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RIZZA and other "Defying poems"

RIZZA and other "Defying poems"

My entire life was and is marred by the agitating anger around me. In fact, these kind of weird things corrupt me more rather than beneficial, since back then when I being oppressed, maltreated and disenfranchised by ones surrounding me, formed me in an another type of person likely to be described as against or rather say willing to make anything nothing.

Like Joma Sison's Poems and rest, I simply lie down at night to make and even recite poetry and therefore this kind of arm, alongside creating stories and drawings adds another sophisticated colour of life that surrounds me. My enemies, within and outside may surely ought to insult me, detract me with their messages without observing and even oppress me perhaps, but still, I simply defy them with my deeds-though this deed using the pen or if possible: BY THE SWORD!

(song of defiance, a la "Lord's Prayer")

As I looked upon you
You have a deep sense of beauty
Like red roses and white lilies
Blooming in the abandoned cemetery

However, anything changed
You give me humiliation
You change my idea
And gives another interpretation

You remained poison to my eyes,
A devil in my shadow
A nightmare in my dream
A sadness and a sorrow

Then you will likely to apologize
Since you used to insult me
But still my anger burst its pressure
I'd rather see you in infamy

I feel the pain what's inside
I can't bear it totally
I may likely not to forgive you
Since you give me an idea to condemn

I guess...
You cannot revive eternal friendships
Until the person you insulted is dead.

Just I have said-Rizza is dead!!!!

Our hearts are end up shorn by her fingers
Our minds are tossed like storm
Her life would likely to linger
As she end up beaten by the unknown

Her beauty reminds of Lilith
Whom seduced Adam long before eve
Her beauty is as if like Delilah
Whose charm weaken Samson's peak

Her heart is as if like the abyss
Her soul reminds of the graves
Her Fate lies in her insults
as she is destined to an unknown fate

I don't know why she agitate me so much
As she used to argue against me
Then why she wanted to apologize
Only to be given a no reply

The anger that made me full
Will burst throughout my spirit
The anger that gave me pure
Will emancipate me from slavery

And my mind bursts its imagination
Like Volcanoes bursting fire and brimstone
And therefore for her I could have said
That out of you Oh Rizza-Rizza is dead!

But then I praise her
For she gave a kind of love to me
A strange love given to me
Given by a beautiful, loving enemy!

The fallen rose
(To Rizza-the fallen rose)

The heart of a writer brings hate out of you
The heart of a bard brings inspiration from you true
The strange beauty of a red rose brings love to me
A fallen rose from a beautiful enemy

A godless inspiration, a wild weed beauty
Sprung from the ages during the age of liberty
But fate gave her another meaning
A fallen rose from a beautiful enemy

As I met you with such glory
Brings happiness to me
But as you bring then insults and anger to me
I give you hate, gore and infamy

The dirty finger I gave to you
Is a result from the anger that kept
through days months and years
Then giving an angst reply to me

As the strange beauty of the fallen red rose blooms
The love given through hate will being glory and destiny
For your Hate is love-and my war is peace!


My hands are bleeding many times many years
As if like hell that brought me fear
As if like scars bleeding fourth
Drom a body battered left untold
I am a mertyr several times
A martyr of love, an abnormal spine
Being with people whom seeks me for a pain
Like burning me fourth in aneternal flame!

Like a shit left on someone's door
These whores and bitches! you like to insult me more!
Me a plaything? Might end up in your door
As you being beaten by the one beaten before
Born by pain evermore
Out of scars bleeding fourth
Me set free from secrecy
Born from hell! Killing spree!

The voice of revenge

What you made is not a friend
What you made is a victim
For your ideas like a fiend
And you made him no feeling
His heart was torn for years of suffering
Battered by hatred for everything
He can be redeemed, but he's still a victim
For what in his soul is sad unsoothing
You like to insult
You like to spare
You like to make him suffer
Turning his life in despair
You made him a dynamite that can destroy his life
Whose way will lead to darkness
And his heart unenlight
Someday your victim may rise up
Rise up to gain revenge
Out of darkness, out of slumber
Making tyranny out of your presence!

Ode to Judas Iscariot

When he came over to a certain tree
He wept and cry, screaming in agony
For he killed the one who leads him
Through betrayal and making priests grin

He tried to save him, but no to avail
He threw peices of siver, to priests tho made him pale
But before the end of tyranny, the messiah spoke to thee
"You shall be cursed for generations,
For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me."

That damned man thinks that he is right
A member of the sicarrii, an infamous knight
As he end up made a noose, and wore on his neck
And hang to die, till the branch fell down,
And so he ends by scattering his rest

Earth is evil

The earth is evil, and so is the rest
Out of impurity made to infest
Through the scourges of fate, made to be done
To sudder anyone, and to live none

The earth is evil, and so totally strange
As if man is infested, by thousands of mange
Trying to sent help by god, yet his sin remains whole
Making himself a bastard and a fool

The earth is evil, for the devil creates
As Lilith and Adam hath mate
Then distorted by others, in the name of the faith
Leading everybody to a relentless fate

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