gun down and said to Lucas:
"Lucky that they stopped me, if not you're dead!"
Then he left away along with the rest of the group leaving Lucas alone in the sidewalk.

While at home, Lucas seemed to be worrying about things around the town. Killings, pillages, anything around becoming rampant due to the actions of Mangope. There he immediately went to his room and sat in his chair, thinking of a way to end this kind of oppression laid upon by these people against them.

But as he went to his work, he sought thugs ransacking the factory and carrying money as well as setting the building on fire. Lucas immediately went inside as the thugs left away, there he sought the owner suffered, and he said:
"Sir, why are they attacking you?"
"I don't know why." The owner said. "I even pay them much so that they will not ransack the factory. I even tried to say that, but they didn't hear and continued doing it. They ransacked every corner, stealing money, then setting it on fire. Why are these incidents growing?"
Then Lucas have him rise up and they immediately left the building away. There they left inside swept by flames, and the owner, upon seeing him, gave thanks and said:
"Thanks for saving me, but I have nothing to give from you."
"Its ok." Lucas said. "For this is in exchange for working here for years, if having benefits; I don't like leaving you dead, the people needs you to rebuild and recover."
The owner simply smiled at him and said:
"Well... Perhaps god sent you here to help."

Days after the tragic incident, Lucas finally become an avenging man, and through him he wanted an armed response to the growing number of deaths and damages coming from the cohorts of Mangope and the mercenary Uys. And as he set upon every plan by himself, he became a lone wolf-but one requirement will make him become wat he wanted-weapons and ammunition.

Lucas, with the help of a friend named Elynor, bought a SKS rifle somewhere from the black market. While looking at the gun, he immediately recalled the events that pushed himself to do the job against them, and as he bought the gun from his friend, Elynor asked him:
"So why are you buying that cheap gun from the black market?"
"Well..." Lucas said. "I am doing something that can change Sothostan for a week."
"How about for a day?" Elynor said.
Then Lucas said:
And with some ammunition and other equipment coming from corrupt bureaucrats selling war materiel, Lucas finally got something as he expect coming from the earnings he have got day and night, lucky that the thugs nor the mercenaries of Mangope knew about the growing threat coming against them-especially the weapons bought by a worker working in the town.

There Lucas trained himself to fire guns and even practising it in every thug walking as well as their groups while in their mission. A lone wolf at first, Lucas tried much in killing them-and giving them a headshot lead to the deaths of Mangope's men, both thug and mercenary. And at the same time, people were seemingly felt something different as someone around killed those people who killed the innocents, of pillaging around, and of enriching themselves with their loot around Sothostan with the landlord's approval. Some tried to join with him, but Lucas easily knew well who's friend and foe in this kind of stuggle-and yet most joined and took arms "to change Sothostan through the barrel of the gun", and thus he created a group out of avenging masses who swore themselves to the graves of their colleagues and families killed by the cohorts of Mangope and the mercenary Uys.

Mangope was shocked on the news that a lone wolf killed fifty to seventy security forces in three days, there he immediately called Nicolaas regarding this situation:
"Nicolaas, how could this happen?"
"I don't know why?" Nicolaas said. "A lone person killed our men? Who is he?"
"Some said that a man named Bissau made this." Nicolaas said. "But others said that a man named Lucas Manyatsoe started this entire mess.
"Then capture that man, whether he is Bissau or Manyatsoe and have him sent here!" Mangope said. "For he needs a lesson!"
Then Nicolaas respond by mobilizing a large group of thugs and mercenaries to capture or kill the man who set fire against them.

Lucas, while loading his gun in a safe house with his comrades, was immediately approached by Elynor, and said:
"Lucas, I heard news that the Manyatsoe and Uys mobilized most of his men just to capture or kill you!"
"Kill me?" Lucas said. "How come they wanted to kill me while they didn't notice that more and more of them are being killed by not just I but the resistance?"
Then Elynor said:
"I am just worried about the situation today."
"Thanks for concerning me Elynor." Lucas said. "However we have more tasks to do, for we are trying to create a hell out of Manyatsoe and the Mercenaries led by Uys!"
Then he gave an AK to her:
"Here, take this AK, and join with us."
"But..." Elynor said. "Why?"
"Remember your father being assassinated by Manyatsoe's orders?" Lucas said. "And ransacked your father's business?"
"Yes." Elynor said. "But then why should I take arms?"
"Revenge!" Lucas said. "Remember your father, he opposed Manyatsoe so much to the point of trying to create a resistance against them. But then he end up killed before trying to do so. Do this for your father!"
Then Elynor felt something as what Lucas said to him, then replied:
"If this is what my father wanted, of resisting Manyatsoe, then I will join with you."
And she accepted the AK and said:
"Then let's go and kill them before they kill us!"
And thus,
Elynor became another member of Mangope's brigade, like Lucas, she gave every attacking thug a headshot while hiding somewhere, and even creating bombs wherein loaded around where Manyatsoe's thugs stayed. These bombs explode fatally that most of them were killed by sharpnel and debis inside the buildings they've stayed. And out of these tragic events happened in Sothostan, Manyatsoe felt something badly and thinking that the lone wolf tried much in destroying him as much as possible "within a day or a week" as what the paper says to him, he tried to call Nicolaas, but as he called him, a thug came and said to the landlord:
"Sir, Nicolaas committed suicide."
"What?" Manyatsoe said. "He committed suicide?Why?"
Then the thug gave a letter to him, Manyatsoe immediately read it and says:
"We failed our task, more and more of them are now rising against you."
Manyatsoe didn't believe at first, only to see him in his office proving that one of his higher staff member, named Nicolaas Uys dead. There he felt some mourn as well as anger since he failed doing his task of destroying the revolt and the person who started.

The next day,
Manyatsoe called his friend, this time a leader of a far-right wing group named "the unknown brotherhood" for help controlling the entire territory. And the leader, whose name is Heinrich Van Eimeren immediately agreed what Manyatsoe said to him, but in exchange for a sum of one hundred florins as well as a "homeland" wherein to stay. Manyatsoe felt something fine for a while after the immediate response from his friend, and with remaining thugs as well as mercenaries of Uys under his control, the landlord immediately created a total response against the revolt. There technicals and other armed vehicles of his were mobilized around the town, while Lucas, upon hearing the "immediate response" and "another mercenary help" from a partisan, immediately called the rest to turn every ghetto into a garrison, a building into a fortress, as possible to stop the attack of Manyatsoe's men as well as the "unknown brotherhood" of Van Eimeren. Lucas then approached Elynor, and said:
"Seems that anything around is trying to test us."
"Yes." Elynor said. "Despite the victories we have made, this week-long revenge would end up rather a month or a year."
"Hm...." Lucas said. "May victory will be ours then, victory or death!"
After talking, a messenger came to him and said:
"Another cache of guns are now ours!"
"Why?" Lucas said.
Then the Messenger replied:
"Our men sought a cache of guns in an abandoned place here!"
"Good." Lucas said. "Same as ammunition and others?"
"Yes." The messenger said.
"Well..." Lucas said. "Have our men get the guns and ammo, for we are starting to defend against the enemy."
"Yes sir!" The messenger said.
And he left away leaving Lucas and Elynor in the safe house. Elynor, upon hearing their talks, then asked Lucas:
"Seems that you are stockpiling guns for now."
"Yes." Lucas said. "As much as possible while turning every ghetto, building into a fortress against the enemy. What do you think about it?"
"Um..." Elynor said. "Perhaps this will be the day you will actually face their wrath, especially towards you."
And Lucas replied:
"But despite of these, all of us are willing to do enough sacrifice for the sake of victory. Manyatsoe will always be a thorn in every people so it needs to be destroyed."

And as he went out, he sought people running as trucks of Manyatsoe's men are trying to control the entire scene, but as he ran along with them, he sought them raising guns and starting to fire on high, and even hearing one of them saying:
"We are now in a kaffir firing picnic don't we?"
Then he started to shoot every people running around the road, others tried to hide in every building, while some tried to go somewhere just to prevent being killed by both "unknown brotherhood" members or Manyatsoe's thugs.

As the killing spree going on, Lucas's partisans respond by throwing oil bombs against them, others fired guns through the window firing every thug in every vehicle they rode. Blood for blood, death for death, Sothostan became a killing field made by the oppressor and the oppressed! There Lucas, now staying in one of the buildings controlled by his command, fired every attacking thug through his SKS while some continued firing them with their AKs as an act of revenge. Some tried to recover every corpse and wounded and sent immediately to hospital as possible despite the conflict around. Manyatsoe, while staying in his palace, assembled some of his men to protect the palace and its surrounding areas against attacks from Mangope and his men; there he immediately turned every part of the building into a fortress of his, wherein machine guns are placed in every window, of recoilless rifles and even volunteers from the "unknown brotherhood" of Van Eimeren; Manyatsoe tried to secure himself as he could, but he can't withstand the anger coming from those who are against him!

As the battle continues in the entire Sothostan, Lucas tried much in firing every enemy from the road, this time with a recoilless rifle, he fired it straight to the technicals wherein the thugs and the "unknown brotherhood" members rode, and with every fire he made gave a dozen deaths from its explosion given. However, one technical remained intact, but these remaining "unknown brotherhood" members who were inside, consists of three didn't reply him with gunfire or something against the lone wolf who started. But Lucas, as he sought them, immediately approached them and seeing these three wounded people surrendering, only to ask:
"Why are you here?"
"We came from Wintergreen village."
"Wintergreen village?" Lucas said. "I don't believe all of you were there!"
Then the mercenary took off some of pictures then said:
"Here, we came from that village."
And then he pleaded for his life as well the lives of the other two wounded members of the "unknown brotherhood". But Menyatsoe, still knowing that they are the ones who joined in the fray then said:
"You want a kaffir shooting picnic right!?"
then he shot the three wounded men dead at point blank range with his SKS, then saying to them:
"what are you doing in my country?"

After the dreaded incident, Menyatsoe immediately left them dead and called the rest of his group to advance against the remaining thugs and members of the "unknown brotherhood" in other parts of Sothostan. Blood flows fast as gunshots shared in every path and building; one partisan costs ten foes every killing; and Menyatsoe, seeing every foe, sniped every stubborn thug in the head, giving them a fatal death in its path against the rebellious.

And as they "cleansed off" the way, many people went out and cheered Lucas and the rest of his gun-wielding group. There most of them immediately offered food of some sort, while others approached to plea for justice against the perpectuators, Lucas then stopped and said:
"We are now rising stubbornly in order to end the years Mangope laid oppression against us. Blood flows continuously in every suffering kind, and people for sure are crying and calling for justice that makes us pick the gun and raise the standard of battle; I notice that most of us are trying to speak off our anger against them, and through us perhaps we will do our best not just to destroy Mangope and his cohorts, but also to create a new Sothostan, this time based in freedom, justice, equality, fraternity and peace. So are you with us?"
Then the people started to agree on what he said to them; every place around becomes a liberation zone, and started a institute genuine justice and order in every part of the town, there every enemy combatant captured were put into trial, wherein all started to vent their anger and pointing their finger against them; and with every truth given these people immediately sentenced them to death through the firing squad! And Lucas, seeing the people giving justice, then said to Elynor:
"These people somehow are tired of Mangope, they started pointing their finger against them."
"Yes." Elynor said. "But,"
"What do you mean but?" Lucas said.
"How about others who are affected by the thugs and being forced to join?" Elynor said.
"Well..." Lucas said. "We may save them, but they need to be educated in order not to become dirty just like those who had serious crimes against the people; of being accused and confessed of their crime."

The next day,
Lucas Manyatsoe, along with Elynor Ben Bella and the rest of the group set its wrath, this time directly against Mangope, Van Eimeren and the rest of the group inside the buildings controlled by them. And despite having "heavily fortified" with guns, Lucas immediately got a recoilless rifle and fired against them. There he fired directly against them through the window and exploding a cache where ammunition stored; there he quickly respond his men and fired at every foe trying to defend. Lucas then found Heinrich trying to escape, and said:
"Hey you! Why are you running?"
Then Heinrich immediately respond him with gunfire and running away. Lucas simply followed him, until...

Heinrich found nowhere to escape since anything is controlled by a group of partisans in every hatchway. There Lucas simply found him and said:
"Give up Heinrich Van Eimeren! You are now under the territory of free Sothostan, and you need to face the charges of the people against you."
"But..." Heinrich said. "We're been sent by by Mangope to control this land, how come you file against us?"
Then Lucas replied:
"Your men killed innocent civilians and other combatants against our enemy, as what he said-a kaffir shooting picnic?"
"I simply said to them not to fire civilans!" Heinrich said. "But they didn't obey my commands!"
"Hm..." Lucas said. "People does not belive in you, you are even a leader of an organization whose objective is to destroy us!"
"Destroy us?" Heinrich said. "We are here just to maintain order in your homeland!"
"We know how to maintain ourselves!" Lucas said.
But Heinrich tried to kill Lucas straightly through his revolver, But Lucas immediately fired his gun in the enemy's hand wherein his gun holding, along with another shot towards Heinrich's chest and fell. Then Lucas added:
"We don't need your support."
Then Lucas left away leaving the dead right-winger around the mess.

As Lucas left the building, he was approached by Elynor and said:
"Are you alright?"
"Yes." Lucas said. "I have killed the mercenary Van Eimeren."
"How about Mangope?" Elynor said.
"We will attack him right away." Lucas said. "For now, we will move our headquarters here."

Mangope heard reports that Van Eimeren had been killed by the leader of the partisans. There he tried to call another support as well as he rallied thousands of his supporters against the partisans who are fighting against him, but as the enemy was fast approaching, this time with some armored cars of Erhardt type, and some are even fitted with recoilless rifles salvaged from their fallen; the landlord became eager to control some of his field with his men, the factories as well as the granaries full of wheat; but then, he noticed that more and more enemies are rising against him-as the guns are pointing directly towards his palace.

While Lucas, as he reorganized the rest of his men, now bigger, was thinking much of an attempt to subvert Mangope away and to liberate Sothostan from the landlord; and as he recalled the Erhardts fitted with recoilless rifles in its turrets, then said to the drivers:
"Point the recoilless guns directly to the palace, and fire them to destroy every portion of their fortress while some will directly enter the palace in a full scale."
Then Elynor said:
"How about firing them with recoilless rifles in the Erhardts before advancing with our men? We need less bloodshed in our comrades."
"Hm..." Lucas said. "Seems a good attempt, but having a massive advance would stop them from getting recover and from reorganization; otherwise they will reply us with gunfire and some minimal counteroffensives."
Then one of the soldiers asked Lucas:
"We found an artillery consists of guns salvaged from the enemy."
"Artillery?" Lucas said. "Consist of what guns?"
"Mostly 75mm guns." The soldier said. "That would be better than using most of the recoilless rifles."
And Lucas replied:
"Perhaps, better if an artillery barrage would be set upon against them, and then a total infantry offensive."
The rest agreed with what Lucas hath said to them. And Lucas added:
"Our liberated zones needs some unity, and perhaps we will turn Sothostan a commune run by a revolutionary committee."
"Revolutionary committee?" Elynor said. "To be led by whom?"
"Us." Lucas said. "Along with the people who joined in our struggle."
"But these liberated zones are run by a councils if I am not mistaken." Elynor said. "Why do we need to unite them?"
"Sothostan needs unity, and unity needs Sothostan." Lucas said. "Sothostan is intended to be a centralized commune consists of councils coming from its liberated zones, and it should be run by a revolutionary committee consists of us, and representatives coming from them, and it would act as a decision making body for rebuilding the homeland."
Then some of the members of the councils coming from liberated zones came, then one of them said:
"We need your leadership."
And Lucas stood up, approached one of them and replied:
"I am trying to, and we need all of you to run the affairs here, especially though this commune I am endorsing. How about join us here than contenting in standing up here? Perhaps some of you may say some suggestions."
And the rest joined with him in the discussion table for some brief talks regarding the creation of a commune and a revolutionary committee to run its affairs."
Then Elynor, upon recieving a reply from the International Red Aid through a telegraph, then spoke to Lucas regarding the support:
"Lucas, our request for additional support for food and medicine has been granted; trucks will be sent here immediately."
"That's good." Lucas said. "Although this support seemed to be supplimental for us."
"Why?" Elynor said.
Then one of Lucas's men approched Lucas and spoke silently:
"Comrade, the granaries owned by Mangope are now ours!"
Then Lucas replied to him:
"Why not tell it to everybody?"
And the official said to the rest:
"The granaries owned by Mangope are now liberated by our men, but we need some trucks to immediately distribute food to the rest."
Then one council member raised his hand then said:
"I have trucks. And I will immediately call them to mobilize."
And another said:
"We have also another trucking business, and we are willing to use it."
Lucas, upon hearing these words, then replied:
"That would be better, although I called the International Red Aid to help us lessening the growing number of hungry people here. We don't want someone to raise anger against us or die out of their empty stomachs. We need food for them as well as us as one of the basic necessities."
The rest simply agreed then Lucas added:
"This time, we should focus much in our last thrust against the landlord. We may have defeated his cohorts, his supporters, his mercenaries, his volunteers. But we need to finish the one who started this entire mess against us."

And on the next day,
With artillery consists of 75mm guns and recoilless rifles firing in the Erhardts, Lucas simply waited for a go signal in order to advance through as possible. But then, the enemy respond with gunfire in every defense surrounding around the last resort; there the artillery continued firing and firing until some of its defenses were crippled much due to its fire. There Lucas himself called the rest for a major attack against them.
Many of the Partisans were wounded and killed by the enemy's defence upon trying to attack, but despite the number of casualties, Lucas tried his best to destroy the "last resort" of Mangope. And with the help of the recoilless rifles in the turrets of the Erhardts as well as the 75mm guns both firing as an artillery barrage, every portion of the palace were perished much and its defenders were killed; Mangope felt being beaten too much by the enemy, and said to his cousin, acting as his official:
"More and more of us are beaten, I tried to call my supporters but most of them are perished by the growing ranks of opposition against me. Is this the reply coming from my actions taken? What I made to them is in fact, a way to restore order and to prevent from further disintegration of the state!"
"Why not escape?" His cousin said. "We have a plane prepared for you."
"But..." Mangope said. "How about the land we've worked hard to become prosperous?"
"It's too late." His cousin said. "The rest of Sothostan belongs to the enemy."
But as the artillery stopped its firing, Mangope then said to his cousin:
"Perhaps I need to surrender."
"Why?" His cousin said. "Are you our of your mind? They'll kill you directly!"
"Perhaps fate made me be destroyed." Mangope said. "If they want me to die, then so may it be."

But then,
His last attempt was too late, as Lucas Manyatsoe and his men advanced through, thinking that the landlord's men were totally perished and some surrendered to them, but as Lucas and his men sought went through his office, he sought Mangope committed suicide by firing himself through the temple. Then Lucas, upon seeing him dead, then spoke to his men:
"All is over. Mangope's era is now history."
And Lucas simply stared in every portion of the palace once owned by a tyrant, then said:
"He seemingly tried to make Sothostan good, in an expense of our sweat and blood-but what he did is a mess through his thugs and his allies pointing against us."

And as they went outside, Lucas Manyatsoe end up, this time being saluted by many people as he became a hero for leading three men to kill thousands of enemies who killed his own kind led the perpectuator who started the entire mess.

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