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(Fantasia) The Harmonium Player

The Harmonium Player

It was a dark cold night when Paul August Mannerheim went to the garden to play his harmonium. While playing, he simply remembered the days when women used to be with him; however, despite the beauty of the women he've met, none of them found suitable for his inspiration, nor having the sense of friendliness towards him.

Also a hopeless romantic, Paul tried to forget the past by drinking wine while playing is instrument in the tavern, and in response to his music, people taunted him. There the man who dreamed of becoming popular end up being dragged into despair by the laughs and teases of the people around him, until...

A beautiful woman, clad in white came forth in the tavern and had the harmonium player joined with her. Paul, being "redeemed", then stood up and asked her in the garden:
"Miss, why did you do this?"
Then the lady replied:
"Well... I came just to help you."
"Why?" Paul said. "There's no need to help me! You will only laugh at me and my music!"
"No!" the girl said. "For as I listened to your music, you wanted something meaningful, however the past tries to destroy you."
Then Paul, upon hearing what the maiden said to him, simply nod and said:
"You're right, by the way, what is your name?"
Then the girl announceth herself:
"I am Trixie, and you?"
"Well..." Paul said. "I am Paul August Mannerheim."
And Trixie offered her hand to him, and Paul simply accepted her for a handshake.

The next day,
Paul, while playing his Harmonium in the garden, now remembered the girl whom he met in the tavern as well as in the same place he used to play. At the same time, the first snow from the sky fell in midst of darkness, and as Paul continued playing, Trixie, clad in white, then came forth and greeted him:
"Hello," Paul said. "Is there anything I need to give for you?"
And Trixie replied:
"No, I just like to listen to your music."
"Why?" Paul said.
Then Trixie laughed and said:
"You make me laugh Paul; In fact, I like your music, for it is ethereal."
"Really?" Paul said. "Is it ethereal and calm?"
"Yes," Trixie said. "That is why I like it."
And Paul smiled at her, Trixie, as she looked at him, then replied:
"Why are you smiling?"
"Nope." Paul said. "Except that I like your beauty."
And Trixie joined with Paul by playing her harp in the garden, there their melodies, despite their differences, were infused in midst of the wintry atmosphere in the garden; and Paul, while playing, said:
"You're also a good harp player Trixie."
And Trixie replied:
"Thanks for the compliment."

The two continued playing the instruments until a kid sought them. The kid simply clapped and said:
"How nice both of you!"
"Thanks young one." Paul said. "By the way, why are you here?"
Then the kid replied:
"My mother called me to have you two joined in our dinner."
"Really?" Paul said, then he asked Trixie:
"Trixie, want to join with them?"
"Sure I will." Trixie said.
And Paul replied:
"Both of us will join with you young one."
The kid then smiled and Paul, along with the maiden Trixie, joined with the kid in going to a small hut where the kid's mother prepared food for them.

Hordes of infidels came into the entire realm. Valiant warriors fought hard to defend, only to end up killed by the slash of the scimitar; and thus, many corpses of these people, friend or foe scattered in the entire field, while their blood made the fertile soil stained.
Paul, while eating, heard strange noises around. Trixie, as she sought him having a problem, then asked:
"Paul, is there any problem?"
"Nope." Paul said. "But I heard strange noises."
"How?" The kid's mother said.
And Paul replied:
"I heard the noise of war. Clashing swords, noises of warriors."
Then the kid's mother replied:
"Why did you say so?"

Then, outside the cottage, a peasant knocked he door three times. The kid then went to the door and opened it, and the peasant said to the people around:
"The enemy invaded us!"
"The harmonium player's message is true." The kid's mother said. "Let's leave this place."
"No." Paul said. "Let us face them; Trixie, shall we play our music?"
And Trixie replied:
And they played their instruments, creating a sound of sorrow around the entire realm. Many people around heard its melody, and thus they went to the cottage to listen; and most of the people who listen to its melody were the once who used to insult the harmonium player and thus,
After playing, the people around spoke their apologies towards Paul. Paul, upon hearing their apologies, then replied:
"Why I should accept your apologies? Better to wear your armor and fight against the invaders; and to those who survive, then you will be a hero; but to those who died in this sacred war, will enter heaven."
Then A drunkard came and said:
"Why did you say so? Are you a priest? A monk? A bishop?"
Paul, upon hearing it then replied:
"Then why are you apologizing me then?"
The Drunkard didn't speak after what Paul said to him. And at the same time, the people agreed on what the harmonium player said to them.

The next day,
Paul, along with Trixie, walked into the woods to meditate. While meditating, Paul heard sounds of footsteps closer to their place; and he said to Trixie:
"I heard something."
"What sound?" Trixie said.
"Sounds of enemy men waking towards us."
"Then how?" Trixie said.
And Paul replied:
"Then we shall play instead our instrument to this entire place; even life as its price and our souls will enter the gardens of the righteous."

There the two again prepared their instruments and played their music in the woods. The enemies, upon hearing the melody, then searched until they found the two playing their instruments in the woods. They immediately cornered them and the commander of the infidels, with scimitar in hand, came forth and said:
"How beautiful the melody is. What kind of song is it?"
Then Paul said.
"That song is our requiem."
The commander laughed and said:
"Why did you say so?"
"For that is the melody of our fallen." Paul said. "And tonight we will die together."
The commander, upon hearing it, became irritated and said:
"Then before that, both of you will die!"
And he immediately raised his scimitar, ready to kill him; Paul and Trixie continued playing until...

The angel of death came forth to stop them, and he said to the commander in its shrilling voice:
"If you kill the harmonium and the harp player, you will end up dead before reaching your path."
The commander became chilled upon hearing the voice of that being, that even his scimitar fell down from his chilled hand; there he immediately called for a retreat and all of them immediately ran away. Paul and Trixie then gave thanks to the angel of death with a bow, and said:
"Thanks. By the way, what makes you come here?"
Then the angel of death replied:
"I came forth to bring a message for you."
"From whom?" Trixie said.
"From god." The angel of death said. "For he witnessed your melodies being played in this realm."
And he handed over the scroll to the harmonium player. Paul, upon reading it, became glad and said to the angel of death:
"Tell him that thanks for the message given to me."
And the angel of death replied:
"I will."

The two, along with the angel of death, then left away to look at the fields. There Paul and Trixie sought corpses of enemies scattered around the entire field, and as they looked into it, Paul walked towards the field, knelt and pray. While Trixie stood with the angel of death and asked:
"What makes him go there and pray?"
"I don't know." The angel of death said. "But I always know that his sorrow is thrusted into his soul."
"Right I know." Trixie said. "And I always look at him in a sorrowful, emoting manner despite that he often smiled, laughed and even happy along with me."
And the angel of death replied:
"Well... his past experiences made him sad that is why."
Paul, still kneeling in the corpse of the fallen, continued praying for the souls of his people. And after praying, Paul sought Trixie and the angel of death beside him. There Paul asked Trixie, the harp player:
"Shall we play?"
And Trixie replied:
And the two then readied their instruments and played together, the angel of death, at the same time, readied his drum and joined in playing it. After playing, Paul then look at Trixie, and said:
"Thanks for being with me Trixie; and as I look at you, I would say that..."
"Tell me." Trixie said.
And Paul finally replied:
"I would say that, I love you."

Trixie, upon hearing what Paul said, then replied:
"I always know that you wanted to be with me, and so am I; for as we meet each other, I am deeply admired by your calm despite of your emotion. And now, you have found a person suitable to be with."
"Which means that..." Paul said. "Do you love me?"
"Yes." Trixie said. "And I love you."
And Paul, along with Trixie, then stood up, approached and finally, kissed together. The angel of death, as he looked at them, said to the two:
"That is what I am thinking of both of you."
"Thanks for that." Paul and Trixie replied.

The next day,
Paul and Trixie were married in an abandoned church. With the heavens, nature, and the people as its witness, the two exchanged their rings,and had their hands where their rings wore in their fingers then tied together while the other, have their fist raised and swore:

“I offer my life to you always
And I will always remember
My love and loyalty to you
Forever and ever.

And I will also offer to god, to country and to my people
Our deepest love, unity, and sympathy,
In spite of sacrifices and hardships we used to be
And thus we promise
Our ambition as couples
Together as one
To the fullest extent of our lives
Forever and ever.”

After the ceremony, the two finally became husband and wife, and they lived for many years longer.

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