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(Realismus) Partisan Katleah

Partisan Katleah

Long after the famed martyrdom of Albert Harris (also known as the University incident), many people woke up from its long sleep of oppression; as more and more of their kind, disregarding their class and enlightened by their sympathies for the oppressed, hath joined into the Marxist Leninist Peoples Liberation Army-Red Spear Group.

At that time,
There was a girl, that girl was renounced for her beauty and grace, especially in singing songs from her heart; but despite what she've carried, she experienced the oppression being created in her community;
and thus,
this is her story,
The story of Katleah Tostensson, the Partisan.


It was a dark cold night when Katleah Tostensson went out of the classroom, going to her locker in the corridor to get her things inside it; upon getting her things out, she heard noises, noises of people in the corridor; shouting slogans for social justice and national liberation and at the same time posting posters in every wall and door of the rooms with man with an AK-47 in it; and others were people in a tableau formation, carrying pen, book and others carrying guns looking forward to the militant struggle.

There Katleah immediately closed the door of her locker and stared at the people marching and shouting slogans along the corridor, and at the same time, she stared at the poster in the wall and read:
followed by another poster and says:

And as she read every poster being posted in every corridor, she felt the agitation inside her mind, and thus she followed the students marching and joined with them in their call of struggle.


Upon joining with the progressive students, a young, male student leader sought and met her:
"Hello, who are you?"
"Me?" Katleah said. "I am Katleah Tostensson, and you?"
And the young man announced himself:
"I am Anatoly Simoun, and what makes you join here?"
"Well..." Katleah said. "I've just look at the posters, as well as I hear the voices of yours and other groups; and lastly,"
"What?" Anatoly said. "Tell me."
And Katleah replied:
"I want to join in your group."
"Really?" Anatoly said. "Sure! Join with us!"

And Katleah found a new friend and joined his group, there they simply watched at speeches of student leaders, listening and singing to various progressive songs, and shouted slogans in the quadrangle; as well as reading some leaflets given to her by some of her new comrades in the assembly.

After an hour of listening the agitation and reading propaganda, Katleah then accepted it and spoke to Anatoly:
"Its good to hear about the words regarding the social situation here."
"Well..." Anatoly said. "These words they've spoken are out of experiences, of what they've seen, regardless of their class, like you, who belonged to a privileged one."
Then Katleah simply nod and said:
"I, despite of my class, is willing to join into the struggle, and thus I will do whatever means just to support this battle against the unending exploitation the majority experienced."
"Its good that you've understand about it." Anatloly said. "Like Frederich Engels, he's a rich person, but he contributed to the socialist cause."
"Then I will do the same what Engels did." Katleah said. "By cooperating with the people who supported this unending cause."
Along with a hand gesture, for a handshake, and Anatoly replied:
Along with a hand gesture, leading to a handshake.


The next day,
Katleah, upon entering her first class, was blocked by her three friends on her way; there one of them, whose name is Eszett, asked her:
"I heard that you are joining them huh?"
"Why?" Katleah said. "Is there anything wrong in joining in a progressive group like Anatoly Simoun?"
"Yes." Eszett said. "For you don't join with us and instead joining with these lowlives!"
"Perhaps you don't know about them." Katleah said. " You don't even know about their plight, and their struggle against my class!"
Eszett was shocked upon hearing what Katleah said. And Katleah added:
"I, although I belong to the same status as yours, does not mean that I need to remain in your position, you may consider me as your friend, but I don't consider myself as your slave!"
Then she passed away from the three, leading to her room and to her first class.

While studying, and listening to her professor's lecture about social consciousness, Katleah was writing something about it, and it says:
"Freedom will achieve with the use of popular struggle, and that struggle is protracted, both armed and peaceful means coordinated..."
Upon writing it, her professor sought her and said:
"Tostensson, what are you writing in your notebook?"
"Um..." Katleah said. "Nothing, just about the lecture."
The professor simply nod and continued his lecture while Katleah continued writing her work. Now it says:
"According to Kim Il-Sung's Ten-Point Programme Of The Great Unity Of The Whole Nation For The Reunification Of The Country, one of which stated that 'Unity should be based on patriotism and the spirit of national independence.' and that Patriotism, however is not just patriotism similar to the bourgeoisie, but of the working class, in which they are the majority, and thus their call, and action regarding it is more realistic over the bourgeois' patriotism situated on pen and paper... Just like the struggle of North Korea, of China, of the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Cuba, all of these examples are out of working class patriotism that leads to socialism."

After her class, Katleah, like most of her classmates, went out of her room and immediately went to the place where Anatoly stayed. There she simply greeted him with hello, giving her work and said:
"Anatoly, here's my work."
Anatoly, upon looking at it, then replied:
"Well... May I look at it?"
"Sure!" Katleah said.
There Anatoly read Katleah's work, analyzed it one by one, and said:
"Your work seemed too radical, but it shows that you are more into social and political issues."
"Yup." Katleah said. "Well... my course is journalism, and thus being a journalist involves getting to know the issues of the society."
Anatoly then smiled and said:
"That's good, by the way, are you a wide reader? It seemed that you read books from Kim Il-Sung if im not mistaken."
"In fact," Katleah said. "One of my relatives is a political exile in North Korea, and he often bring gifts of books to me at that time."
"Really?" Anatoly said.
"Yup!" Katleah said.
"Well..." Anatoly said. "If you want other books, I will give you some of my books, written by Marx, Lenin, and Mao."
Katleah, upon hearing it, then said:
"Really? You will give me books?"
"Ya." Anatoly said.

And thus,
Katleah broke herself from the bourgeois life and started organizing her own self, from reading books given to her by Anatoly to the actions she made in the campus, organizing the upper strata of the society as she could, and despite being criticized, likely for her to continue what the books said:


While at her home, Katleah, writing, heard something through the window.She heard people shouting slogans and marching in the street carrying flags and plackards bearing messages in it. There she immediately went out from her home and looked at them directly from the gates, there the protesters, looking at her, calling for support as they could; and Katleah, as she looked at them, immediately gave them food and drink from the kitchen, as well as money from her account; in order to provide support as possible for the militant cause.

But the protesters, as they sought a rich maiden supporting them, immediately called her:
"Miss! Miss! Join with us instead!"
Katleah, as she heard their call, then respond by joining the march after giving them much food and drink.
The protesters, upon seeing her joining, then greeted her with respect:
"Good day miss, thanks for supporting with us!"
"No need to say thanks." Katleah said. "For I am willing to help with you as I could."
Then one of the protesters said:
"How come you are supporting with us? You live in a first class village!"
"I do belong to a privileged class." Katleah said. "But my heart and my will wanted me to be here, to join with the struggle, I am willing to sacrifice anything in order to gain this struggle a total victory."
The protester, upon hearing what Katleah said. Then replied:
"Well... Its rare to have a rich ally in this struggle. A serious one rather."

Then, after a minute of greeting, a protester then shouted a call against the policemen, standing in front of them:
"We are now facing the traitorous people to be known as the policemen, and they are ready to beat us for they are scared of being shouted by us, militants in this place, and being criticized for they are known for protecting the system known for being oppressive and rotten..."
And more of them, upon hearing what the speaker said, then replied:
"We are ready to be beaten! We are willing to fight against them!"

And they immediately marched through, preparing and trying to press themselves against the riot police in order to enter the government buildings.


And as they marched through, the riot police then prepared their shields, batons, as well as water cannons in order to destroy the marching masses; Katleah, as she joined with them, became more and more agitated as she faced the riot police along with other militants in the street.

After walking, the people then sung the song before pressing themselves and beaten:

"Almighty father, redeem our nation
From chains we are feeling, and folds eyes bind
Spread thy golden beams of your glory
Over the nation ridden and no hope

Give us help in our everyday work
For peace, land, just and bread for our nation
Give us help in our redemption
From shackles we carry and humiliation

Let blood soaked banners be seen by the peoples
As we face the canes and shields of our oppressors
We are willing to be beaten and shout:
"Destroy the reaction redeem our nation!"

After singing it, one militant shouted:
"Dare to struggle!"
Then all replied:
"Have no fear!"
All shouted "Dare to struggle! Have no fear!" as they, with their hands liked, pressed themselves and shouting towards the riot police as they could, Katleah also joined with the fray as she, with the people pressed themselves in order to enter despite being beaten by the riot police in the middle of the path; there many of them were suffered with injuries given by the beatings, only to be replied with molotov and pillbox bomb throwings from other militants as well as bringing with canes and clubs in order to respond from the beats of the filth (as what the people used to call the police).

Like a tremendous brawl, many people, with their sheer strength, tried to break the entire bloc of riot policemen by throwing stones, oil bombs as well as beating them with canes and clubs. There Katleah, as she continued taunting and beating policemen with clubs, felt the pain as one riot policeman beat her on the arm, same as the other ones in trying to break them off from its path.
But as they tried to break, some of the policemen immediately went to the fire truck and offered them a blast from the fire hose. Many of them again felt the pain from its blast coming from its hose being opened by the policemen from its fire truck; and yet all continue to penetrate as they could, setting molotov bombs and immediately thrown away in order to inflict damage amongst the filth. Katleah, as well as the others immediately break through and given Molotov bombs to be thrown; there Katleah immediately lit the fuse of the bomb she carried and thrown directly towards the struggling policemen.

The riots continue to intensify as more and more wounded immediately sent to the hospitals near the incident, some immediately ran towards Katleah's place where they were given rest and support by herself; and on that event, blood shed continues to flow in the streets same as fire from the oil coming from the remains of the molotov bombs, and so were the rest of the people, who hath break off the lines of the policemen, and at the same time carried off the fire truck away from its users. Leading the rest of the protesters to its destination.


A day after the event, the government immediately declared a state of Emergency. There the military immediately mobilized and arrested most of the people involved in the so-called "Popular moblization" happened yesterday. At that time, many people involved, upon hearing the continous arrests by the military, joined the ranks of the Red Spear Group of Elsa Harris.

Katleah, upon hearing news regarding the situation in her room, tried to think about getting underground or lie low about her involvement in the yesterday's protests. There she tried to think and think until she called Anatoly instead about the situation.

Anatoly, still in his house, answered the call and asked:
"What makes you call here Katleah?"
"Me?" Katleah said. "I don't know."
"No need to worry about it Kat." Anatoly said. "Just tell me:"
"Well..." Katleah said. "I think that I am nearly involved in this crisis."
"Why?" Anatoly said.
And Katleah replied:
"I supported the people in their protest yesterday, and it was very enjoying."
"Good." Anatoly said.
"But..." Katleah said. "It seemed that the government today is capturing anything involved in our action made yesterday, so what shall I do?"
"You have the decision." Anatoly said.
"How about you?" Katleah said.
And Anatoly replied:
"I will join the underground, and take up arms against the oppressor. How about you?"
"Well..." Katleah said. "I need to think about this matter."

On the next day,
As Katleah went to her class, she sought nothing around as if like a newly cleaned building, without any poster or any "subversive" propaganda around it. And instead, she sought newly coated paint, and even same people around walking. At that same time, Katleah's classmate, Eszett, called her in the corridor, there the maiden simply approached and said:
"Is there anything?"
"Ya." Eszett said. "Im just asking if you are fine after a day's event."
And Katleah replied:
"Me? Ya."
"How come you are saying it proudly?" Eszett said. "Despite the succeeding events happened after?"
"You may have life around you." Katleah said. "But I chose them who are fighting for social justice."
And Eszett replied:
"How you say so? You belong to a rich family and you need to get contented in it!"
"I may belong to a rich family." Katleah said. "However, our wealth comes from the sweat of the people who are really deserve to have. Is there anything wrong about it? Of being disenfranchised that led them to unrest?"
Eszett slightly shocked upon hearing her classmate's reply, and she replied:
"Seems that you are changed Kat. I thought you are still an elite as what our classmates expect."

During her class, Katleah, while listening to the lecture of her history professor, simply recalled the riots she've participated, and upon listening, she raised her hand. The professor simply sought her raising and called:
"Tostensson? Is there anything to say in related to our lecture?"
"Ya." Katleah said. "Your lecture about the Paris Commune reminds of the recent riots here."
"How?" The professor said.
"The riots." Katleah said. "The oil bombs, the attacks, the attempt to capture state power, and the masses particularly the workers and the peasants."
"What makes you say so about it Miss Tostensson?" The professor said. "Did you participate?"
Katleah, upon hearing what her professor said, didn't speak and instead she sat. However, the professor also agreed what Katleah said the connection of the recent protests to the Paris Commune. And he said:
"In fact, Miss Tostensson's statement is true. The events during the recent protests bear some similarities with the Paris Commune and even the Revolution of 1830 in France that toppled the July Monarchy of King Louis Philippe. Many people were angry due to the unfair government practises and even the increase on basic commodities at that time."
Katleah was simply studying in her desk as her professor said about it. Then the professor again called her:
"Miss Tostensson, thanks for some information."


After the class, Katleah, now studying in the library, was approached by that same professor and said:
"Seems that you are a militant don't you?"
"Yes I am." Katleah said. "What makes you ask about it?"
"Well," The professor said. "Just quite curious, especially regarding what you've spoken about."
"Hm...." Katleah said. "Me too. I thought you will get an offensive remark from what am I saying."
The professor simply laughed a bit then replied:
"Don't worry, but try to lessen slightly your stances."
"Why?" Katleah said.
"Remember yesterday?" The professor said.
"Ah..." Katleah said. "Ok."
Then the professor approached closer and whispered into her ear:
"In fact, I am a member of the underground. Just don't say it to others."
Katleah simply nod on what the professor said to her, then the professor left away, leaving the girl knowing clearly about a new friend in the struggle.

As Katleah continued studying her work, someone knocked on the door three times, there the maiden immediately went to open, and thus, she met Anatoly and said:
"Anatoly? Is there anything? Come in!"
Then Anatoly immediately came forth inside and Katleah closed the door, same as the windows.

While inside, Anatoly simply embraced Katleah and said:
"I'm sorry for unexpectedly entering your house."
"Why do you know about my place anyway?" Katleah said.
"remember? You gave me your address?" Anatoly said.
"Ah..." Katleah said. "Ok, so how are you? And the rest?"
Then Anatoly replied:
"Me? I'm ok, same as the rest, trying to stockpile firearms and other supplies for an attack. How about you?"
"Well..." Katleah said. "Trying to organize inside the campus despite the state of emergency and stricter controls inside the university."
Anatoly simply nod then said:
"Any plans of joining the underground?"
"Hm..." Katleah said. "I'm also thinking about it, but I am also trying to create another batch as possible, by the way, you know about professor Alexandr Bulganin?"
"Alexandr Bulganin, professor of history?" Anatoly said. "Ya, why are you asking about him?"
"He said that he's also a member of the underground. But I'm quite doubting about him."
"In fact." Anatoly said. "Professor Bulganin had organized some faculty members inside. And he's also being send by the underground also to support us."
"Good." Katleah said. "Do you have something? Bag?"
"Nope." Anatoly said. "Except a revolver and some bullets inside my jacket. How about you? You have a typewriter?"
"Yes." Katleah said. "Why?"
Anatoly didn't speak and instead lied on a sofa for a rest, then said:
"Well, quite tiring after a long walk to evade the police; for now I'll try to get some rest Kat."
Katleah simply nod on what Anatoly said, and replied:

The next day,
Katleah bought some papers and some typewriter ribbon for her work. There Anatoly sought her and said:
"So are you now trying to create some propaganda work?"
"Ya." Katleah said. "And perhaps you will help me work for it."
"Sure!" Anatoly said. "I'll help you give ideas and even proofread for it."
Then the two started to create 'subversive' writeups, targeting the rotten system and its tactics, actions against the people during the emergency. There Katleah typed every event and actions direct against the masses, particularly the students fighting against the increase in tution and exorbitant fees, of campus repression as well as calling the people to follow the path of Albert Harris whose sacrifice against the reactionaries and its cohorts revived the struggle. There it says:

"People are now greatly affected by the events allegedly made by the rotten system. It involves wage slavery, slave labor, increase in prices and fees, and other countless oppression that makes every people, particularly the worker and the peasant launguish in total poverty.

They may have produced food and supplies all the time, working overnight both in farm and in the factory; sowing, plowing field or using every machinery to hasten production. But then, they end up having given low salary or little produce by both landlord and the comprador bourgeoisie, worst is that they need to pay much of exorbitant debts from factory, farm, and even school that contradicts what oppressors gave to them. Less salaries, cheap labor, heavy debts made us feel as if in cold chains! How come this country called prosperous as more and more people remained like that? How deeply sad in their state trying hard but end up none.

Is this what they call "a better tomorrow"? Of maintaining the rotten system within the facade of popular democracy and the rule of law? Maintained by various oppressive laws to the excessive suspension of Habeas Corpus? These people tried to curb us, but then more and more people will rise forth and join hand-in-hand in destroying the oppressor!"

Anatoly, upon seeing Katleah's work, then said to her:
"Seems that your work is good, but I'll try add some."
"Yes you may." Katleah said.
And Anatoly started to create another work:

"Remember Albert Harris!

We remember him first as a man who committed suicide by exploding himself in the school campus after a heavy fight against the dreaded members of the system and his cohorts. But this man showed how important the struggle of the masses is, despite being a middle class citizen of this country.

At first he's been despised by many despite having good grades just because he supported the masses and its struggles, secondly he's also been discriminated just because his radical ideas infuriate his classmates whose ideas were inclined to the ways of their parents; but then he and some of his friends radicalized the ranks of the studentry, forming a greater unity that destroyed the dominance of the few not just in education but on the society as well.

But as more and more joined in his ranks, they accused him and being expelled out of a crime he didn't made, as well as evading arrests made by the state against him; only to further radicalize himself and the rest that pave way to the start of a greater struggle.

Perhaps most of us knew him well.
Some praised him while others despised him for being different,
For being radical and not as theirs;
For being a proletarianized bourgeois than of a mere petit bourgeois,
For being rebellious against the rotten system than of obeying;
And lastly,
For leading in an armed struggle that paved way to another battle.

His sacrifice is his call to us to join in the revolution. Join hand-in-hand! Join with the workers and peasants to destroy the menacing oppression laid against us by the rotten system of the state-society!


After creating these two writeups, Anatoly then stood up and asked Katleah:
"Do you have a mimeograph or something?"
"Nope." Katleah said. "But..."
"No need to say something." Anatoly said. "But I got an idea."

Then Anatoly went out for awhile, carrying an envelope wherein the typed papers are inside. Walking to a printing shop owned by an ally, and with some permission as well as a good sum as payment, the papers were reproduced much and then kept in a bag. Anatoly then gave thanks to his owner-friend and immediately went back to Katleah's place carrying the leaflets featuring the writeups.

And as Katleah sought him then said:
"Seems that you produced more of our writeups."
Then she read a copy and said:
"Nicely reproduced to be read."
"Ya." Anatoly said. "And with some of our allies they'll distribute it in every place around the city. This will be another start for the resistance."
Katleah then nod and said:
"Well... I have enough money and ideas to support the struggle."
And as she quickly take some from her wallet, she gave it to Anatoly and said:
"Here, take it. Take it as my pledge."
"Thanks." Anatoly said. "Thanks for being a good ally."
And Katleah replied:
"Always welcome."
Along with a smile.
And Anatoly bid goodbye to her, returning to the headquarters where some of the resistance members stayed, and the leaflets were immediately sent to some allies wherein distributed in every corner of the city. Leaflet by leaflet, people read every writeup made, trying to know every truth behind the system while others? Simply crumpled it and throw it away like a stone.


Three weeks later,
The growth of student power increases as more and more events arise. There most of the students were organized by Katleah and other activists, and at the same time rallies and walkouts erupted amongst the workers and the students in and other cities around the country; and despite the "emergency" wherein the police and the military were mobilized much, the working masses tried so hard in evading, just like the ones in the underground.

Katleah, while walking in the corridor of her school, sought a different setting. This time she sought some students becoming radical courtesy of the people who trid much in organizing around, while others tend to act like them. She seemed trying to recall the days wherein she became a radical same as theirs, and even thinking that more and more of them are as if ripe for an uprising around, and thus she asked one of them nicely:
"So how's the leaflet?"
"Hm... I tried to understand what's been saying." One student said.
While the other student said:
"Seems that it tackles much about the society in a negative but true manner."
And another one said:
"Good for the school paper."
Then Katleah, upon hearing what these three students said, then replied:
"In fact, the leaflets you've read are coming from factual sources; of people who faced much oppression made by the system and its cohorts, worst is that they fooled the rest simply by bragging that the country is prosperous while in fact it is not; we may be trying not to be affected by these, but due to the events and tragedies we are fated to be affected."
The three students simply nod, and one of them said:
"Well... its good that you state what comes from you. In fact, I was really affected in the province during the great famine wherein many people are starving; I belong to a rich gentry, but I tried much in giving some food to them. However I end up reprimanded much by my parents for doing a good work."
"Seems that your parents are disregarding reality." Katleah said. "Worse is that they are trying to defend a backward society. But despite of that, you heard the cries of the people just to give them even a mouthful of food."
Then another student, upon hearing it, then said:
"But still, he disobeyed the rule of his parents! And the peasants? Why not they must toil of the time to prevent that famine?"
Then Katleah, upon hearing what the other student said, then replied:
"How come he disobeyed a rule out of a need for support? He may be rich like us, but not all things will end up staying with him, you or rest of us around; the peasantry supported us, and thus, we need to return what is theirs!"
That student felt the thrust after hearing the girl's words, however, he tried to be arrogant, but only to end up said:
"Perhaps I misjudged him and misunderstood the people, sorry for what I have said."

But during her class, most of her classmates are mixed emotions in reading the leaflet while some simply crumpling and throwing it away. The professor, carrying the leaflet, simply read then said:
"This leaflet is an act of subversion! How come it reaches the classroom?"
Katleah, upon hearing it, then rose up from the desk and said:
"How come you call it an act of subversion since you don't analyze the society well? Isn't it right to call a person opposing the rotten society a subversive? And if that leaflet is subversive, then what basis?"
Then the professor said:
"It is subversive because, that writeup attacks the government, the people, the tradition as well as the country itself in a badly manner!"
Katleah, upon hearing what the professor said, then replied:
"Subversive? Attacks the government in a badly manner? What basis?"
Then the professor said:
"That writeup supported the terrorist Albert Harris!"
"Is that all?" Katleah said. "Only Albert Harris himself? Perhaps you simply judged him as a terrorist but you don't know what's the cause that lead him to be against the rotten system!"
The professor was quite shocked upon hearing what Katleah said, then replied:
"Seems that you are supporting with them miss Tostensson, but you are a rich woman! Why not just sit down and content with your wealth? They're just subversives and maggots that tried much in destroying the order of things!"
Then Katleah said:
"I am supporting with them, and despite belonging to a privileged gentry, I am willing to serve the majority faithfully-simply by advocating a society in each according to its work and according to its deed! Those people what you called Maggots and subversives are just doing their job just to destroy the rotten system that oppresses the poor majority!"
The professor then replied:
"But still, their actions are against the system! Why not they just put it on the paper and gave it to the assemblyman? Perhaps the parliament will create something beneficial to the rest."
"How?" Katleah said. "Bread and circuses? Band aid solutions? You don't know about them professor."


After the class,
Katleah was applaused by some of her classmates as well as other students around, greeting her with the words "Jai Katleah", "Ulrike" and "Socialism not Barbarism", she then respond by clapping and with a hand signal indicating "stop", and walked towards the teacher's table and spoke:
"Don't be aftaid on what these people told about the coming struggle of the people against the rotten system and its cohorts! These people underestimated us, and yet they can't withstand the anger coming from the people whose cries of sorrow becomes shouts of anger! These people are just acting extravagant, powerful and strong; but then inside they are weak, insecure and coward. All of us must expose their stupidity and criticize them severely."
Then one of her classmates said:
"Then how can we expose them?"
"Remember those professors who used to oppose us? Who disagrees with our ideas?" Katleah said. "These people somehow tried much in curbing the growing power of the youth, worst is that tehy agrees with the rotten policies both the institution and the system. These people are also running after money, of fame and even power. They underestimate us, but they didn't notice the growth of dissent that is against them."
"How about the increase in tuition and other exorbitant fees?" Another student asked.
"This school was and is known to be a 'poor and rich man's university'" Katleah said. "And most of the students studying here, despite wearing formal attire, are middle to lower classes. They studied very well, but they paid bigger fees and most of it were exorbitant; and thus, we must oppose it too-for education was and is, a right than a previledge!"
Then the students clapped after hearing what the maiden said, and Katleah spoke another word to them:
"Perhaps, it's the time to get red, remember the phrase tomorrow begins if the east is red? Perhaps today, in this room we must swore to our people, both living and dead and we must affirm that the struggle we faced is protracted."

Then she raised the left fist and started swearing, same as the people who joined with her:
The Oath

I hereby swore to the motherland,
Now oppressed and avenging
To my comrades as witnesses be
My faithful allegiance to them
sole and indivisible

I swore that I'll not use my power entrusted
For Oppression wanted
I swore only to defend
Till the last tear of blood flows
and end up as carcass

I swore to my comrades, my friends, and my family
That someday hope will fullfill
I swear that I'll give up my life
As a sacrifice to thy sacred cause
and honor wanted to have

And so is my last breath
That I shall hate the Enemy
Who molested my community
And includes me

And through your call
I came upon to join in
Even life is my money
and so is my blood to be

And end up as Martyrs
Unknown and missing as I
Considered as Legendary figures
Written by Fate and History

And so this my solemn Oath
I am bound to be

Most of the students swore like partisans as Katleah said every word of it. And after swearing, Katleah then said:
"From now on, all of us are now sworn to become members of the red brigade, and we will arouse, organize, and mobilize people for revolutionary victory; and like the ones in the past, for sure we will make it greater."
Then the newly indoctrinated students clapped and one of them said:
"So when will we start?"
"Now!" Katleah said.
And they marched outside, and most of them shouting "Dare to struggle, have no fear!" and "Socialism not Barbarism!" in its path. Classes were marred by noises, some students joined the fray; others started to oppose and even called the guards to stop them.

At the same time,
Outside the school, another protest started. And despite the restrictions made by the "emergency", more and more protesters marched forth; this time carrying makeshift shields, canes and wearing plastic helmets while others were carrying stones and molotov bombs. Anatoly, also participating the event, immediately went to the school with some of his comrades and they sought Katleah speaking in the quadrangle along the rest of the newly-created "red brigade." There his friend spoke to Anatoly:
"Seems that your comrade spoke militantly like us."
"Ya." Anatoly said. "She's even a good singer and a student."
Then as they sought guards coming to quell the students, Katleah then said:
"Today, the guards and other reactionaries are trying to subdue us, we must defend the struggle at all cost!"
And the members of the brigade immediately linked their hands while others grabbed the chairs and tables to create barricades; Anatoly then immediately approached Katleah and said:
"Kat, what's going on?"
"Now?" Katleah said. "I created another batch of comrades, as well as some immediately joined with us. How about you?"
"Me?" Anatoly said. "I and my friends were from a protest, its good that another event erupted today."
Katleah smiled and said:
"Why not help us defend against them? Perhaps we will create a revolutionary commune in this university, and we may contact with the underground too."
"Yes we will." Anatoly said. "Me and the rest of the group are willing to give them support, as possible we will call the others to join."
"Thanks." Katleah said.

And as the guards started to attack the protesters, Katleah immediately stood and commanded the others:
"Comrades, defend the barricade with bats and stones!"
Then the rest immediately brandished bats, canes and stones coming from every corner, and some went out via the window just to get anything as a makeshift weapon-even trying to grab guns and ammunition illegaly from the ROTC arsenal; Anatoly and his men went to the front along with the rest of the protesters to deal with the guards and trying to respond against the action the guards unleahed upon them. Anything around again becomes a greater mess, and this time with blood and iron!


Brawls were intensified as Katleah and the rest unleashed greater fury against the reaction. Supported by various fraternities through the frat council, fratmen immediately beat some of the guards and grabbed their guns and ammo belts coming from them; others went to the laboratories to create bombs out of chemicals being seen, and some professors and staff allied to the struggle have also joined in the tasks of creating and supporting the revolutionary framework of the commune, same as in defending every barricade against the guards and the coming police.

As the guards and the police continue to "restore order" through ceaseless beating and arrest, fistfights erupted more-some students fired guns against them, others threw bombs in the corridor, every part of the school became a battlefield as ever, some students and faculty members who are apolitical tried much in going out and even calling their friends not to join with the "insurgents" and "anarchists" as they say, but they end up nothing happened as some of their friends were defending the barricades against the reaction! And instead, they simply left the building as hard as they could, and even packed much of their things to escape what they've seen an eyesore.

The Next day,
Many of the students were wounded as fistfights and various brawls were intensified within the campus. Katleah, as she sought the guards and the police approaching, lit an oil bomb and threwn directly against them; other protesters were doing their best in defending every barricade, every room, every building against the guards and even the policemen advancing both against the ones in the university and in the road. Meanwhile, protesters outside immediately went to the campus premises as Katleah, through the university's radio made a solidarity message with the protesters outside:
We, the students of this institution are recognizing the actions made by the working people against the enemy. And despite their "declaration of emergency", we continue to be defiant against them. From paper to the bullet, from pen to the rifle, we will never surrender!"
Katleah's voice were heard in every speaker around the campus and its surroundings.There, many of the protesters, upon entering, tried much in opening the doors while others continue resisting against the policemen by throwing stones and melee. The guards were even unexpectedly surprised as the protesters coming from outside marched towards the campus; Anatoly, upon seeing them through the window, immediately approached Katleah and said:
"Kat, your voice reached the ears of the rest."
"Why?" Katleah said.
"My friends immediately went here unexpectedly." Anatoly said. "And perhaps, we created a base out of this campus."
Katleah smiled and said:
"Well... this is our task, to create more mass bases, of support bases, and revolutionaries."
And Katleah played the "Anthem of the Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army" in the player, playing the sounds of support and struggle as the protesters are becoming volunteers to support the students, faculty, and staff, including the urban poor within the campus to resist the reactionaries, turning the entire campus a "territory of the revolution".

The owners of the university tried much in returning anything under their control, at first they sent a representative to the communards for a "cease fire" and some "talks" regarding the crisis, but Katleah said:
"We hardly disagree what your bosses being said to us."
"How about a compromise?" The representative said. "Will you accept?"
"Compromise?" Katleah said. "We don't believe in such compromises from the enemy, worse is that your boss' message are too sugar coated."
"Sugar coated?" The representative said. "What makes the message sugar coated?"
"All of us will be expelled." Katleah said. "For we created what your boss called it a 'mess'."
"True." The representative said.
"True?" Katleah said. "So you accept the fact? How dumb your boss is, he sent you just to say that thing? I expect that, and thus we disagree."
"Disagree?" The representative said. "Why?"
"We disagree your boss due to his anti-student and anti-people actions, from increasing fees to increasing campus repression. All of these made us force to do so, and thus it will never be erased in the history of this institution!"
Then Anatoly asked the representative:
"Any words coming from your boss?"
"Nothing...nothing..." The representative said.
Then he left away, leaving Katleah, Anatoly, and some members of the commune in the conference hall. Katleah immediately went to the radio station, again to speak:
Today, one of the representatives coming from the reactionaries went here just to create a compromise and to capitulate us from their side, seems that these people are desparate in seeing more and more radical in their once called institution of theirs.
Out of this desparate action made by the reaction, we must remain vigilant and continue resisting against them, remember that there are two worlds colling: the world of the oppressor and of the oppressed!"

Then she immediately played the Internationale in the player, there the students and other militants hath stood up and raised their left fists on high, singing the hymn while some continued to man over the barricades and garrisons over the campus against further attacks from the reaction, especially from the guards and the policemen.

The next day,
Katleah, through the university's radio, immediately called forth the rest to stay in their defenses, and declared the revolutionary commune around the campus:
"We, after a long discussion, are now declaring this entire campus a territory of the people, from this day forward, the revolutionary commune hath been created."
And the students, upon hearing her voice in the radio, felt a sense of emancipation as the university became a commune. Katleah even said further the programs and actions:
"No.1 Tuition fees will be slashed, and exorbitant fees will be returned back to the studentry or be contributed to the struggle.
No.2 The commune will be opened to the people, progressive members of the struggle will be declared allies of the commune against the reactionary system led by the government, the army and its cohorts involved in oppressing the masses.
No.3 The University will be controlled by a collective consists of progressive-leaning students, faculty, staff, as well as from the urban poor communities around the campus whose objective is to run the affairs within the commune. The reactionary owners of this institution henceforth not to be recognized.
No.4 The Commune will support the plans of the revolution, from mobilizing the studentry, faculty and staff to support in massive construction of the state under the dictatorship of the proletariat.
No.5 The Commune will have its set of rules, guidelines, and by-laws made according to socialist law...

The communards, upon listening to the radio regarding the creation of the commune, felt somewhat liberated as the campus hath raised the red flag in every flagpole, there the barricades, the garrisoned buildings became known as "liberated zones" while organized groups of communards became known as "collectives." The reactionary owners of the university didn't recognize the commune and instead calling them as "Anarcho-terrorists" and urging some students not to join in a threat of expulsion. But Katleah, upon knewing what the administrators said to them, replied through the university radio, now called as "the free radio of the red brigade":
"Expel us but then it's too late to expel every communard with a gun, stone or oil bomb in every hand."


In the third day of the commune, Katleah, along with Anatoly, walked in every corridor to see the communards. There they sought all of them enjoying, singing progressive songs and others were conducting an educational discussion. Katleah simply approached them and sat while listening to a cadre conducting a discussion.

As the discussion continues, the cadre, acting as the lecturer, then asked the people for some discussions:
"So is there any person who can ask regarding what being tackled today?"
Katleah simply raised her hand and said:
"Aye! I just wanted to ask if this commune will be widespread?"
"Widespread?" The cadre said. "If all the people knew the truth, and started to rebel against the current reactionary regime? Then the commune would spread like wildfire-this will hasten the destruction of the reactionary state as possible."
"But how?" Katleah said.
"Remember the partisans fighting in the rural areas? The partisans fighting in the ghettoes and in the squatters?" The cadre said. "All of them would succeed in destroying the enemy as the people started to rage against the oppressor. More and more revolts will rise and communes will set upon as the people felt the oppression, of poverty, of malice created by the dreaded system and its so-called order. Just like Russia in 1917 and in Cuba, people immediately mobilized themselves same as the guerrilla fighters and partisans to destroy the system and create a new one wherein the working people would take upon to."
Then Katleah asked another question:
"How about in culture? Will all of these affect culture?"
"Yes." The cadre said. "Cultures are greatly affected by the revolutionary process of struggle. But that change will be in a systematic, organized but widespread basis through the use of education and a liberated mass media; there the "mainstream" idea of culture shall be destroyed, and with the help of liberated cultures united, will lead to a phase wherein a new culture and arts will be created."

After a long discussion, Katleah gave thanks to the cadre who gave a lecture to the communards regarding the situation of the society, the cadre simply said:
"Always welcome Katleah, you are indeed a good comrade, especially through the radio."
Katleah then smiled and said:
"Thanks! I am also a journalism student and I am practising my profession."
"Good." The cadre said. "Perhaps the movement needs you then."
"Ya." Katleah said. "And I am willing to join the ranks of the revolution."

That same day the entire commune will become a battlefield against the upcoming enemy, since the army and the police mobilized much to subdue the "anarcho-terrorists" before it unleashes its full power against the system. There tanks and armored cars tried to enter along with most of the troops, but as the communards sought them, one immediately fired the recoilless rifle and setting anti-tank fire against them; there the first tanks trying to enter were perished and its men were killed.
but then,

More and more armed troops are advancing forth, the communards immediately went to their battle station, to the barricade and started to load every gun pointing directly to them. And Katleah went to the radio station and spoke:
"Today is the start of the enemy's wrath, and through it tanks are approaching same as the troops of our enemies; and most of us are starting to face their attempts to fire every gun of theirs and then replying them with ours. These shows how the reactionaries tried to destroy the unity of the people though this revolutionary commune we've created.

In the countryside and in the ghettoes, the Marxist-Leninist Peoples Liberation Army and the Red Spear Group were gaining much of its strength and at the same time giving the enemies of our people a considerable loss through its extreme gunfire. Just like the late martyrs Albert Harris, Johann Pietersen and Ronan O'Bailey, more martyrs rising in every battle would become an inspiration and a cause to us all people to join the struggle whether he or she is a radical or moderate, only to redeem the people from possible slavery coming from the dreaded system we've seen.

Perhaps we've seen all of these in the news regarding the situation around the globe, and it includes this nation-state as one of its events being said so in every news roundup whether it is in the radio or in TV and even in the newspaper being bought and read, that the IRA in Ireland trying to repulse the British troops fighting in the North; the ETA who fought against the Castilian Spaniards in Euskadi, the NPA who fought against the reactionary state in the Philippines and the Weathermen Underground, whose struggle remains countinuous despite arrests in the United States of America. All of these somehow are out of a people's sentiment to rebel in order to liberate from the oppressive measures laid upon by the system against them. And it also becomes an inspiration-concept-idea of every freedom fighter to fight protractedly until these oppressors were driven out and perished by gunfire and insult.

For now, we must continue defending the commune at all costs, the MLPLA-RSG will helped us in destroying further attempts to destroy the will of the people!"

Then she played the "Ahmran na Bhfiann" in the gramophone, the communards were felt somewhat given a high morale upon hearing Katleah's voice and at the same time the Irish National Anthem, originally an Irish rebel song being played. Other Irishmen who were studying and joining the communards felt some given a sense of recognition after hearing their anthem playing, and even gave thanks to Katleah after listening to the melodies of the rebel music.

As the battle continues, Katleah immediately get her Rifle and rallied most of the communards to stand guard against the coming soldiers and policemen. There the communards tried hard in resisting, throwing grenades and oil bombs and even firing a recoilless rifle against a tank which crashed the rail gate of the campus through the window. Also with a megaphone carrying in the other, Katleah spoke to the communards:
"We are now prepared to meet death! Remember that we swore in our creed that sacrifice is part of our struggle, it means that we will exchange death for death, blood for blood in order to regain freedom against those reactionaries and their cohorts whose mind is in the gunpowder of their bullets!"
But then,
More and more soldiers and policemen advanced through-but the communards stubbornly fired them with guns. Anatoly rallied some of the communards carrying recoilless rifles to fire advancing tanks or armored cars trying to advance against the liberated zone; there most of them load every recoilless rifle or mortar just to destroy the vehicles or men trying to attack. But as the enemy continued to advance, Anatoly sought a recoilless rifle from a wounded communard and immediately load then fire against one of the tanks approaching; fire swept amongst the ranks of the enemy same as the ones being besieged, but despite being besieged the red flag remains flying.


The battle grew worse as the enemy continue to attack the battered commune, guns were fired from the turrets of the tanks while the communards respond by throwing oil bombs and recoilless rifles against them. And Katleah, still leading the communards fired her gun against the approaching foe; blood spilled around the campus, and bullets gave every damage to its walls.

But despite the growing number of damages, the International Red Aid, respond the situation after a letter made by Katleah and Anatoly, then tried to enter the commune clandistinely by penetrating every military controlled checkpoint in order to bring enough supply consists of food, and even ammunition and guns to them, all hidden in every cache to evade such further checkpoints to them, others tried to bribe some officers in the checkpoint just to enter the campus as possible; others simply used helicopters flown at midnight for an airlift; and they immediately rescued wounded communards, as well as sending them food and medicine and to a minimal degree, weapons coming from the organization; there the communards immediately collected every supply given to them, while others got much of guns and ammunition and sent directly to their barricade or garrison, the entire commune increasingly tried to become a fortress, trying to defend despite its damage in every corner against the enemy.

More and more enemy troops tried to attack through in a storm like manner, and despite firing them with the weapons they have, and every casualties they see in its surrounding area, the enemy continues its assault-that even the news continuously view every scene on TV and being photographed and printed in the paper. Katleah, noticing more men advancing like hell, went to the rooftop and with megaphone on hand, she said to the enemy:
"So are you trying to crush us definitely? We are not scared of your massive strength and your bullets! All of us are willing to die as possible for the struggle! Soldiers! Why not join with us? Some of you are tried of fighting against the people, and somehow you want to return to your families, to your loved ones, to the real life than facing death in the battlefield-of facing the innocent ones fighting for change!"

Some soldiers, upon hearing the words simply gave up fighting and started to join the ranks of the communards while others simply resigned from fighting. The tanks suddenly stopped and at the same time the officials immediately ordered to stop the fight and at the same time, they went to the enemy lines in an attempt for a cease-fire and some talks. And with a white flag in their hand, they sought the communards stopped firing and staring at them approaching until they stopped and met one of the committee members.
While inside the campus, the officials, waving a white flag, simply asked Anatoly:
"Sir, we are here to discuss something."
"Yes you may." Anatoly said.
Then he ordered them to enter the conference room wherein Katleah and some of the members of the revolutionary committee waiting. The soldiers simply found a different expression-of seeing Katleah in a fine mood despite the events around, and the maiden asked:
"What makes you around here?"
And one of the officials saluted then said:
"We are here to discuss a cease-fire."
"Cease-fire?" Katleah said. "Seems that you heard our message?"
"In fact," The officer said. "Yes. We heard your message."
"Well..." Katleah said. "So what makes all of you planned for a cease-fire?"
"Originally," the officer said. "We wanted to talk regarding this problem that led all of you to create this kind of mess against the state, and we want all of you rather to end this kind of tragedy before more and more tragedies will come in this campus."
"Hm..." Katleah said. "However, the state created this mess simply by preserving a rotten system wherein the poor remained poorer while the rich becoming richer! How come all of us will stop as more and more oppressed will remain oppressed in the hands of the landlords and the capitalists? Isn't it right for saying a 'just' word with little or no reason at all? Why not face the fact and be enlightened on what you've seen?"
The officer, upon hearing the maiden's word,replied:
"However, that situation is age-old! And we have a variety of reforms wherein we uplifted the poor though our projects! We instituted land reform? why not also face the fact and join with us?"
"Join with us?" Katleah said. "That age-old situation remains as it is today, and despite the reforms being said upon to me has little results into it? Land reform? How come that reform does not uplift the vast majority of the farmers now joining along with us? We would rather say that this battle is endless until that system you are protecting will be desintegrated!"
Then Anatoly spoke:
"Katleah is right officers, there are so many problems are need to be discussed and be given solutions, but to a system wherein it is anti-poor and anti-people, a need for a revolution is necessary rather than be contented in reforms with little or no result? Imagine all of us lead to this due to the rise of commodities, of debts while at the same time the state continues to oppress us using the emergency as a measure?"
"The emergency is enacted to restore order." The officer said. "And restoring order includes reforms too."
"But that same emergency is the one who oppresses people and continues the struggle against the system!" Katleah said. "And reforms are just peices of paper being written and signed!"
The officer quickly reacted upon hearing what Katleah said, there he stood up in his seat and said:
"We can't withstand your responses madame, perhaps the cease-fire is just a failure."
"Well then," Katleah said. "But that idea of a cease fire seems reasonable, but it lacks enough concessions."
Then she stood up and went to the door to open, and said to them:
"The door is now open, you may leave and think what I have said to you. You may look at the people around and feel what our struggle really is and why we are fighting."
And the officers left the hall and the campus. There they sought wounded communards tended by voluteers, of tired communards resting while the rest are on alert standing while some staring at them going outside and carrying a white flag.


A week after,
As the cease-fire attempt proved to be a failure, the enemy continued its attempt to storm the campus. And again, tanks were rolling and men are fast approaching; at the same time, communards starting to continue firing their guns and acts of their resistance against the onslaught. Katleah, still in the university radio, immediately spoke:
"We are now completely surrounded by enemy power. Tanks are still approaching and even firing every part of our building. We tried much in replying them with our recoilless rifles and guns of some sort in this battlefield we have met, many of them were killed, same as the ranks of our struggling people whether he or she is a worker, peasant, student or a professional who sacrificed the profession to join the cause.
The system also tries to decieve us with their sugar coated promises but in fact bitter truths, will we accept these things whose fact is that they can humiliate and desecrate our lives and dignity? People! Why not join us in this battle to stop this meanace right away? This commune somehow is not just a mere commune, but a part of a greater commune under the dictatorship of the proletariat, and we are now supposed to rebuild anything from the ashes of our dreaded past! People! Why not open our eyes and look at the entire community we called home? Somehow we may say that our country became reserved for the few, how about us are we contented in being few? Few salaries and benefits? But many layoffs and oppression? Of having kleptocrats in the parliament and in the council, or I may say the entire system?
Before we die, or escape in this coming wrath, we swore to the martyrs that we will fight despite few ammunition, more wounded, hungry and in deep thirst, all of these are our sacrifice-for the great glory of our people!"
Then, after her speech, she sung a song she hath remember for so long, a song sung by the French partisans during the second great war.
My friend, do you hear the dark flight of the crows over our plains?
My friend, do you hear the dulled cries of our countries in chains?

Oh, friends, do you hear, workers, farmers, in your ears alarm bells ringing?
Tonight all our tears will be turned to tongues of flame in our blood singing!

Climb up from the mine, out from hiding in the pines, all you comrades,
Take out from the hay all your guns, your munitions and your grenades;

Hey you, assassins, with your bullets and your knives, kill tonight!
Hey you, saboteurs, be careful with your burden, dynamite!

We are the ones who break the jail bars in two for our brothers,
hunger drives, hate pursues, misery binds us to one another.

There are countries where people sleep without a care and lie dreaming.
But here, do you see, we march on, we kill on, we die screaming.

But here, each one knows what he wants, what he does with his choice;
My friend, if you fall, from the shadows on the wall, another steps into your place.

Tomorrow, black blood shall dry out in the sunlight on the streets.
But sing, companions, freedom hears us in the night still so sweet.

My friend, do you hear the dark flight of the crows over our plains?
My friend, do you hear the dulled cries of our countries in chains?

And the communards, upon hearing the song Katleah sung with her guitar strumming, felt somewhat recalling the days fighting against the guards, the policemen, then the military inside the campus; and most wept as they continue hearing the sweet voice of Katleah Tostensson. The song heared around, including the military camps wherein some soldiers thinking about their actions regarding the situation, especially those of the students and other people inside and resisting. Katleah sung it pretty well as she could, until Anatoly came and joined in the singing. Some raised the left fists on high and some hath bowed their heads down recalling every event and reflecting regarding the action being taken.


The enemy continues to push through the attack, as tanks continue rolling and starting to break every wall just to penetrate. Soldiers also followed them although some got shot by the communards firing in every building. The red flag still continues to wave in the flagpole at that time.

And as the communards continue firing with their rifle, machine gun, or recoilless rifle in their hands, they still tried much in stopping them stubbornly since the tanks penetrated much and started to fire every gun while the soldiers were trying to penetrate; casualties from both sides arise as well, but the stubborn communards kept on firing and giving them a fatal blow as they could.
Despite the staunch resistance around, tanks fired every gun and the troops advanced through as they killed every communard resisting in their barricade. Katleah tried so hard in resisting them with her men, and as she fired a recoilless rifle in her hand-she gave them a number of casualties in the corridors the enemy hath penetrated; but despite the gunfire given by the communards against them, more and more enemies are approaching same as their gunfire towards every building in the campus; and Katleah, as she sought people struggling to fight-ordered the rest to retreat and to escape before the enemy draw in and be annahilated. There the rest of the communards, tired of fighting, simply agreed in joining with her for an escape rather than surrender to the enemy.
And thus,
With the help of some vehicles, the gun-carrying communards simply left the entire place as they could, riding in every vehicle in order to escape the terrible destruction laid by the enemy against them; Katleah simply assisted in evacuating them as she could, carrying her gun same as Anatoly and the rest until the last group hath fled out.

As the enemy troops advanced in every building, room and corridor, they sought anything but damage; some communards surviving but not participating in the evacuation continue resisting by firing their gun and throwing grenade against them; but still, they end up killed or captured alive in the hands of the military. Many communards were killed and wounded in that battle, buildings were perished by gunfire, and most of the members of the commune were immediately escaped while others were captured. Blood filled over the entire place same as the bullets and gunsmoke inside. And Katleah, along the rest of the communards simply left and joined the rest in escaping-leaving a close-fisted salute to the fallen martyrs of the commune.


"Because we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the darkness of this age, against the mentalities of evil in the heavens."
-Ephesians 6:12 (AST)

Monday, November 9, 2009

(Realismus) November death

November death

It all started in the middle of the night of November Ninth when few men coming from the Red Front hath beat attacking members of the Unknown Brotherhood in a slum somewhere in the town of Hamlin. People somehow may think of it as a frat war, a gang war or a riot, but despite all these that provocation and retaliation is part of the history of struggle.

These are the story goes:
At the nighth of November 9, in a working class district of Hamlin, known as Wedding, the Red Front were in an assembly, and that assembly somehow shows how these people, along with its supporters are seriously listening to every speeches, tackling of National Liberation, World Revolution, and International Class Solidarity as what the speakers said.

But as the meeting draw into a close, the right-wing Unknown Brotherhood surprised them, and one of them said:
"Stop your noises around Hamlin!"
Then the speaker, upon hearing what the right-winger said, replied:
"Why? And why are you trying to stop us in our territory?"
And the right-winger said:
"For we will occupy this town and be cleansed of the filth coming from the red scum!"
And the rest of the Red Front laughed and the speaker replied:
"You make us laugh! How come you will cleanse wedding? Do you have any supporters here? Perhaps too few to see and most of them fled away!"
And the right-winger reacted and immediately called the rest and declared war against the left!

And there the right-wing Unknown Brotherhood started to charge against the Red Front as if like a riot police, trying to crush the event as they could, along with batons and even clubs in order to beat the Left.
But then,
The Red Front immediately replied with the same weapons as the the rightists have, this time with spikes to gave fatal blow to them, others immediately went to their apartment and started to get homemade guns pointing against the Unknown Brotherhood and "Fire!" Blood coming from the right-wingers flow amongst their carcasses in the roadside, as the entire working class town becomes a battlefield between the left and right!

But as the right-wing continues to beat every Red Front members in Wedding, perhaps the entire left as if may have the possibility to get lost since the Unknown Brotherhood's attack was so sudden and exposive, completely unexpected as others may say; but soon more and more left-wing supporters joined the fray and immediately counterattacked with bold courage with their home-made guns and setting up barricades of some sort. It quickly became clear that although these right-wingers had some strength to attack, of having more men behind, these people become cowards upon facing men with a large mass base willing to defend against these so called "right!"

And after every beat and the number of deaths given unto them, they immediately ran away in a signal of retreat, saving the entire working class town from their attempt to destroy! But, as the Red Front tried to recover from a brawl, the speaker immediately stood up in the stage, feeling rage against the left and spoke:
"Perhaps we need to face them like hell for now!"
And the rest of the group cheered and started to march out of Wedding, carrying their spiked clubs, batons, and even home-made guns in their way, there the red flag hath rose and led on its way to reply from what the Unknown Brotherhood given to them.

And as the left marched on wherein the Unknown Brotherhood stood by, the right-wingers immediately assembled and again attacked them, but the left immediately defend again as they could, and some started to threw lit oil bombs in their hands against them! This time the territory of the Unknown Brotherhood become as hell as these men did against the people in Wedding; and the rest of Hamlin became a battlefield for these two groups fighting to control the entire town and perhaps the entire state as possible!

But since they fought in a partisan-like battlefield full of lumpenproletarian warfare, some got wounded and others nearly killed in every brawl. The Red Front lacked a medical corps although they had good "bearefoot doctors" willing to help them, and as they tried to carry off the wounded away from the scene, somehow they sought an unimaginable inhumanity coming from the battle wherein the right-wingers started! And these people who supposedly fought for "national unity", "peace" and other sugar coated messages insulted the poor and defenceless injured with phrases like:
"How come this terrorist remained alive? Isn't that scum dead yet?"
But the wounded Red Front man, upon hearing what that man said, replied:
"We are too immune to death, so we are better to be alive!"

Despite the number of wounded increasing on the ranks of the Red Front in their "Armed response", they gave a terrible blow to the enemy who hath started the entire mess against them! Since the ones within the Red Front, carrying the home-made guns of theirs fired every bullet against them! And most end up mainly killed as the streets were littered with dead and of blood! There the enemy felt a terrible fate what the left replied to their action, calling that night a "November death", and that brawl turned-battle was a worker's victory over the ones who oppress the people!

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(Realismus) The day when Dona Bolera created a bomb

The day when Dona Bolera created a bomb


It all started in an old realm named Santa Monica, and on that old realm, anything around were mostly poor people, working in the farms owned by landlords as well as with a limited approach to industry like those of pressing olives for oil and of making sugar.

Due to the system prevailing in that town, of being oligarchic and aristocratic, a fusion of wage and slave labour became a part of it, there the masses worked 24 hours a day with a minimal or no payment and a minimal time to rest just to produce much of produce being said to them by the owners. And most of them end up getting sick, fired in their work, or even killed by the landlord's men-especially if the cause is rebellion and even disrespect to authority!

All of these are greatly experienced by a young girl named Francesca.

Born of a peasant family, she, despite her childhood, was forced to work into the sugarcane fields to cut and sort sugarcane stalks in every field. There her body became full of scars coming from her labour, and even feeling its pain same as other workers too, and through her experience she endured for years, she seemingly creating an idea-of revolt against the system who oppressed the rest.

One night, after a long day's work, Francesca, known as "Dona Bolera" by the peasants, called her friends, Antonio and Matija in her home regarding the situation around them. There the lady, after sipping a cup of corn-roasted coffee, spoke:
"Most of us seemed to be tired after a days work don't we? Having no rest except illness or death, the peasants felt something unfair and oppressive due to the policies given to us by the system; worst is that most of us becoming too contented in few salaries given despite working 24 hours a day! Perhaps all of us are now starting to clamor regarding this situation, so what do you think? Are we wanted to forment something that the system may come against us?"
And Matija replied:
"You are right, but then you must remember the day one of the workers were abducted then executed due to defiance against the system! How sad that person was, since he became discontented about them!"
Francesca simply agreed what her friend said, then she said:
"I know, but his idea seemed to be good, but I notice that around us are traitors."
"Traitors?" Antonio said. "Why did you say so?"
"Some around us are people scared of resisting the system." Francesca said. "And they prefer maintaining their lives simply by collaborating with the enemy! I notice that when I was young, for my uncle was accused by a fellow laborer whom became his rival; how sad he was-for he end up being sentenced to death by a fring squad."
"Bolera," Matija said. "I also remember that, but what I am thinking of is that on how can we evade them."
"Evade them?" Francesca said. "Well... I agree in evading them, but not all times we ought to content in evading-but in defeating them perhaps."
"But how?" Antonio said. "Through our machetes?"
"Why not?" Francesca said. "We can even create Tacuaras by tying machetes into the hardened stalks of sugarcane; and we even have farm impliments like pitchforks and scythes too."
"But," Antonio said. "How come we will arm ourselves with these against people carrying guns?"
"Guns?" Francesca said. "We will grab from them, and I even had a revolver coming from my father's, with some few bullets prepared for the worst."
"How about bombs?" Matija said. "Bombs perhaps may create discontent against the system, one or two bombs may cost a terrible blow from their ranks by setting it in their stronghold."
"Hm..." Francesca said. "But where we could find materials?"
And Matija replied to the two:
"I know some."

And on the next day,
As the rest continue working in the field, Francesca, along with the two comrades, are secretly doing most of the time creating bombs out of gunpowder, coal, sawdust, wood shavings and even stones filled in tin cans and with clockwork mechanisms acting as fuses for the explosion. There they tried much in creating more and while in their duties as workers they secretly placed in barracks within the landlord's abode.
And Francesca, while placing the bomb underneath the table unseen by some people around, immedtiatly set the time and went out hurriedly as she could. There, she briskly walked ourside as if going back to her work as the time sets forth before its explosion. And as she met by Matija, he whispered:
"How is the bomb?"
"I set the time a bit long but sure." Francesca whispered. "For there are few people around."
"Where did you place?" Matija said.
"I place it underneath the table," Francesca whispered.

The bomb which placed underneath the table by Dona Bolera continues to tic as many people, consist of the landlord's men around the palace are coming, ticking slowly but surely 'till it reaches its limit, and the bomb exploded severely as it could, creating a fatal damage and casulaty around out of it; and the landlord residing , same as what others may expect their lives also met his demise as the lowly home-made bomb hit most of the residence inside!


Francesca was shocked upon hearing news regarding the situation through the papers distributed the next day. And after reading it, she immediately approached Matija and Antonio, doing something in the shack and said:
"Perhaps this is the time for further bombings."
"Further bombings?" Matija said. "Sounds complicated but surely fatal against them."
"But how?" Francesca said. "We are too few to do so."
And Antonio said:
"No need to worry about, for there are people agreed to join us."
"And where are they?" Francesca said.
And the men who joined into the cause came and one of them, whose name is Simon, said:
"We are here to join your cause."
"And what makes you join?" Francesca said.
"I, along with five of us, are deeply oppressed by the policies of the state," Simon said. "And some officials are even forced us to pay additional taxes and even blackmail us for crimes we didn't do."
Then another person, whose name is Gonzalo, said:
"Last month, I was accused of a crime I didn't commit by a landlord, I was imprisoned and suffered for days with scant food; but the worst was that when I went back home, my house was ransacked and my family were killed."
Francesca, upon hearing the words of these men, simply replied:
"Well... All of your words are coming from the ones deeply oppressed, whose faces were scarred much from both field, factory and even in the prison! How come these people do so just to submit every people to their will? Perhaps through the yesterday's events wherein a bomb exploded would be a time to avenge!"
Then Gonzalo replied:
"I heard about it. And somehow that blast would start another ones too."
And Simon asked Francesca:
"How about a massive uprising then?"
"Massive uprising?" Matija said. "We are too few to set a massive uprising although we wanted that. Why not we shall free the prisoners from the prison in Santa Monica in the middle of the night?"
Francesca, upon hearing it, then replied:
"Perhaps you are right. We have enough guns collected too. Take it and we will fulfill that complicated task."

After being planned carefully by Dona Bolera and the rest of the Ladrones, the complicated attempt to liberate prisoners and stealing weapons inside was set upon as they, disguised as members of the Guardia Civil, were penetrated and though it they overpowered guards and other men trying to call for backup. And after overpowering, Dona Bolera ordered Matija to open the prison doors and freeing the rest of the prisoners around after saying:
"All of you are now free! We are not your enemy, but an ally who can protect the working people against the enemy! Join us and we shall destroy them like this event being set upon to you!" The prisoners grabbed the opportunity to escape and join, as they immediately grabbed the guns from the armory and from the fallen enemy combatants around the prison. And Dona Bolera and the rest of the group set the entire prison into flames, leaving the entire place perished!


After the escape of prisoners in Santa Monica Correctional, Francesca and the rest of the group, now increased due to the former convicts joined, went on a long march to the mountains wherein they set a camp to stay. There Francesca assembled the rest and spoke:
"Perhaps all of us are thinking regarding this endless situation around Santa Monica. The landlords are oppressing us badly as they could, and most of us are quite dying and deprived of anything around us. Eating scantly food, having a little rest, opposing them leading you either in prison or in the grave? All of us witnessed these things around us and therefore we need a total change in order not to repeat it again.
Last last time, a bomb shook a landlord's house and most of them, including the landlord were killed by its explosion. Most of the gentry were unexpectedly met this kind of event amongst the ranks of them, worst was of those cohorts who end up getting killed in a minor shootout in the sugarcane fields, and all of these are because of the avenging peasants who can't withstand the oppression laid upon by these pigs around!
And perhaps,
All of you who experienced these things made you join the struggle as a total option to end this entire mess. Taking the gun, the tacuara and the machete means taking freedom against them. Blood must be exchanged with blood, violence must be exchanged with violence, the era of reaction is over, a battle for Santa Monica has about to begin!"
The rest of the men were cheered and rejoiced as what Donia Bolera hath spoke to them, there they rose the red flag and proclamed the entire place a free zone of the people. News became widespread as the gentry called the rest of the Guardia Civil to anahilate the Ladrones-only to be perished by the guns and of the tacuaras wounded severely in their bodies.

Due to the activities made by the Ladrones against the gentry around the entire place, many peasants were rejoiced and started to create Brigades same as the group, this time they armed themselves with scythes and machetes in their hand and started to revolt widespreadly around the realm; the gentry could not withstand the wrath of the peasantry and of the workers as the Ladrones helped these people against them, fire after fire, the Ladrones became known as the "Ejercito Revoluctionario Popular"-and making Francesca Santiago, known as Dona Bolera, Matija Pais, Antonio Verdadero, Simon Matias and Gonzalo Rodriguez as their leaders.

Francesca, while staring in the map of Santa Monica, was approached by Matija and asked:
"So how is it?"
"Anything around Santa Monica is now ours." Francesca said. "As more and more farmers and workers staged massive revolts that coordinated with our advances against the Guardia Civil and the Tercios."
"What about the capital?" Matija said. "If we shook the capital down the enemy's control would be denigrated."
"We will shook them with bombs and strikes." Francesca said. "Somehow through these the enemy would feel fury around like those in the countryside, of getting their buildings exploded with bombs and people striking against the ones enslaving."


Out of what Dona Bolera said to Matija, some Ladrones were sent to San Isidro, the capital and started to organize partisans in the slums and in the factories controlled by the gentry. And with the bombs they carried, these "Bomberos" bombarded most of the capital-bombarding buildings controlled by the enemies of the people while the "Partisanos" harassed most of the Tercios in the suburbs, and even setting fire in their stations. Protests became widespread around the town that the system unexpectedly met.

After months of "great fear" against the reaction, Dona Bolera assembled the rest of the brigades and the representatives of each commune to create a thrust towards San Isidro:
"The Guardia Civil, the Tercios, and the rest of the clique are now in disarray. And most of us are now breaking off their chains and started to create widespread revolts in Santa Monica. For sure most of the landlords were expelled while their men have met their deaths by the machete and tacuara in the field; and now the capital hath been shook with greatest fear as bombs unexpectedly met the reactionaries same as the protests of our people! What do you think? Is this the time to strike at the heart?"
Then the rest shouted:
And Dona Bolera asked:
"So are you willing to fire every gun against the enemy? Running over the trenches and freeing the entire peasantry?"
And the rest shouted:
And Dona Bolera asked:
"So are you willing to die fighting?"
And the rest finally shouted:

After the assembly, a messenger approached Dona Bolera and said:
"Yes?" Dona Bolera said.
"The Tercios and the Guardia Civil are attacking here again!" The messenger said.
And Dona Bolera asked:
"At the north and east of the mountain." The messenger said. "They even carried high powered guns too!"
"Well..." Dona Bolera said. "We will harass them by surprise."
And the rest of the group immediately went to their trench and station, waiting for the enemy to approach.


As the enemy continue advancing, they unexpectedly met with gunfire coming from the trenches of the Ladrones-killing every Tercio and Guardia Civil easily, while some tried to reply with firing them, but the entire place was so covered with woods that they can't see the enemy around.
But despite the volley given to them, the Tercios called the artillery to fire the camp; there the 75mm guns were fired against the defences, creating casualties against the ranks of the Ladrones around the mountain.

Dona Bolera ordered Matija and his troops to advance against the artillerymen firing in the mountain slope, there his men immediately advanced through despite the gunfire, until they reached and harassed the enemy with guns and tacuaras as well as pointing every field gun to the enemy. There the Tercios, feeling the fury coming from their enemy immediately retreated, making the entire mountain fortress-camp secure for a some time.

On the next day,
Francesca, known as Dona Bolera, called the rest of the officers to tackle about the strategy relating the long battle. Matija, Antonio, Simon and Gonzalo started to tackle regarding the situation around Santa Monica, and Dona Bolera simply listening to them and said:
"However, I notice that our battle becomes greater as most peasants are starting to fight and their communities were liberated. What do you think?"
"Hm..." Matija said. "That would be better, and seems that these people are inspired by our battles against the system starting from what we have made."
"How about you Antonio?" Dona Bolera said.
"Most of our battles are mostly regained by our movement." Antonio said. "Especially in the capital wherein strikes became widespread and partisan tactics."
"Good." Dona Bolera said. "At least we have some time for offensives as these people are starting to be in disarray, like those of the retreating Tercios, Guardia Civil, and guardsmen in the territories of the landlords."
And Dona Bolera, as she stared at the map, then pointed at San Clemente and said:
"How about attacking San Clemente unexpectedly?"
"Sounds difficult." Matija said.
"But at least our troops will give them a first direct thrust different from those of our ambushes and assaults." Dona Bolera said. "And in addition to that, we are increasing due to the number of peasants and workers joining in our cause."
"Perhaps," Matija said. "We will set this thing at night, wherein the Tercios and the Guardia Civil unexpectedly meet this kind of offensive."
And Dona Bolera agreed on what he said to her by saying:
"That would be better than doing in the middle of the sun."
And thus,
The troops were immediately assembled, and marched forth till late afternoon then temporarily camped near San Clemente. There in the camp the entire Ladrones simply feasted on roasted meat and of rice wine and singing songs through the melodies coming from the drum, trumpet and guitar while Dona Bolera and the officers were planning for the offensive.

Dona Bolera, while planning with the rest, asked Matija regarding her concept:
"Matija, what do you think of a front attack against them?"
"Front attack?" Matija said. "It would cost much of casualties, but despite of that, it would be better if we attack on surrounding areas wherein the enemy stayed, somehow San Clemente became fortified and yet carries a weak spot in order for us to attack."
"That would be better." Dona Bolera said.

And on that late night,
The Ladrones, newly recovered from their rest, were assembled then mobilized for the offensive. And with a blow of the horn, they charged through in a series of human wave attacks weakening the enemy around San Clemente unexpectedly, and the initial attack by the Ladrones occurred while many of the Tericos were resting or in an assembly. With the firing of the guns while advancing, Dona Bolera, on horseback immediately charged forth and repulsing every Tercio trying to resist in its bulwark with every weapon the rebel was carrying.


As the Tercios tried to resist, the Guardia Civil immediately tried to respond the onslaught by relieving the besieged and beaten Tercios but despite the large numbers, they were beaten back by a supporting force of peasants coming other communities allied to the Ladrone cause. Dona Bolera then called the rest to advance through the town and with the signal of her horn, many people went out and sought a woman carrying a gun and riding on horseback, and said:
"Citizens of San Clemente! The Ejercito Revolucionario Popular hath liberated you from the oppression laid to you by the aristocrats though the Guardia Civil and the Tericos!"

Many people wept as Dona Bolera spoke those words, and at the same time the doctors within the ranks of the Ladrones went to a hospital and found many sickly people left unattended. There they immediatley gave them care and at the same time offered some of their services and medicines for the well being of the patients being left. And at the same time, some of the people started offering food and water to the hungry troops coming from the battle. There Dona Bolera simply got some bread and then approached a maiden distributing and said:
"Thanks for the bread, but give some of it to the rest of the hungry people around."
"But," The maiden distributing said. "These are the bread I am distributing, I'm sorry."
Then Dona Bolera sought a hungry girl and gave a half to her and said:
"Eat well."
The maiden who distributing bread felt some bit of saddness as Dona Bolera gave her half to the little one feeling a stomach pain. And Dona Bolera went to the square and spoke:
"The people must have anything to sustain themselves while we are helping distributing it well with a little degree of consuming; what we wanted is to end the oppression being laid to you by the aristocrats who run the entire realm like their territory-whose men continuously oppressing the rest of the people in the field nad in the factory! All of us came from the sugarcane fields and of factories wherein anything is as if like slave labor from the past, especially its practises directly enacted against our will! Perhaps though this struggle we will end the struggle and building a future wherein we will collectively benefit from it!"
The rest were clapping after hearing her speech in the square, then Dona Bolera added:
"We have few battles to fight-until we reach the capital with chains broken!"
And a Ladrone shouted:
"Long live the Ejercito Revolucionario Popular!
Long live the Revolution!
Long live the struggle of the people in Santa Monica!"
And the people responded with clapping, raising fists and shouting "long live" as Dona Bolera and her comrades started to enter the municipal building and set up a revolutionary committee and a provisional central government, complete with laws and decrees.


Meanwhile, in the capital,
The aristocrats were surprised as the Ladrones liberated one of their bulwarks in the realm. Tercios, Guardia Civil, and the rest of the armed forces were in disarray as the Ladrones kept on harassing them in the field, and at the same time partisans were intensifying the conflict around the city, as bombings and armed protests became widespread, trying to weaken the main bulwark of Santa Monica.

And out of every offensive made by the Ladrones against the enemy around Santa Monica, of having every territory being liberated, the capital-still under the control of the artistocratic oligarchs, was in chaos. There the economy had been gutted, the transportation network had been reduced to air and water systems, the rice and sugarcane harvest had been reduced by one-quarter, and the supply of freshwater fish and meat had declined drastically. The cost of food was 20 times greater and unemployment continues to increase-contributing to the increase of partisans in the city.

As partisans occupied much of the slums and started to create revolutionary communes, the council of the aristocrats tried much in curbing the threat by a series of reforms in order to uplift the lives of the people and be given greater rights as well as a legislature in order to be convene; but despite the approval, the reforms failed to meet the dreams and aspirations of the majority-who chose to join the commune and be lead by a committee wherein Dona Bolera hath led, as what the aristocrats expected-armed protests in the city while Ladrone victories in the countryside; the rest of the armed forces like the Tercios and Guardia Civil immediately garrisoned themselves in every building, fortress and even dug their trenches to the final battle!
And Dona Bolera, while in a meeting with the rest of the officials in the municipal hall in San Clemente sought anything around in the map turning "red", and said:
"San Isidro is the last redoubt of the reaction, and perhaps we have more men prepared to destroy them."
"But how?" Matija said.
"Perhaps, we should give them an artillery barrage." Antonio said. "Followed by a massive human wave attack same as before!"
Matija, upon hearing what Antonio said, then responded:
"How about the people there? Especially the partisans? Somehow they are now creating territories within the capital; especially the slums and in the factories there!"
"Hm..." Matija said. "However, although they have created these zones, they are still weak and vulnerable to enemy reprisal. So why not for a massive assault in the capital? Complete with an artillery barrage to destroy their fortresses?"
"Good." Dona Bolera said. "However, Antonio is right. Why not a coordinated offensive?"
"Coordinated offensive?" Matija said.
"Coordinated offensive!" Dona Bolera said. "We will have a human wave attack outside while inside an urban insurrection prepared coming from the communes! Somehow in that case the downfall of the government and the system who is running will be collapsed hastingly."
Matija, Antonio, and the rest of the officers agreed on what Dona Bolera said and even voted for it; there they immediately telegraphed every communard leaders to prepare for the massive uprising within San Isidro! And the rest hath prepared every gun for the coming offensive!


The next day,
Every worker, peasant, student, and intellectual started to mobilize according the what being telegraphed by the committee officials in San Clemente. There the guns they've stockpiled were being carried, same as the bombs and other weapons they've created in order to meet the final outcome. Same as the Ladrones who are preparing for the massive attack outside-preparing the field guns to give every enemy fortress an artillery barrage before the charge.
And Dona Bolera, while organizing the rest, was approached by a messenger and said:
"Comrade, the insurrectos are now starting to revolt."
"Good." Dona Bolera said.
And she told the rest:
"Prepare for battle!"
And the rest of the Ladrones marched through and at the same time the artillerymen started to load the field guns then fired towards the fortresses and other defences the enemy had. Many people were revolting as armed protests around San Isidro became widespread, this time became too armed and dangerous against the remains of the enemy's men. There Dona Bolera, with her gun in hand and a machete on the other, advanced along with the rest of her forces penetrating the overbombed fortresses and in every path repelling foes with gunfire or with the bayonet or tacuara in every warrior's hand.

The aristocrats couldn't expect such thing regarding this final battle the oppressed hath started, as blood flows in every path and corpses of every combatant scattered, these despots stubbornly tried to defend themselves as they faced an artillery barrage striking the buildings while the insurgents are advancing on the other; but then, as the government led by the aristocracy, now impotent due to every defeat in every battle against the rebellious Ladrones and of the insurgents, hid themselves in the room wherein they held meetings, nervously surveying the scenes outside; and could not expect that one by one the Government buildings were surrendered to their enemy, leaving the palace seemingly only hours from destruction.


These stubborn aristocrats didn't follow what others done. Still, refusing to surrender along with the rest of their allies, field guns continue firing directly against them, same as the insurgents who kept on firing every enemy firing through the window; and the rest of the Ladrones, after every battle in the surrounding parts of the capital, finally reached and met most of the insurgents, starting to fraternize with them as Dona Bolera warmly given an embrace by a partisan. San Isidro became a bombarded place, bombarded as every gun pointed over every garrison and building and be perished by the gun's shells; leaving every enemy dead in its resistance.

Dona Bolera, this time staying in one of the buildings used by the insurgents, was thinking of an ultimatum in order for them to surrender. There she made a statement in order for the enemy to give up the fight and face charges due to the crimes against the people; and through a written statement, it says:
"Members of the council of aristocrats and members of the Santa Monica Armed Forces,–I shall be obliged, unless all of you surrender, to shell the building wherein all of you staying. All of you must give up the fight before 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, or be faced with the consequences."
And after writing it, Dona Bolera sought a courier and she immediately gave the letter to him and said:
"Give this to the members of the council."
The courier simply accepted it, and immediately went to the enemy lines wherein they are trying to keep themselves inside for long. There he hath gave the paper to one of them and said:
"Someone gave this letter to you."
Then one of the officials examined it and said:
"This letter comes from the enemy. How come we want to surrender to their will?"
And the official immediately went to the conference room wherein a meeting was placed.

At 7:00 pm, the Government held its last meeting in the conference room, while inside, all of the telephone and other means of contact with the outside world were disconnected. And a short debate determined that they would not leave the palace to attempt dialogue with the hostile crowds, especially those of the Ladrones outside. And with the entire building completely surrounded and sealed, the field guns again began every bombardment of every room and its facade as the aristocrats refused an ultimatum to surrender.
And after every gun destroyed the last redoubt of the enemy, the aristocrats, facing the truth that they are being beaten, tried to escape from the terrible wrath coming from the foe. There they tried to man a wagon and with the rest of the remnants of their men acting as their escorts, trying to guard their way as they could-only to face Ladrones surrouning every road, and worse? Seeing Dona Bolera, the leader leading them in order to stop.

There the rest of the Ladrones immediately approached the vehicle and overpowering the escorts guarding. The aristocrats tried to resist, only to accept the truth that they are defeated and finally stepped off from the vehicle and surrender, except from the one leaving inside-committed suicide by firing his revolver on to his temple.


Many people were rejoiced as the Ladrones liberated much of Santa Monica. Despite the ruins around after months of shelling, most of the people, aside from rejoicing and starting to set up every soup kitchens, also starting to rebuilt anything from scratch as they could, brick by brick and concrete.

Dona Bolera, along with Matija and the rest of the officials, convene a meeting along with the members of the liberated areas in one of the government buildings they've occupied. There they collectively create a new set of decrees written and said:
* All banks should be nationalized.
* Control of the factories was given to the workers same as land to the peasants.
* Peasants and Workers will be organized into communes.
* Private bank accounts, especially of the despotic aristocrats and its cohorts are to be confiscated.
* Wages were fixed at higher rates than during the war, and a shorter, eight-hour working day was introduced.
* All foreign debts were repudiated.

At the same time, Dona Bolera herself, thinking in regards to constructing the entire country in a socialist basis, enforced an economy wherein keeping every town and city be supplied with food and commodities in conditions in which all normal economic mechanisms and relations were being destroyed by the war. There it said:
* Strict centralized management will be introduced.
* State monopoly on foreign trade will be introduced.
* Discipline for workers will be strict.
* Obligatory labour duty was imposed onto "non-working classes".
* Land Reform will be enacted, same as the organizing of farmers into communes in mass producing food and other supplies, and the state has the right to requisition foodstuffs with a good payment followed by supplies for improvement.
* Food and most commodities were rationed and distributed in a centralized way.
* Private enterprise should participate in state in socialist construction.
* Military-like control of railroads will be introduced.

Many people agreed on what the committee and Dona Bolera hath made in creating a set of decrees as well as the full implementation of laws paving way for a new state in Santa Monica. There every peasant, worker and professional joined together in creating a paradise wherein they share their material and spiritual wealth for years to come.