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Undesirable Poetries

Undesirable Poetries

Consists of poetry lately been written. Consists of Love poems and Struggle session poems being made during the past few years before being posted in this page. These poems are rather a part of my personal life and my life as a participant in the struggle.

The beauty of struggle is in you

The beauty of yours reminds of the barricades
Of wildflowers blooming over the barren land
Where once gunfire and bombs then explode
Where blood from bodies barren flow

The beauty of yours reminds of the garrisons
Wherein stragglers, comrades amongst us
Trying to resist in every corner
Willing to die than to surrender

The beauty of yours reminds of the red flags
Waving all over the liberated zones
And so are the trenches and the barricades
Being dug by comrades and the rest

All of these I have said to
For the beauty of the struggle is in you

Her beauty remains enchanted
(partly based from Jose Maria Sison's
The forest is still enchanted)

The make-up and the jewelries
Are left away in the wooden chests
The lavishly woven dresses
And the imported accessories
Have lost its lustrous power

The mere beauty of the past ages
Had changed for many years
As the chains once bound a someone's body
End up rot and broke easily
Leaving her alone once more to be free

And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished over
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders

The passiveness and of the differences
Had been fade away as it lasts
As the age old disciplines
And of the unfair practises
Have closed its chapters

The differences of the past ages
No longer to be heard and seen again
The words saying "I am taken"
Hath disappeared in the mouths once being spoken
As a new and meaningful love hath risen

And yet her beauty remains enchanted
And there's a new tune from her mind
A new magic from a loving face
To be inspired by amongst people to be as friends
To be loved by someone whom both cherished over
As they fought for freedom and to astonish the intruders

BEAT THE ODDS: An Acrostic

Bucks in their pockets coming from our taxes
Education as a privilege while the rest end up none
Automated elections brought no meaningful change while
Transportation and the like all for profit as we sight

Terrorist state as what the people face
Hysteria against the activists what the administration hath laid
End up carcasses or imprisoned, or withered away

O people! why is this person wanted?
Dealing the rest with carrot and stick or hook or by crook?
Do we need to hear their appeals branded it as "BEAT THE ODDS"
Sounds like hollow to us for the nation remains backward.


my beloved

Like a sugar you are
Such sweetness drives me
Crazy as if in the middle of the war

Noticing your Precious looks
That as if like those from the stories
Princesses, Fairies, Succubus
-Anything precious

Your eyes
So seductive and loving
Worthy to be loved

Your body
So supple and nice
Beautifully carved like Venus of long ago

Your skin and appearance
As what I may expect
Like roses blooming in the fields of war

And so is your soul
That made me compelled to create
This one of a kind poem

But then,
Despite noticing anything
I really think that someone deserving would be with you

Somewhat worth better than me
I, a writer would rather think it too different
Likely to prefer someone handy

But then,
Despite my expectations
I made this for at least in a simple act
Trying to make me deservable

We may have met one
Likely to be forgotten
Except I who remembered someone
Whom likely to cherish

Sweet beloved Yvette...

I hope we'll meet again
Seeing you appear grandiose
Of I letting myself to stop writing
As I, myself willing to be with you

I'll be with you Yvette
Yes, we'll remain...

Fallen Hero

(Left wing version of Rahowa's Fallen hero)

I feel the bullets running through my body, piercing my heart and mind
As your battlefield drews its last desperate end
Sensing the painless pain and blood flowing over
Until you fell and left eternally unconscious as dead

Like the past martyrs of long long ago
Another fallen comrade almost tears my will apart
And although we’ve been accustomed to losing what we adore
It is always be unforgettable as your shadow casts out

You are a fallen hero,
You fought for our rights from the start
You are a fallen hero
And your memory remains in my heart

And as what the history said to us
That dying for the people is like the mountains
Recalling the past memories
That the struggle will always be at the finest

And when the fash took your life away
I swore to avenge you comrade, and I promise until this day
I’ll fight on as you would, if you were still here with me
Like the mountains of Sierra Madre as stronger as can be

You are a fallen hero,
You fought for our rights from the start
You are a fallen hero
And your memory remains in my heart

And as I pledge my life to our struggle, to the red flag flying
To the martyrs and oppressed people continuously fighting
To think of all that wasted youth to the countryside nearly makes me cry
But at least you died for the genuine truth, and we all know the reason why

Another victim of this system, like the comrades gone
Created by the fascist scum branding terrorism to the revolution
But we’ve got to keep on fighting, we’ve got to carry on
As the red flag flying on the trenches and the enemies to its oblivion

Although they took your life away, we keep your memory
And in your people, to the society, you’ve earned eternity
So as we stand here at your grave, and because you died to fight the cruel
Creators of the world now say: ”To the revolution we will continue!”

Agbiag! To the fallen heroes, they paid the highest price
Padayon! To the people's warriors, gave their lives in sacrifice
Mabuhay! To the revolution, salute as we fight today
Hail! The fallen heroes, men of honor, men so brave
Hanggang kamatayan, Lumalaban!

Hail! The fallen heroes, men of honor, men so brave
Until death, still fighting!

Avenge Luisita
(Left-wing version of "Avenge Dresen"
by Rahowa)

It was 2004, long time ago for as we know
When the policemen and soldiers, they came from road
They appease the strikers but they kill men and women alive
Many farmers died
Oh tell me why, oh why, I must cry

Again like Mendiola
Like hell as we see ya
The government bragged their CARPER
But the program couldn't get further
As the farmers shout their pleas
And the rest as they see
Land to the tiller as they want to speak

An agreement handed down
They will not kill the strikers down
But the Aquinos were wearing their traitor’s crowns
And as the people watched in vain
Down poured a fiery rain
My heart is filled with pain
It’s such a shame

Ref: Luisita must be avenged
Brethren, we must make amends
Until justice is served, we shall not die
I hear the voice of the peasants cry:
”Avenge Mendiola, hacienda Luisita…”

A terrible holocaust - we must avenge at any cost
Beltran and the rest waged a fight, because the truth is always right
Just hidden out of sight on this night

Don’t tell me lies about the investigations
’Cause I’ve got some news for you
don’t tell me lies known as promises
’Cause to the traitors I ain’t crying over too

Midnight in Diliman
(version of Moscow Nights)

stillness in the field not a rustling sound
shadows still wander till the dawn
darling if you should now how I love the time
Midnight wandrings in Diliman.

Mindnight winds blow over the grassy fields
Stars shining bright over the skies
And a song afar casts a lasting dream
And the songs coming from the heart

Jharelle, look at me, why the downcast eyes
And your lovely head bent so low?
Oh, It's hard to speak, and yet not to speak
Of the longing my heart does know.

I will promise you as the dawn appears
As the darkness ends into light
If you only knew how it's dear to me,
Midnight wandrings in Diliman.

(a "good" version of Rizza)

As I look upon you
You have a deep sense of beauty
Like Red roses and White lilies
Blooming in an abandoned cemetery

But unlike the other one once I hath said same this
You have a different interpretation
This time I felt as if rising
Whilst my world is in revolution

Your eyes, so enchanting
Reminds of an innocent maiden loving
Your appearance, worth remembering
Reminds of a warrioress from Valhalla coming

And now as I open the gates of darkness
Lend me thy key, thy sacred enchantress
Join with me o maiden, we'll rest the restless
We'll strike them out with dark holiness

Unlike the past beings end up as thy foes
I hope you remain as thy friend most
Till the last drop of blood I ought to sacrifice
For you, for my comrades resisting the forces of freight.

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