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MAFE: Poems of Love, Poems of Struggle

MAFE: Poems of Love, Poems of Struggle

These collection of poems I made may considered as the lighter side of mine. Since it epicts love and struggle while the former depicts defiance and resistance. In fact, these poems I made were inspired by the woman I used to meet and befriend. Unlike the other one, this maiden is nice to be with, nice to cope with and lastly, to be considered a lasting inspiration, not just in the realms of the pen, but in my entire life.

Struggle, aside from coping up with the struggles I tried to pass through, also serves as an inspiration since it was out of experiences I, directly or indirectly joined though. My heart, in spite of having scars, may likely to recover-simply through study (both in academics and the society), work, and of course: Selfless love.

(to the woman I befriend, I admire)

Your Beauty, as I looked you is a marvelous creation
Molded by the masses like flowers sprung from soil
As if the legends in the book end came true
For the person that I have said is you

Everyday and Every night my mind recalls
As memories of you rise upon from my mind
But as I see you during the days we meet together
In spite of my shyness, I tried to be strong

As if the moon is shining over night
That gives enough light to a barren place
Oh you my maiden ought to give all the best
For the sake of peace and happiness

From every writeup, drawing made with soothing music
Is likely to came your hopeful presence
My heart runs dry, but the struggle goes on
As we both together, will likely end as one.

Yellow Ribbon

When I see a yellow ribbon
Lovking your brown hair
You have beauty that it follows
Over the long red lair
Like yellow bells, white lilies
Bloom in happy spring
Makes your beauty lively
And our loving dream

The beauty that you follow
Is from the masses brought
Back then they are in sorrow
But then they stood and fought
For you oh lovely maiden
With a yellow ribbon on your hair
Brings happiness to me
Like red stars shining
On hearts of fighters cling

When I see you in the crossroads
I am likely to admire
Than end up with a someone
That forced me to a pyre
Your looks, love and happiness
Makes me remember you
As the struggle continues
And so we both fighting through

If we again meet together
I hope you will remember me
For you are my inspiration
In poem, song and dream
For you revived my strugggle
Once wasted for many years
From the woman dreamed and met for
to share your fate with me!

I hope as I remember you
Keep always the yellow ribbon
For this lasting remembrance lives
In every hearts we adore
For your beauty may last for years
With our struggle together end free
To live with hope with each other
To end the decade of misery

To my love

What you gave me is a marvelous gift
A gift out of sacrifices and anything
That made me amaze out of your sympathy

You came to me first as my inspiration
But then through days, weeks, months, years
We've been together
You accept me
You give me much imagination
That makes me feel as happy

Through your beauty and your friendsliness
As well as your tender loving kisses
And admirable appearances
You set me fourth the light to redeem me from darkness

And through you,
From these days of happiness we have
I'm likely to tell the truth
That in times of glad or sadness
You are here and so am I
And to say to you that:
I love you.

The girls of Smyrna

The girls of Smyrna are so pretty nice
When I see at them seduction arise
Till my eyes turned red in blood till it bled
As I stare at them List'ning in the band

The girls of Smyrna are so pretty nice
Seductive beauty like mixed sugar and spice
Sweet as candies, cakes, and turkish delight
Beautiful like jewels shining in the eastern night

The girls of Smyrna are so enchanting
Like red roses blooming in midnight rising
Roses in deep red the colour of blood
Blood of martyrs fallen in the soil once trod

Seductive and enchanting when I once always see
Like spice doused in fire burning fourth upon me
Tis' the girl from Smyrna thus inspire me
Such a virgin on fire as my own eyes now bleed

Just like the serene town this girl once lived
Her serene beauty and love set bliss upon to me
Madness swept away as you gave calm to me
As I myself feel that end me astonished

Even life's a madness ends so easily
That love, like a rose blooming in midnight's bliss
You o beloved one you gave real hope to me
Someday you'll be written in life's history

Mai Moldero-The screamo of my soul

Your looks reminds of the Girl I seldom drew
Through the Eyes I often see that makes me hypnotized pure
As your seduction rises me through the features makes me ablaze
As well as the dance you have made I feel so amaze
But through this Peice I have made it reminds me of you
And with the sound guitars strumming, drums drumming, and shrieks of people through
And I knew someday you'll hear it and what it refers to
It is you Mai Moldero-You the screamo of my soul.

Inside your seduction, I feel your emotion
So deeply sad, so deeply bad, out of humiliation
A shot of Absinthe can forget it through
But a sound inside your mind can recall you
Through this song or not, your emotions can release through
Like fire that can penetrate your heart pure
For you don't know, You are the song
Made for you Mai Moldero-you the screamo of my soul

I know you can't accept it for can't be true
I know it can be hard to explain it for it is you can't hear it through
For your sound you like can be RnB
I don't think so For you are Emo just like me
But inside your broken heart the song likes it through
Can be too little, too much that can be Insecure
Out of being desperate, likely to listen to this song
Or likely to do nothing-or to die to end up all
(Or likely to do suicide, out of problems after all)

O you Mai-I know you may kept on cry
For your heart is broken, and likely to die
Through this song I have sung, Likely to say it as true
You may Scream as the song scream you
Out of People that scream full
For you Mai this song, It is for you and I can't Carry it along
And someday you'll accept it- through this painstaking song
For it is you Mai moldero-you the screamo of my soul
For it is you Mai Moldero-you the screamo of my soul


Majestic woman living under the Neva
Divine godess you've bring hope in my heart
Serene in it's majestic besuty
As the cold nights gives passion and strength

So beautiful, event he hardest years
You could withstand all storms and winds
So majestic, immortal like Russia
Come on, to me, into my heart alone

My Luisa, remain eternally young
You may arise the coming day
So majestic, immortal Luisa
It's an honour to share with your fate!


I've been dreaming of you, Just like hell
O my beautiful charmel
just like a succubus sent to me
Bringing my soul to insanity
Like a quillrose soaked in red ink
While I'm writing and I'm think

Then my mind explode and my soul fled
Just like the devil had fled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!

I've been dreaming of you when I see you in red
Then my eyes turned red till it bled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!

Maiden of the pen, Knight of the sword
Oh my Serene Charmel
Like an Angel whom risen in nights
Inspiring men to beat the enemy
Like a Coffee mixed in sweet milk
Then toast drink to victory

Then our minds arouse as you see thee
Inspiring us to lead
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!

I've been dreaming of you when I see you in red
Then my eyes turned red till it bled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!

The song of Paul Srece to Charmel

I have wandered a lot around the world,
I have lived in dugouts, in trenches, and in taiga,
I was buried alive twice in my life,
I have suffered parting, I’ve loved and grieved.
But then someone from heaven appeared to me
And through her I am redeemed:
I thank you O Blood of Berglend!
Heiliges quillrose O my love!

I have loved you as You came to me,
And we cherish together as one,
I love your looks and your style,
And the kindness that makes me arise.
I am always be with you
Only you and nevermore,
I thank you O Blood of Berglend!
Heiliges quillrose O my love!

We will remember that severe autumn,
We will remember the days we have seen,
And the days that god's our wittness
that our love lives forevermore.
Till we die someone remember us,
With roses placed in our graves,
I thank you O Blood of Berglend!
Heiliges quillrose O my love!

Years will Passed and nearly forgotten
But with you I am still remain
Roses bloom in midst of night
As your heart is pure unstained
I will eternally be proud out of you,
Your glory in the centuries will live:
I thank you O Blood of Berglend!
Heiliges quillrose O my love!

(song of berglend)

Spanish heavens spread their brilliant starlight
High above our trenches in the plain
In the morning a woman comes to greet us
Bringing goodies and exchanged her with a kiss

Far off is our home (our home)
Yet ready we stand (we stand)
We’re fighting and winning for you (for Berglend)

That woman is such a beauty
That reminds of a woman in TV
But she’s better that i have seen
Ever since i met her on the green

She gave me a custard cake and i eat it
Then she gave me water for a drink
Then i and the girl likely to talk till
Im deeply charmed with her look then

And i said "i’ll not yield a foot to our enemies
Even though the bullets fall like sleet
With i stand those peerles men my comrades
And for us there can be no retreat"

As she left the field now comes the distress,
The bastards now comes to the fight.
Only machine guns stood cut their lives then,
But in our side some are killed and left.

In the midday enemy planes were bombing,
Some of us were killed and bombed our sides.
But the days of theme came to their end,
When our guns pointed to them fire and dead.

Deeply saddened when i saw the fallen
Some are wounded and some are unbreathe
For the enemy’s likely to kill us
But on our side we’re likely to kill them

As i saw the woman that i have met,
Carried her rifle and bayonet.
And i talked to her and said "do not die",
But she said "i will join the fight".

When the howitzer strikes to the dark side
I felt that our revenge will destroy them
While the girl load her rifle with bullet
To snipe and to shot the enemy

But the enemy’s wrath still unfallen,
When their blood flows to our trenches and
Even our guns kept on killing them
Likely to spare half of their men

And as I stare at her with such beauty
This would be the last days to be seen
For the charge hath already been risen
And either me or her will fell in end

Raise the trumpet! raise the bayonets!
Forward march Victory’s come
Im with her now brandished the rifle

*Based on the Song 'Die Thalmann Kolonne' by Ernst Busch, translated in English then I create some additional verses to the original three verse song.

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