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(Realismus) "All Hollows Ambush"

"All Hollows Ambush"

October 29 1955,
A day before All Hollows day.

It was a dark cold night when I, along with my comrades, were hastingly preparing for our journey based on our destination. As well as we've been reacted after a message telling us that an approaching enemy was coming near the encampment.

We hastingly packed our things, prepared our weapon and marched ahead in the middle of the night, with the stars as its guide, we walked on listening to the sounds of the wisping wind and of the quacking geckoes, dogs and cicadas chirping in the forest, walking on a long mile until we head on our destination.

One of my comrades then prepared a glass of milk coming from a pack and served to us as our early breakfast while we started to set up another camp in a new site far from the former one-this time an ambush site as our squad leader told to us.

In fact, this as a second time around in preparing for an ambush. Like the first one, we hoped that it would end up successful: gaining weapons, ammunition, as well as a victory for the revolutionary movement in this mountainous, swarthy land. There we immediately set up trenches, foxholes, while some hid themselves in a maquis-creating a good ambush site that the enemy may unexpect this kind of fate. On the top of the hill opposite we are two comrades acting as a look-out. They give us a warning if the enemy approaches, as they sought vehicles passing on to the road, whether from the nearby village or from the town.

While waiting for the target, I was thinking deeply about the past days, especially the time I joined in the ambush-one of my comrades told me that it would be far from what movies, media presented to us back then, followed by telling me to hid feelings and to keep my eye sharp.

The next day,
We kept on waiting closely until 8:45, as our lookout raised the signal that the enemy convoy was approaching, again, my heart beats faster as I expected, and the squad leader told us to get ready, the enemy continuously approaches until...


The voice of our commanding officer shouted the signal and all of us immediately fired directly at the enemy convoy. The enemy unexpectedly met again this kind of act as the rain of bullets coming from their once carried guns killed, wounded amongst their ranks while some of them tried to respond enough through their gunfire. Yet, except for two, who end up wounded, we continuously fire-one of us even fired an RPG to a stubborn APC trying to fire against us and it end up as expected-fired!

I was preparing to put my third magazine in my rifle as the commanding officer ordered us to stop. There we sought enough damage in that convoy. Many of them were dead, some were wounded, one of them acting in surrender with a gun raised on high. Some of us then went down as they collected over the rifles, ammunition, even RPGs and a Mortar, including the materiel on that convoy. The wounded foes were immediately treated by our medics all in accordance to the articles of war and of the Geneva convention, same as the prisoners of war that they should also be treated fairly-unlike their own kind who treated some of us, while captured, badly.

We immediately retreated after the ambush, one of us even set the carriers alight so that it may never be used again as expected. The materiel collected from the ambush has added impetus to our growing army. It certainly increases the confidence of the warrior's ability to destroy the enemy, and it also builds the morale of the people as they trust in the revolution and its ability to defend their interests.

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