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(Fantasia) Black rose: The death of Jean Von du Pont

Black rose:
The death of Jean Von du Pont

Paris, 1899

“much pink and white
but very nice
fit for a preppy
day and night
while I
in a shade of black
with the feeble light of stars
shining me tonight
while your so happy
and I nothing
opens up my happiness as for now
for all to see.”

This story was all about a Writer's tragic final days of his life. And here it was follows:


A week before his death, Jean Von du Pont, newly arrived from Paris, was visiting his wife and children in his London home, which was near the Thames River. There they simply enjoyed the pleasure of being a father of one’s happy family, taking care of his wife as well as his children after a month of staying in another country alone. But then, that family meeting would be the last meeting they would meet. For, on November 9, 1899, he had just received a letter from a postman upon exiting St. Paul's Cathedral after mass. While opening his Letter in the church steps, he read it, and he found that the letter was a death note, and then he was attacked by a certain man named Anton Drey which became His rival since high school and his enemy. That man, Anton had become a disciple of the monk Johann. That man, once a friend of Jean's, became disgusted with his behaviour. And Johann appealed to Jean's enemies to form a group, named “The devil’s Legion”, with the intention of discrediting his popularity and one of which was to kill him.

As the day comes before Jean’s supposed death, Anton spoke in an angry, revenging manner:
“Prepare to meet your doom Jean Von du Pont!”
Then thrust a knife into Jean's abdomen. The thrust was so severe that His entrails hung out of what seemed like a mortal wound. After the attack, Anton Drey, as he finished assassinating his rival Jean, screamed to the people from the church steps to the streets aloud as he accomplished his duty:
"I have killed the Antichrist!" "I have killed the Antichrist!"


Many people at the same time ran away upon hearing Anton’s shout while others went directly to the church. But then, a young man sought Jean, lying in the steps, and then he called some of the boys around the place to carry the mortally wounded man. There Jean, mortally wounded in the abdomen, was carried on by the ones who saw the incident, sending him hurriedly to a nearby hospital for immediate Surgery. At the same time, Anton, trying to escape after speaking his words, end up being arrested by the police for trying to murder Jean, but then, despite the act he made, he didn’t notice that the person whom he killed was still alive.

At the Hospital, the knife was carefully put out by Dr. Nicholas Dregham, as well as the nurses and Medical Volunteers in the hospital. The boys simply watched over the victim as well as called over Jean’s wife about the incident happened earlier. While on surgery, Jean was so lucky that there was Anaesthesia to administer and to ease pain given to him. As the surgery continues, Jean, still asleep, saw the angel of death appearing to him, and said:
"I have come to meet and fetch you."
"I've not yet finishing my story death, for my story is Incomplete" Jean said.
The angel of death then said:
"Someday, I will come and fetch you. Your town, London, is full of rivals after you create many stories, as well as Supporters and fanatics, including your wife and your children, whom admire you and your works."
And he disappeared away. A shaft of light then appeared to him, leading somewhere else.
After intensive surgery, Jean, woke up after a long deep dream, finally recovered. Upon recovery, Jean wrote a poem in the hospital, about the devil that came last time. It was also said about his survival:

“The soul of the cursed was sewn in my body.
Sewn by the Devil himself, while I screamed in Pain and in Agony
The Cross in its background blood flows on its wood
And darkness appeared when I tried to stand
As the Devil after thrust the knife on me
I am likely to go on and enter History."

Jean seemed to tire more easily after the surgery, and he even frequently took opium for pain. While Anton, after being captured as well as given trial by the court was declared guilty, and thus, he was sentenced to death by hanging.


Two weeks later,

The poem, whose title is "death", became a short story. And Jean wrote it in the middle of the night at his home. That story became a bestseller in England and was given appraisal by the English Circle and a Professor from Oxford University. After that said ceremony given, Jean, upon going outside from the British Museum, a group of nobles led by Felix Andersson, apparently lured Jean to the Griffin Palace, where they served him cakes and red wine laced with a large amount of cyanide. Jean was not affected, although there was enough poison to kill ten men; for he spit it out in the window after.
Determined to finish the job, Felix worried that Jean would live until morning, so that the conspirators would not have time to conceal his body. Felix, after the meal, then ran upstairs to consult with the others, as well as to get a weapon. Then he came back down and shot Jean, standing and looking at the portrait, through the back with a calibre 45 revolver.
Jean, unaware, totally fell. And the killer, after killing the victim, called his men and left the palace for a while.

But then, as they went out, Felix, who had left without a coat, decided to return to grab one. While at the palace, he went to check on the dead man's body. But Jean opened his eyes, grabbed Felix by the throat, strangling him. And Jean Ominously whispered in Felix's ear:
"You wretched moron!"
And then threw him across the room and escaped.

As he made his bid for freedom, the rest of the conspirators immediately arrived and fired their guns towards him. After being hit three times in the back, Jean fell again. And as they reached his body, they found him remarkably still struggling and trying to get up. So they clubbed and kicked him totally into submission; Blood flows so severely from Jean's battered body. And then, after a series of clubbing and kicking, the Conspirators Officially declared him dead. There they immediately wrapped Jean's body in a sheet, then put in a sack and they send it directly in London Bridge and finally, threw him away into the icy Thames River. It was Snowy night then.

Jean became a martyr out of Intimation of his rivals, as well as out of his works. As he dies by clubbing, he spoke his last words softly in the snowy sky:
"Berglend…My Love...I...Love…You..."


The next day,

The news about the writer's death and his corpse being thrown in the river became widespread in the entire region. Jean's wife, Berglend, became sad and angry upon hearing his husband's death by the people. Many fanatics even wanted to find the perpectuators as well as to find the corpse of the writer they admired. Berglend, being his wife, as well as a mother of three children also wanted to join in searching for the corpse in river Thames, and even readied thousands of pounds as a reward to those who found for it.

Two weeks later,
The Corpse of the dead writer was recovered. Many of his fanatics mourned him at St. Paul's Cathedral. His Rivals, out of conscience, also went there, but then, upon going out, many of Jean's fanatics recognized them, and they lynched them to death so severely at the Church steps where Jean was nearly killed at the first attempt. Meanwhile, Johann, the monk, and Jean's Rival, Committed suicide by jumping in the Thames river in the middle of the night, upon committing suicide, his last words were spoken:
"Jean, you have won."

And in Jean’s burial, a young man spoke an elegy made for him as the casket lowered down to the ground. Many people at the same time cried and threw red, white and black roses into it; the elegy bears so much emotion as the young man wept:

"Blood can be as severe as it flows
And so does the pain from its body
But then its soul will be free and fly away
Entering the second world of freedom where it lies."

The dead man was buried somewhere in London or in its suburbs; but no one could ever know where his tomb is.

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