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(Fantasia) Iskender e Rizza The story of the writer and the devil's daughter

Iskender e Rizza
The story of the writer and the devil's daughter


It was a cold afternoon when a writer went his room to meditate, there he simply sat in his chair and closed his eyes to reflect himself for his doings, that handsome man, living in a field not far in the village, used to be with a company of women, however he thinks that the women doesn’t like him, and thus he simply stop being with them and staying alone in his room as if as a prisoner. Due to the fact that he had a beautiful wife who died of illness, leaving him alone.

At the same time, there was a woman, a beautiful woman known for her devilish kind of beauty. Many men in the village like her, however she didn’t like them even the most handsome man ought to do to be with her, many people called her, whose name is Rizza, as a “devil” because of her beauty that as if came from hell, despite that she had a human heart being a daughter of a beautiful sorceress and a devil. Even the priest in a nearby parish church called her a “Succubus” due to the devilish charm that as if enchants men to their deaths, but the maiden simply disregard the words spoke against her, however, the people upon hearing the rumours that she charmed men to their deaths, as well as known that she is a daughter of a devil, wanted to arrest her and be sentenced to death, and thus, she immediately left away.

One day, the writer, carrying a pen and a book, went to the forest. While walking, he went to a nearby river for a drink of fresh water flowing, upon drinking and washing his own face and hands, he heard strange noises around the woods; there he tried to find it, following the sound until he saw a group of three women bathing in the bottom of the waterfalls. One of them, as what the writer saw, is the most beautiful since she carried a seductive charm into it; there the writer simply hid himself as he continuously sought the beautiful women bathing in the cool waters.
The women, at that time, were talking as they washed their bodies and their hair in the waters, one of them, whose name is Cassandra spoke to her friend:
“I like a man whose body makes him strong, how about you Amanda?”
“Me?” Amanda said. “I prefer a man whose handsome charm can relieve my pain away!”
Then, pointing at the last, she said:
“How about you Rizza? What is your ideal person to be with?”
“The ideal person to be with?” Rizza said, “Um…I can’t explain it, it’s too difficult to find a man who can be with, many boys like me, but I don’t like them.”

The writer simply heard the words spoken by these girls as he continues looking at them while hiding in the bushes in the forest; it was midnight at that time, and he thinks that the girls might be fairies, spirits of the woods bathing in their abode, then he immediately left away to avoid being seen by them. At home, the writer, whose name is Iskender, simply stared at the walls and the ceiling of his abode after staring at the beautiful girls bathing in the river, there he immediately drawn in a piece of paper using his own pencil to describe the features of the women he have seen in the night; while drawing, the writer grew tired, and he fell asleep.

The next day,
Iskender, noticing that he fell asleep, woke up and he sought his drawings in a sheet of paper, the drawings he have made are exactly the same as the ones he have seen in the forest last night, and thus he simply placed it along with the papers he wrote. After organizing the papers, he went to the bathroom, there filled the tub with hot and warm water, unclothe himself and dipped in the tub to cleanse himself.

While cleaning, Iskender simply listened to the sound of the chirping birds and smelling the sent of jasmine oil perfumed in his soap, there he also tried to clear his mind as he reflect while bathing in his tub, in preparation for his writing.

At the same time,
Rizza, while walking alone in the roadside, heard strange noises in the field, and thus she tried to look for it, looking for the place where the sound coming from, until she found a house where someone lived. Iskender, newly cleansed from his bath and clothed, heard the door of his house being knocked three times, and thus he went there to open it, and as he opened the door, he sought a girl wearing scarlet and black, whose face reminds of the girl he have seen in the woods, and he said:
“What is your name? Why are you here? You have any appointment?”
And the girl said:
“Me? My name is Rizza, and I am sorry that I came to your house for I heard noises around the field until I reached yours.”
“Rizza…” Iskender said, “I heard that name, is that a name of a spirit in the wilderness?”
Then Rizza laughed, and she said:
“There is no such thing is a spirit of the wilderness, but rather a spirit coming from hell!”
“A succubus?” Iskender said.
“Yes!” Rizza replied, along with a wink of an eye.
And Iskender, still looking at the seductive face of the maiden, said:
“Well…come in.”
And Rizza went inside.

Inside, Rizza sought scattered papers in his house, along with books as well as books in his desk, Iskender then said to her:
“Sorry for my house, very messy.”
At the same time, she found a drawing Iskender hath made, and she said:
“Are you also the one who drawn this?”
“Yes.” Iskender said. “Why?”
“This drawing reminds of the time we bathe in the river last night.” Rizza said. “So you’ve see us bathing?”
“No…” Iskender said, “It comes out from my mind.”
And Rizza smiled at him.
At the same time, Iskender prepared some tea for her, and he said:
“Want some tea?”
“No need.” Rizza said.
“No need…no need…” Iskender said. “I prepared the tea just for you! Here, take it!”
Then Rizza simply accepted the glass of tea and drink. And as she tasted the sweet tea out of jasmine, tea leaves, and honey, she said:
“How delicious your prepared tea is!”
“Then you will reject it?” Iskender said. “I know you will like the tea I have made Rizza.”
And they both laughed.

But Iskender didn’t notice that the girl he met is the devil’s daughter. As he, at the same time, went to his desk and prepared papers to write, while Rizza, still in the house, looked at him writing, and she said:
“What are you writing?”
“Me?” Iskender said. “I am writing a story.”
“Oh! Okay.” Rizza said.
Then Iskender continued writing, there he released his thought on his writings, Rizza, still looking at the man who is writing, asked:
“Iskender, what makes you inspire to write stories?”
“Me?” Iskender said. “The field around here; it gives imagination as I looked the entire place around it, especially the night.”
“Really?” Rizza said. “I like nighttime.”
And they laughed. Iskender then asked her:
“Rizza, will you please help me in my work?”
“Ok…” Rizza said.
And there the devil’s daughter helped the writer in his work, since she used to proofread Iskender's works as well as his poetry while Iskender continue writing.


The next day,
Iskender, while writing, fell asleep. While sleeping, he dreamed of wandering a forest near his place, upon wandering, he heard a voice calling him; there he tried to find it until he sought a female devil, with a beautiful devilish look and thus likely for him to run away, there as he run, the devil chased him until he reached home, there Iskender sought a flash of light that lead to his wake.

Upon waking up, Iskender sought again the papers, there he thinks that the devil he had seen, the drawing he had made, and the girl he met is almost the same! There he immediately drank an absinthe and afterwards he went outside alone. It was a dark cold night then.

While wandering outside, he sought a gnome, along with his two pet pigs, begging for food. Iskender, out of his mercy towards the gnome, gave three yams for him. There the gnome became happy and said:
“Thanks for your kindness stranger.”
Iskender, upon hearing it, said:
“You are welcome.”
Then he left away, the Gnome, and his pet pigs, eating the boiled yams Iskender gave him, sought the man and wanted to help him, as Iskender, still wandering, wanted to think continuously regarding the dream he sought, and as he walk in the road, rain and storm came. And he ran away, seeking a shelter for the rain and storm prevailing. As he seek a shelter in midst of the storm, Iskender, running, was slipped into the mud, lead, and a bolt of lightning from the sky pointed to him, likely to strike its fatal blow. Iskender, looking at the sky, prayed:
“Oh god! Help me!”
While praying, he closed his eyes as the sky remained hostile to him. At the same time, the gnome, upon looking at the man who gave yams, came fourth as well as his pet pigs and helped him, and as he recovered Iskender, he said:
“I saw you in the muddy roadside, and so I help you out.”
“Thanks sir.” Iskender, barely stood up, replied.
“You’re welcome.” The gnome replied. “I am here guarding the entire way, if you want, you may come to my place if you want help.”
Then Iskender smiled at him and said:
“Well, in fact, I wanted to know about this.”
Then he put out a pencil and paper and drawn a girl. The girl he has drawn is same as Rizza, and after drawing it, he said:
And the gnome said:
“That girl…she is a succubus, however, she is a daughter of a devil and a human, that girl is named….”
“Who?” Iskender said.
“Um…I forgot her name.” The gnome said. “But I recognize her looks.”
“Well…thanks sir.” Iskender said.
“No need to call me sir.” The gnome replied. “Call me Naning.”
“Well…Thanks Naning.” Iskender said.
And e left away, waving the old gnome and the pigs goodbye. The rain then stopped as the writer left away.

As he walked towards the grotto near the river, there Iskender, wearing soiled clothes after being slipped in the deep mud, sat in a rock and looked at the tall trees in the grotto. While sitting and looking at the trees, he closed his eyes, and meditating.

At the same time,
Rizza, wandering in her lowly shack in the woods, was thinking about the writer Iskender. Upon thinking of him, she tried to resist her feelings as she, being a devil’s daughter, wanted him as an offering to the abyss, and like the vampire, she is been destined to sip the blood of the victim, and that victim is also the one she wanted to save from that kind of fate.

There she also made a spell, in pursuit of protecting the man she wanted from harm. Outside, the wolves howled and the ravens flew, as Rizza wrote the spell and a drawing in a parchment. Iskender, after meditating in the grotto, returned home immediately. As he opened the door, he sought Rizza sitting in the chair he used to. There he said:
“Rizza, why are you here?”
“I am here to be with you.” Rizza said.
“Why?” Iskender replied. “Is there anything wrong?”
“I tried to tell it.” Rizza said. “But…”
“Is there anything that binds you from not saying it?” Iskender said.
And Rizza replied:
“No, but my mind doesn’t want to say it towards you.”
“Well then…” Iskender said. “You may stay here for tonight.”
And Rizza stood up from the desk, came towards the writer and hugged him. There Iskender felt again the seduction of the Succubus, as if like flames blazing forth from within; while Rizza, upon embracing him, tried to stop the attempt of biting his neck to draw blood, and instead, feeling the heartbeat of the lonely writer.


The next day,
Iskender, newly wakened from his sleep, sought Rizza from the kitchen cooking for their food. There he went through and said:
“What are you cooking?”
“I’m making Gulyás and Pilaf.” Rizza said:
And as he looked at the food she preparing, he said:
“Looks delicious for me and even you.”
And she looked at him, and said:
“Well…I tried to do this just for you.”
And Iskender replied:

And he went to his desk to continue writing his story he made. While writing, he, as he sought the succubus, tried to resist his feelings towards her, but then, his heart continues to beat out of emotion coming from the maiden. And thus, instead of writing a story, he wrote a poem:

“How beautiful the maiden I have seen
So beautiful like the stars glowing
As if like a fairy came to me so enchanting
In the shack amongst the green

Her beauty reminds of my loved one
Died from the a tragic past
Despite the anomalies that trying to break us
I tried to forget, but fate tries to bind

And as we meet with the maiden I have sought
And thus likely to be remembered
From every story to every drawing I have drawn
I, marred by loneliness, in the end made me with joy.”

After writing it, he looked at Rizza, and then he quickly kept it; in his desk amongst the papers. Rizza, as she prepared the meal, then called him:
“Iskender, the food is ready!”
And Iskender stood up and went to the dining table where the food is been served. There the two sat down and ate the meal.

While eating, Rizza asked Iskender:
“Iskender, as you looked at me, do you think you like me?”
Then Iskender said:
“At first, I tried to resist for I tried to remain alone after my wife died, but then, I felt that I like you.”
“Really?” Rizza said.
“I don’t know.” Iskender replied.
Then Rizza smiled at him. Iskender also smiled at her in response.


Meanwhile, in Dzehennem,
Rizza’s father, the devil Shimeyal, tried to get in touch with his daughter, since he got used to quarrel with her daughter. At that time, Džehennem, a part of hell, was in distress, since the army of darkness, led by Tvrtko, attacked the place. There Shimeyal and his warriors tried to resist them, but in vain. And thus he dragged his half human daughter to the realm of men in order for the rites of passage she hath been through, despite her daughter’s opposition.

While in his hall, Shimeyal, looking at the hallway, was marred by the noises around it. At the same time, a servant came to him and said:
“Master, your daughter is here!”
“Let her come.” Shimeyal said.
And thus Rizza came forth and asked her father:
“It seemed that the entire realm is in distress.”
“Yes.” Shimeyal said. “That is why I need you here!”
“Why did you say so?” Rizza said. “Is this my will? Or your will?”
And Shimeyal replied:
“That is for your own good.”
“Perhaps, this not for my own good.” Rizza said. “But for your own good.”
Then she left away. Leaving Shimeyal, and the servant in the hallway.

Rizza, upon leaving Džehennem, wanted to return to her shack outside the dreaded place. Upon going to her shack, she saw Iskender wandering around the woods, and thus she approached him and said:
“Why are you here Iskender? What bids you to come to the forest?”
“Me?” Iskender said. “I am here just to be with the trees, and you?”
“Me?” Rizza said. “I am returning to my home.”
“From where?” Iskender said. “From Dzehennem?”
Rizza froze upon hearing the word what Iskender hath said, but then, she replied:
“No… I came from the mountains, searching for wild herbs.”
Then Iskender smiled at her, and said:
“Well…I thought you’ve been there Rizza.”
And Rizza spoke to him:
“Want to show my place Iskender? You may have a rest in my place.”
And Iskender said:
“Well…I feel tiring, ok.”
Then she joined him in going to her shack, upon entering the place, Iskender sought anything woody. Different from his place which is out of daub and wattle; he even sought figures of pentagrams as well as mysterious drawings in the place. Rizza, upon seeing Iskender looking at the place, said:
“Looks different isn’t it?”
“Yes.” Iskender said, and he asked Rizza:
“Rizza, so you used to practice witchcraft?”
“I wanted to.” Rizza said. “But I will use it for good.”
“Well…” Iskender said. “As I look at you, that is what you are, you aren’t into black magic, if you are practicing it, and you simply change its purpose.”
And Rizza replied:
“Yup. And I am trying to.”
Along with a wink to him, and she said:
“Well…you may rest here, here’s the couch, and you may lie there if you want to.”

There Iskender, upon looking at it, simply went to the couch and lie himself. While Rizza then preparing something in her room, creating potions out of the wild herbs she acquired, Iskender then rested in Rizza’s shack, not knowing that the girl also went to the dreaded Dzehennem!


There are unexpected events that happened, that leads to the separation of the amity of the two. At first, Rizza became jealous as Iskender was with another girl, there she became angry, as she said:
“Why are you with her?”
Then Iskender, as he heard the angry voice of Rizza, then had the girl be left and spoke to Rizza:
“She is my friend, what’s wrong with you?”
And Rizza said:
“I am jealous as what I have seen you with that girl!”
Then Iskender, in an annoying voice, spoke to Rizza:
“Then be jealous then, are we together?”
And Rizza replied:
Then she left away, leaving Iskender alone and going back to his shack.The second event seemed same as the first, as Rizza, upon staring Iskender’s work, made a scribble of it, Iskender, upon noticing what she had done, gone angry and said:
“What are you doing to my works?”
“Nothing.” Rizza said. “Why?”
“You are destroying my works!” Iskender said. “What’s wrong with you?”
Then Rizza replied:
“I have nothing done wrong Iskender; perhaps you have done wrong with me!”
Then Iskender said:
“What is why you do this?”
Then Rizza replied:
Along with a foolish tease at him.
Then she left away. Leaving him and his works she destroyed.

But the worst part seemed too serious, as Rizza and Iskender, both drunk in the tavern, went to a nearby inn where the keeper, upon noticing at two, looked at them as weird people. As the two went in one of the rooms, Rizza trying to seduce him, stared at Iskender, and said in a drunken manner:
“Iskender, I think that I need to do this.”
“Why?” Iskender said.
“I can’t say it.” Rizza said. “But I need to.”
Iskender tried to resist as Rizza tried to do it, but then, he became groggy and fell down at the bed. Rizza, being drunk at that time, found opportunity to do it as she simply wanted to make him feel exhausted being a succubus from hell. There she
simply lies on to him in the bed and caressing his body. Iskender, still sleeping dreamed and heard the maiden’s voice like a siren, trying to seduce him. However, as he recognized the girl, whose same appearance as Rizza’s, a succubus, he woke up totally and looked at Rizza, preparing to bite his neck to sip his blood, and thus he immediately rose and said angrily:
“Are you trying to give me nightmares and sipping blood like a vampire?”
Then Rizza said:
“No! I am not trying to give nightmares against you! I am simply being with you in the bed!”
“As I look at my dream, you are a succubus, isn’t it?”
Then Rizza, upon hearing Iskender’s word, then confessed:
“Yes. I am a succubus; I am the devil’s daughter what the people said to me. I came from the dreaded Dzehennem as what you have told me. In fact, I do this as a rite of passage, however as I look at you, I tried to restrain myself and not to do it. However, my mind tells me to do this!”
Then Iskender said:
“Get out of here Rizza! Get out of here!”
Then Rizza immediately get out of the room. Leaving Iskender alone and in anger as he found the truth regarding the girl he have met. He even remembered the times she insulted him many times that led to it, and as he found the truth, there his
interpretation about her changed up.

A week later,
Rizza went to Iskender’s shack, trying to forgive him. at that time, Iskender was writing in his desk, as he sought Rizza approaching through the window, he immediately closed the doors and even the windows of his house. Rizza, as he sought the house being closed, shouted:
“Sorry Iskender for doing this! Sorry for insulting you many times!”
Iskender, upon hearing Rizza’s voice outside, then replied:
“Will you please get out of my place! I’m so tired of your insults and your messages! Please, for the sake of peace, leave!”
Then Rizza said:
“That is why I am saying sorry for doing this! What’s wrong with you?”
And Iskender opened the door and approached her outside, there he said with his hand pointed at her:
“You are the one who is doing wrong not me! You are doing what the people from the dreaded Dzehennem used to do towards people here isn’t it? You want to destroy me? Fine!”
There Rizza became humiliated with the words Iskender hath said, and she replied:
“Well… that is you then, you are contented with being alone!”
“Yes.” Iskender said. “I’d rather being alone than to be with you, so please, get out or I will call the people!” pointing at the road for her to leave.
And Rizza simply left away, leaving Iskender in anger, however, as he returned back in his shack, he wept quietly as he made this act out of being angry towards the girl whom he wanted. But then, he tried to forget her, and so was Rizza, in forgetting him.

Two months after the event,
Iskender and Rizza had separate ways, there Iskender continue writing stories and telling tales to children in the village, while Rizza still performing spells in her shack in the woods, writing poetry in her desk, and still not returning to Dzehennem. Iskender, though countless work and in a state of melancholia, tried to forget Rizza while Rizza also tried to forget Iskender, however she even wanted to accept her forgiveness to him as she tried to.

A week after, Iskender, while sleeping was awakened by a strange sound outside his shack, there he simply got up and thus, sought Rizza again in the field, and he asked her from the door:
“Why are you trying to be here? To insult me again?”
“I am here again just to apologize for what I have done.” Rizza said.
And Iskender simply replied:
“Forget me then, for I need to go back to sleep.”
Then he looked back in his place. However, Rizza immediately approached him, slapped in his face, and said:
“So is this what you want?”
Then she kissed him totally in the lips, there Iskender can’t resist the luscious lips and the seductive kiss of the devil’s daughter. After kissing him, Iskender then wiped off his lips in front of Rizza, and returned to his shack, leaving Rizza alone, and she simply left away.

The next day,
Iskender, in a tavern, drank mead many times and listening Sevdah music being played by an accordion player, a trumpeter and a drummer; trying to forget the girl he wanted to be with and the event happened yesterday. But then, despite his attempt to forget, the memories of the devil’s daughter remained still, as her presence remains in his mind, the kiss he felt, even murmuring her name too. And as he went to the grave of his late wife, Fe, he, being drunk, tried to reflect, but as he
reflects, the ghost of his wife appeared to him, and she said:
“Why are you so sad my beloved?”
Iskender surprised as he heard the voice and even the appearance of his fallen wife, and he said:
“I tried to forget the girl whom I wanted to.”
“Why? Is there something wrong for her?” Fe said.
“Me? Yes.” Iskender said. “For that girl humiliated me totally so much, she is really a devil’s daughter!”
Then Fe spoke to him:
“Does she try to apologize to you?”
“Yes.” Iskender said. “But then she destroyed me much, and thus it seemed too difficult to accept her apology, instead, I’d rather see her in infamy!”
There Fe, upon hearing her husband’s words, then said to him:
“Iskender my beloved, don’t let your anger burst and drown totally on her. Accept her apology instead, for I know that deep inside you like her despite being a devil’s daughter as you have said. Perhaps, she has a human heart that is why, so please,
just for me, accept her apology?”
And Iskender spoke to her:
“Before I accept it, she need to be human like us to do it, perhaps, even she can so it apologizing many times with a mark of being a devil’s daughter on her, it may never erase in my heart because of what had done to me.”
“Well Iskender,” Fe said. “You have the point, to be human than to be a demon only to apologize you because of her deed. And I know that it can be difficult for her, I hope that your anger will ease away, just for the sake of a lasting peace.”
Then she kissed him and disappeared. Iskender then said:
“Fe, Where are you? I need you!”

The people, upon noticing the appearance of the devil’s daughter desperately walking in the roadside, immediately cornered and caught her. After her capture, the people immediately sent her to the cemetery where a shallow pit, which the people
called as a grave, awaits her to be buried. The people simply insulted her many times and one of them slapped the suffering girl in the road, along with the words being shouted towards her: “Slut!” “Devil’s daughter!” And the worst word being said
directly at her by an old lady: “Bitch!”

And as they enter the cemetery and its awaiting grave, Rizza, now chained by the angry mob, wept as the people around continue to insult her. At first, she was sent to a magistrate, where he immediately sentenced her to death in absentia by burying her alive, followed by a priest who sprinkled her many times with holy water and speaking with prayers. After the ritual, the people immediately dragged her to the pit, where they simply pushed her and being hurled with stones. There she felt being totally humiliated as the people bury and at the same time, hurled her with stones as if Mary Magdalene is been punished by the people before intervened by the Christ!

The people continuously doing it until the pit hath end up filled, there lies Rizza being buried alive, but then, a group of stay wolves came fourth and digging at the grave, upon digging, a hand totally appeared scaring off a wolf away while others continuously doing it, until it became bit shallow that the girl, still alive, tried to release from the grave! The wolves, upon looking at the “risen”, became scared and ran away, and thus, Rizza, newly rose from the grave, removed off dirt from her dress and walked out of the cemetery, only to return to her shack in the woods.

Upon approaching her shack, she sought nothing but its charred remains as the people burned it, at the same time, the demons, at the request of her father, Shimeyal, forcibly fetched her, but despite her opposition, the demons forced her to return to Dzehennem and thrown at her place, after Shimeyal hath slapped at her face and reprimand her severely:
“Rizza, you simply didn’t do what I told you so! You are simply Dumb! as stupid as your mother! Go to your room before I kill you!”
Rizza was shocked upon hearing it, and Shimeyal ordered the guards to send her to her room. There the demons sent her forcibly to her room, and locked her totally. Shimeyal, as he looked at her daughter being forced to go in her room, tried not to speak, as he, sitting in his throne, sipping a glass of wine and looking at the ceiling of his hall, trying to forget anything.

But then,
As the demons in Dzehennem are in their “peace”, another battle will rise forth against them.


Iskender was writing in his desk in pursuit of forgetting Rizza. There he made a poem, and there it goes:

“As I looked upon you
You have a deep sense of beauty
Like red roses and white lilies
Blooming in the abandoned cemetery

However, anything changed
You give me humiliation
You change my idea
And gives another interpretation

You remained poison to my eyes,
A devil in my shadow
A nightmare in my dream
A sadness and a sorrow

Then you will likely to apologize
Since you used to insult me
But still my anger burst its pressure
I'd rather see you in infamy

I feel the pain what's inside
I can't bear it totally
I may likely not to forgive you
Since you give me an idea to condemn

I guess...
You cannot revive eternal friendships
Until the person you insulted is dead!”

Upon writing it, he wept as tears fell in his work; however, he tried to restrain himself and went to his kitchen to prepare a cup of tea, while preparing, an unexpected visitor came forth.

Tvrtko, leader of the army of darkness, came in Iskender’s shack and thus wanted the suffering man to join with his crusade. There he said:
“Are you Iskender Bukanovic?”
“Yes.” Iskender said. “And why? You will send me to hell?”
“Yes.” Tvrtko said. “But not as a punishment, but to help me destroy them.”
Then Iskender replied:
“Why I should join the army of darkness? Why I should join with you? I felt so sad and weary after the devil’s daughter insulted me much.”
“Then that’s the point!” Tvrtko said. “Grab the opportunity by destroying the vestiges of hell by the army of darkness!”
Iskender, upon hearing the words stated, then stood up and said to him:
“I will, for I am willing to join to the army of darkness! Give me a weapon, give me armour, and give me horse to lead your men!”
And thus,
Tvrtko smiled at him and he said:
“It is good that you joined with us in destroying the armies of hell, I’ll give you immediately armour and a horse.”
“How about a sword?” Iskender said.
And Tvrtko replied:
“Naning the gnome will give you a Baiwan sword to you.”

Then he went outside, Naning, wearing armour, sought Iskender, and he said:
“Here’s the sword Iskender, take it, for you will also lead the entire army of darkness against the armies of hell!”
Then he acquired the sword and spoke to Naning:
“Thanks for joining with me. Perhaps, it is true that all gnomes are willing to help people with kind heart!”
“I will always help you Iskender.” Naning replied. “For I know that you are a victim of being heartbroken, let your anger be released in killing the demons as you enter the gates of Dzehennem!”
“I will Naning…” Iskender said. “I will...”
Then he rode on horseback along with Tvrtko and Naning to the place where his men await him. Another battle in Dzennem hath been set-a battle to end the reign of hate by hate!

And thus,
Iskender, along with Tvrtko and Naning, went to Džehennem with an army of five hundred warriors, whom they called as the Army of Darkness, and even the people where they wanted to destroy the devils, were setting another war against the inhabitants of Dzehennem! There the demons unexpectedly being attacked as the entire forces crushed as they enter their abode, Shimeyal, upon hearing the unexpected attack of the enemy, enraged and immediately brandished his sword, there he called forth his forces to defend his realm at all costs!


Upon entering Dzehennem, Iskender, along with Tvrtko and the army of darkness resisted the demons that attacked the entire group. With his Baiwan sword, he simply slashed or stabbed them despite the injuries given. Meanwhile, Rizza, in her room, simply sat in her desk, awaiting the judgement given to by her father. There she continuously wept as she felt being humiliated on all sides, by his father and his blood, and by Iskender and the people. She even attempted to do suicide as a solution.

Before attempting to do it, she wrote a suicide poem:

"Darkness binds me since I was young
Fuelled by the flames of hell
But then there is some light inside my heart
But then it can’t tell

I tried to seek for peace and friendship
But then all end up lost
For the blood that I have carried
Is what the cause that I carried most

I tried to be renewed, but fate deserves me here
Being a daughter of a devil, and a daughter of man
I tried to set free, but fate deserves me closed
Being disenfranchised for months, hated for years

And thus as the waxing moon rises
I bid myself to sacrifice
I need to gave up my life
In exchange for total freedom that awaits me."

And after writing it, she prepared a dagger to slash her wrist. Upon setting it, the noise outside her room disrupted her, as the army of darkness, under Iskender, continuously fought against the denizens of hell, upon fighting, he said to his men:
“All demons must die at all cost, let fire bust through amongst them, let Dzehennem be their eternal graveyard!”
And the army of darkness enjoyed as they fought the demons out. Shimeyal, as he fought back against the enemy led by Tvrtko and a new leader named Iskender, tried to resist as the enemy continuously advance through the entire place. Flames also bursting as the people also joined the fray, carrying torches to set fire in its foundations. Rizza, as she sought the event through the window, gave up the attempt by throwing off the dagger from her hand, and kicked the door many times to escape
from her cell. There she sought Iskender and his army of darkness fighting against the demons in the hallway, while Shimeyal tried to resist as he killed some of the enemies attacking him. But the people again sought her, and one of them said:
“You again? Newly risen from the grave ah? Kill her!”
Then the people attacked, cornered and beat her many times trying to make her a pile of flesh. However, Rizza, despite the fatal wounds she acquired from another lynching, tried to recover as the people, trying to lynch her out, were marred by the attacking demons and the people turned instead to them, thinking that the devil’s daughter is dead.

As the war goes on, Iskender killed many demons in the field, along with his men. However, Tvrtko, as he fought with Shimeyal, end up mortally wounded as the enemy thrust him in his right shoulder, Tvrtko, despite the wounds he acquired, tried to beat him by slashing the evil Shimeyal in his chest. There the evil also acquired a fatal pain, but then, a demon, as he sought the fighting scene between his master and the enemy, threw his spear, and plunged at the back of the enemy.

There Tvrko again suffered, this time it is seriously fatal, and Shimeyal finally behead him by the swish of his sword. Iskender, as he fought the demons continuously, sought his ally behead, there he ran towards the dreaded Shimeyal and said:
“You killed him right? Then kill me now!”
And Shimeyal, with his anger bursting, attacked him. Iskender resist the beat of the devil using his Baiwan sword. As well as slashing the enemy on the shoulder and in the arms. Fire burst through in the battlefield as the army of darkness, as well as
the people still kept on burning the entire place with their torches as well as killing demons on its way. Rizza, as she tried to leave the scene despite her wounds, sought her father and Iskender fighting. There she stopped, lying in the ground and instead of shouting, became quiet as a sort of her temporary rest.

The fighting between Iskender and Shimeyal became fatal as Iskender, badly wounded, tried to resist the devil Shimeyal in the grounds of Džehennem, as he tried to beat the devil using the Baiwan sword, he was knocked by Shimeyal by his right fist, leaving him in temporary unconsciousness, Rizza, at the same time, was lying in the ground as she felt the pain coming from the enemy’s blow with blood flowing after she’s been beaten by the people. But upon Iskender, totally suffered, she tried to help him by invoking a spell to dispel from the slash coming from her father. There Iskender, with his eyes barely opened, witnessed as he sought the girl invoking prayers, while the devil Shimeyal raised his sword trying to wish to decapitate him.
There Iskender gained strength and shouted before the devil hath set:
“Die monster!”
Then he thrust his sword to the demon’s chest, fatally as it reached the heart. There Shimeyal felt the fatal wound, a real fatal wound given to him, the army of darkness, as they kept on fighting demons, sought the event, and some of them immediately threw their spears to the suffering demon. Thus, Shimeyal, lord of the demons in Dzehennem, died. Many people rejoiced as the devil end up dead, however, Iskender, as he looked at the corpse, tried to stood up, despite the wounds he acquired from the battle. And as he sought Rizza, he tried to approach her, only to fell down upon reaching the maiden. Rizza, as she sought Iskender, approached her and cradled him in her knees. There she wept as she looked at the fallen Iskender, lying in her knees, and said:
“I am sorry for the things I have done for you, I felt the punishment what fate gave to me.”
At the same time, the people, carrying lit torches, axes, hatchets, and scythes, looked at the suffering maiden, known by themselves as the devil’s daughter and the man in which lying. And instead of lynching her back, they simply left away, at the same time, a shaft of light appeared, and angels, clad in black came fourth to fetch Iskender, leaving Rizza in Dzehennem As well as the devil Shimeyal, with spears thrusted around his body lying in the ground with his blood flowing. And the Army of darkness, whom commanded by Iskender then recovered corpses of their fallen men including the beheaded Tvrtko.

Džehennem became a howling wilderness, as Rizza, witnessing the event, became alone after the man she loved being fetched by the angels and totally repenting out of her deed; or rather out of her self as a devil’s daughter, while Iskender upon entering an unknown place by the angels, hath his wound tend and given rest.

While resting, Iskender sought nothing in his place, at the same time; an abbot, clad in black, came forth and performs a sacrament on to him. There Iskender simply accepted it as he closed his eyes and hearing the sermon given. Rizza, at the same time, after had his father’s corpse cremated in the flames, left Džehennem in also in flames as she tried to forget the past since she was branded as a devil’s daughter. There she became a restless wanderer, like a monk, continuously repenting for her sins.


A week after the event,
Iskender, in his shack, sought Rizza standing outside, carrying a bouquet of black roses, and said:
“Iskender, I am here to say goodbye.”
“Why Rizza?” Iskender said.
And Rizza replied:
“I need to leave this place away.”
“No!” Iskender said. “I need you here!”
“Why?” Rizza said,
And Iskender replied:
“The truth is that…I want to be with you, I am sorry for the past things I had done against you, for despite these problems I or rather say we experienced, I felt the love growing from hate and thus…”
“What?” Rizza said.
And Iskender spoke the three words directly to her:
“I love you.”

Then Rizza came towards Iskender and embraced him again. But this time, the embrace is not devilish, but perhaps as human. Iskender then kissed Rizza in her precious lips as he felt again the flaming embrace of the devil’s daughter, at the same time; they went to the cemetery where the grave of Iskender’s wife, Fe, lies. As they enter the grave, Iskender placed the bouquet of Black, red, and white roses to the tomb, while Rizza also placed stones in it. After the offering, Iskender and Rizza,
holding hands, reflect at the tomb, but surprisingly, the spirit of Iskender’s wife appeared to the two, and spoke at the two:
“Both of you had challenges that leads to an undying relationship. Both of you also used to argue and trying to break off, but then it binds you instead. Iskender, keep her the same as you keep me; Rizza, keep her the same as I keep him. I know that despite that you are a devil’s daughter, but then, you have a human heart for you have a human mother, and that heart may change you as a new person, a new being that my husband will love you most. And I hope that you two will keep it, for fate leads you to an unending relationship. May the heavens bless you, for I will enter eternity.”
And she disappeared, leaving Iskender and Rizza in the tomb. There Iskender and Rizza, holding hands, have spoken their promise in the tomb of Iskender’s wife, an affirmation as a newly found relationship:

“I offer my life to you always
And I will always remember
My love and loyalty to you
Forever and ever.

And I will also offer to god, to country and to my people
Our deepest love, unity, and sympathy,
In spite of sacrifices and hardships we used to be
And thus we promise
Our ambition as couples
Together as one
To the fullest extent of our lives
Forever and ever.”

After swearing, the two again embraced and kissed each other. Followed by a marriage in the beginning of the third week in which the two solemnly accepted themselves as a couple. There many people, the same people whom thinking the girl as the devil’s daughter now accepted her, as they witnessed the two solemnly accepted the vows of sacred matrimony in midst of the night. On that same wedding rite, the couple, after exchanging of rings, had their hands where their rings wore in their fingers then tied together while the other, have their fist raised and swore the same oath they spoke in the grave, now with the priest who officiated the rites. After the ceremony, Iskender and Rizza, now a newly wedded couple was given blessings
and keepsakes by the people around him, Naning the gnome, along with wife and his pet pigs, then spoke to the two:
“Keep your relationship well Iskender and Rizza.”
“You too.” Iskender said. “Keep your wife as well as your cute big pigs!”
And Naning laughed at him, and he said:
“Well…I like them as my pets.”

And in the end, the two lived in peace, as Iskender and Rizza became a loving husband and wife, living in midst of the night, happily ever after.

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